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2. Activate FaceTime (Mac)
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How to Activate FaceTime on iPhone and Mac: Plus Tips if Error Occurs

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You may use FaceTime software to communicate with friends and family using an iPhone or a Mac. FaceTime Spatial Audio on compatible models makes participants on the call sound like they are in the same room as you, speaking from their places on the screen. In addition, during a FaceTime connection, you may use SharePlay to view movies and TV series together or listen to music together. You can share your screen and exhibit applications, webpages, and more during the discussion. Also, you can show off a picture album, plan your next group vacation, or receive input on something you are working on—all while seeing and hearing the comments of others on the call.

For all of these features, we can say that FaceTime is one of the most beneficial applications for Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and more. However, as we make all these features accessible, we must activate our iDevices FaceTime first. In line with that, here are the quick guidelines we can follow on how to activate FaceTime immediately and some tips to use if an issue occurs while the process is ongoing.

How to Activate FaceTime
Part 1. How to Activate FaceTime (iPhone) Part 2. How to Activate FaceTime (Mac) Part 3. How to Fix Facetime Activation Error Part 4. FAQs about How to Activate FaceTime

Part 1. How to Activate FaceTime (iPhone)

Our iPhone device is one of the most effective mediums for activating our FaceTime immediately. As we all know, this device is very compatible with it. In actual data, iPhone users also use FaceTime to communicate. In line with that, here are the steps we need to take in activating our FaceTime through our iPhone. Please see every detail below in making sure the success of the process.


As we begin the process, please go to Settings on your iPhone. The symbol will display on the Home Screen as a set of gray gears.

iPhone Setting Icon

You need to scroll down to FaceTime from the options on your screen. Most likely, it is in the sixth set of menu selections.

iPhone Setting FaceTime

After that, kindly turn on FaceTime by pressing the button. It will eventually turn green. This action will reactivate the program, allowing you to video chat with other Apple users or send FaceTime messages.

iPhone FaceTime Toggle On

Then you can start launching a video call with FaceTime, and record the FaceTime video chat easily.

Part 2. How to Activate FaceTime (Mac)

Activating your FaceTime on your Mac is straightforward. We only need to ensure you have an active internet connection and follow the steps below. To use FaceTime, you will need an Apple ID; if you do not have one, please go to Apple's website and select Create Your Apple ID. Moreover, here is the step we need to make the process possible.


On your Mac, launch the FaceTime app.

How to Set Up FaceTime on Mac

If FaceTime is not already active, select the Turn On button. Sign in your Apple ID and password. Please wait a bit while you sign in.

Mac FaceTime Turn on Button

Select FaceTime, then see the Preferences from the toolbar at the top of your screen.

Mac FaceTime Preference

Uncheck any email addresses that you do not want to be connected with your FaceTime account on the Settings page


If you're going to utilize your iPhone's cell number to make and receive calls when it's near and joined to the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac, check the box next to Calls from iPhone. Tick the box as we Allow Live Photos to be Captured During Video Sessions if you want users to be able to snap Live Photos during FaceTime calls.


Using the related dropdown menu, choose an email address to launch new calls from. If you like, you may select a ringtone for incoming FaceTime calls from the Ringtone dropdown menu. Select the proper Location from the last dropdown option.

Mac Deselecting Emails

Part 3. How to Fix Facetime Activation Error

There are times that an issue will occur during the process. Some of the reasons why a problem might exist are because of the error within your Apple locked account information. In addition, it can also be the network settings. In line with that, here are some methods we can use to fix the issue.

Solution 1: Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker

The first solution we can apply is by using the great features of the Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker. As time goes by, this software improves its service by offering a feature for bypassing the Activation lock. This feature is a great medium that we can use if there is a complication with activating FaceTime due to security errors. The process becomes possible as long as we follow these steps. Kindly see them and ensure every detail of it.

Free Download Free Download

We only need to install and run Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker on your computer. On the main interface, pick the Bypass iCloud Activation Lock feature icon. This feature will eliminate the causes of the iPhone Activations issues that hinder you from activating your FaceTime. Next, connect your iPhone to your PC through a USB cord.


Proceed with your iOS. It would be helpful to select Trust from the pop-up menu on your iPhone's screen. Return to your desktop screen and click the Done button on the new tab.


Then, the program will now attempt to determine your iOS settings. After finishing the method, a new tab will appear on the computer, where we need to double-check that we have read the user statements, warnings, and symbols. After that, we should now proceed by clicking Start to begin bypassing. To continue the procedure, click the Next button.


We can now continue with the next step. On the new menu, we can look at the details about the authentication of our specific device. Then, kindly click the Start Bypassing Activation button for a second and follow the on-screen instructions.


Therefore, in the next step, we will only give the excellent Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker app a second to deal with the activation lock. Allow the tool to run the procedure while we wait for it to finish. Then, after that, activate FaceTime again and see if the issue is still there.

Solution 2: Enabling FaceTime in Restrictions

There is also a huge possibility that an issue will occur in activating your FaceTime. That is because of our restriction settings on our iOS devices. If you have enabled Screen Time restriction to use Faceime, then just turn off iPhone restrictions. Otherwise, follow the solutions below to fix it.


Go to Settings on your iPhone. This action will take you back to the Restrictions menu, where you may activate FaceTime if you previously disabled it. Remember, if You haven't already started FaceTime Restrictions, you may skip this step.


Select General. It is in the third set of menu selections.

iOS Setting General

Scroll to the bottom and select Restrictions. It may be found in the sixth set of menu selections.

iOS Setting Restrictions

Enter your four-digit passcode here.

iOS Setting Enter Passcode

Turn on FaceTime by pressing the button. It will eventually turn green. This act allows you to use the app and enable the app to access iPhone functionalities such as the camera and microphone.

iOS FaceTime Toggle Activation

Solution 3: Ensure the Updated iOS

If you are experiencing problems, it is always a good idea to update to the most recent version of iOS, especially if you are still using an outdated operating system.


Go to Settings and access General Software Update to update the most recent iOS version.


From the new tab, please click the Download and Install button.


After that, please wait until the process is completed.

iOS Update Version T7R

iPhone gets stuck in iOS system update problem? Just get the iOS system recovery tools to solve it.

Part 4. FAQs about How to Activate FaceTime

Does the Airplane Mode feature affect the process of activating my FaceTime?

Yes. FaceTime activation errors might occur due to a random glitch in the system. You might try activating Airplane Mode on your iPhone. After that, please wait 15 to 20 seconds before turning it off. Launch FaceTime and check to see whether the problem has been alleviated.

Can I activate FaceTime on Android?

FaceTime activation errors might occur due to a random glitch in the system. You might try activating Airplane Mode on your iPhone. Wait around 15-20 seconds before turning it off. Launch FaceTime and check to see whether the problem has been resolved. If not, don't panic; we have lots of alternative options.

Can improper setting in time and date trigger the error in activating FaceTime?

Yes. That is why we need to check your iPhone's date, time, and time zone to see if they are right. Check the details by going to Settings to locate the General Date and Time. After that, please turn the Set Automatically option ON.


There you have it, the methods we all need to activate your FaceTime quickly without an error. We can see the simple steps we need to take on iPhone and Mac. As long as we have some details, we must remember when an error occurs. For that, let us spread this information to the users who need to activate FaceTime.

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