1. Why is my iPhone Locked?
2. Get with a Locked iPhone without the password
3. Get with a Locked iPhone without the Password (iTunes)
4. Get with a Phone that is Locked via iCloud
5. Unlock Disabled iPhone Running in iOS 15.2 or Later
6. FAQs

How to Get in a Locked iPhone without Password with 4 Effective Methods

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Too many attempts to enter a wrong password with your iPhone will lead to some severe problems. It can make our iOS device locked. In line with that, a locked device will hinder you from doing the thing you need to do with your phone. That is the reason why it is essential to always remember our passwords. However, if you forgot it and that caused your iOS devices to be locked, here are the things we need to remember and fix it. We will present you with a few yet effective methods for getting into a locked iPhone without a password. Kindly pay attention to every detail and step to make the process smooth and hassle-free. Without further ado, we shall now fix your problem to alleviate your stress.

How to get Into a Locked iPhone Without Password

Table of contents

1. Why is my iPhone Locked? 2. How to Get with a Locked iPhone without the password 3. How to Get with a Locked iPhone without the Password (iTunes) 4. How to Get with a Phone that is Locked via iCloud 5. How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Running in iOS 15.2 or Later 6. FAQs about How to Get with a Locked iPhone Without Password

1. Why is my iPhone Locked?

There are numerous reasons why our iOS devices are locked. However, we will present the most common sense: your iPhone or iPad is locked in this part. Your iOS device was closed because of too many wrong attempts in entering your passcode. More than five to ten failed attempts can lead us to a locked iPhone. In line with that, your security and passcode possess a considerable role in maintaining access within your iOS devices. Knowing your Passcode is vital information we need to remember to preserve our access within our iPhone or iPad.

On the other hand, another few reasons behind your iPhone being locked are the Carrier Locked iPhone, and these are the iOS devices that are strictly for carriers. It is their way to limit the activity within the apparatus. Most probably, those in the corporate world are the people doing it. Those are a few reasons why iOS devices like iPhone and iOS are locked. It is essential to know the reasons behind it so that we understand the thing we need to do for the process of unlocking it.

In this post, we will discuss how to get into a screen-locked iPhone in 4 ways. Please continue reading the next part.

2. How to Get with a Locked iPhone without the Password

We shall now begin with the first method in getting iOS when it is locked. The first method is one of the easiest methods that we can do to make the problem at ease. We only need to download Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker from our computer. This unlocking tool possesses a great feature to eradicate our troubles in locked iOS devices. Without discussion, here are the steps we need to take as we begin the process. Please be mindful of every detail and content we need.


Get Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker now for free with its official websites. After that, kindly launch the tool using your Windows or macOS computer to see its fantastic interface. Click the Wipe Password features that we can see at the top portion of the interface.

Free Download Free Download

The second tab will appear on your screen, showing a few reminders and warnings that we need to consider as we continue wiping our passcode as we get into our locked iOS device. In this step, please click the Start button to proceed. Make sure that you read all the conditions and information.


The third step will require you to connect the iOS devices you want to unlock. Use your USB cable for an instant process.

Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Wipe Password

It will now lead you to a tab where you can adjust and customize the information of the iOs device you want to unlock. This information is for confirmation in making the process smooth after confirming your device information, including your Device category, type, model, and iOS version. Kindly click the Start button at the middle part of the interface to continue the process.


The start button a while ago will let you download the Firmware package we will need to make the process of unlocking possible. We will wait for a few moments for the download. After the firmware package is good to go, you may now click the Unlock button from the new tab aft6er downloading.

Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Wipe Password Unlock

The next and last step is to confirm the success of the unlocking process. A tab will appear on your screen asking for the confirmation code, 0000. Type the code carefully and click the Unlock button on the right side of the bar.

Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Wipe Password Confirmation

There you go, the easiest method we can follow in unlocking our iOS devices without complications. This software does not unlock your screen passcode from iPhone, it can also help you recover and wipe Screen Time password on iPhone use iPhone without control.

We may now say goodbye to a locked iPhone or iPad as long as we have Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker, the great tool.

3. How to Get with a Locked iPhone without the Password (iTunes)

We are getting to know more methods in controlling our locked iOS device even without a password with this part. The following effective manner we will present is via iTunes and MacOS finder. These two software within your computer can bring a massive help in unlocking your iOS device without using a password. These are also easy to use, and anyone can do the procedure without experiencing complications. However, we know not everyone can afford a macOS computer to utilize the MacOS Finder software. Thus, using iTunes is universal because we all know that it is suitable for both operating systems. In line with that, we will show you the steps to get into your locked iPhone or iPad without a Password. Please see them below this paragraph.


From your Mac or Windows PC, please open iTunes.

Launch iTunes

Putting your iOS device into Recovery Mode is crucial to the next step.

iOS Recovery Mode

iPhone 6s or earlier: Press the Home and the Power button concurrently for a few seconds until you may now see the Recovery mode on your screen.

iPhone 7 or 7 Pro: We need to hold the Power button or the Volume down control of your iOS to bring it into Recovery Mode.

iPhone 8 or later: Please click the Volume up then the Volume down. Next is the Power button. Kindly hold it for a moment until you are in Recovery mode.


From iTunes, please click the Restore button. This step will process the restoration of your iPhone. This step includes removing your passcode so that you will get into your Locked iPhone without complications. Please wait for your iOS device to start up.

iTunes Restore iPhone

We need to remember those simple steps in unlocking your iPhone using flexible iTunes. We can also see how it becomes effective with iPhones such as 6s, 7 Plus, XS, XR, 12, 13, and more. In addition, do not forget that making your iPhone into recovery mode will help you make the process simple.

4. How to Get with a Phone that is Locked via iCloud

The following method is via iCloud. It is also a simple and effective way for instant get in with your Locked iPhone. All we need to do is follow every step below and see what iCloud can help ease our problem.


Make sure that your Find My iPhone/iPad features are turned on, and your device is connected to the internet.


Log in to your iCloud account by going to on your browser. As you log in, it will require a code, and a popup tab will appear asking if you for your Trust. Click it to continue.

iCloud Trust

Please click the Find iPhone tab and kindly choose the iOS device you want to get in using the All Device list.


In the next step, you only need to locate the Erase iPhone, and it will automatically restore your data so that you may now get into your Locked iPhone or iPad.

Erase This iPhone From iCloud

There you go, the essence of iCloud without iOS devices. It can help us with many things, especially making our device safe and secure.

5. How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Running in iOS 15.2 or Later

The next and last method is for those iOS users who already have the latest version of iOS, which is iOS 15. Therefore, factory resetting is best if your iPhone with an iOS 15 gets locked. Here are the things we can do on how to factory reset a Locked iPhone Running iOS 15.2.


If you are on your device's lock screen, please try entering passcode for how many times until a Try again later note will appear. Please repeat the actions to see the Erase iPhone/iPad options from the bottom part of the screen. Tap it as we proceed to the next step.


After that, a pop-up tab will appear, asking you to enter the Apple ID of your iOS device as we sign it out.


You will now tap the Erase iPhone/iPad option again as we remove the data and settings on your iOS device.

Reset iOS 15 Apple ID Password

The last step is allowing your iOS device to restart. Set it up again by following the instructions on your screen. For restoration of your data, kindly use it from a backup.

That simple method is an effective way to get into our Locked iPhone with iOS version 15.

6. FAQs about How to Get with a Locked iPhone Without Password

How can I disable the iOS screen lock password?

Disabling your iOS screen lock password is a piece of cake. We only get into our Setting. From there, kindly locate the Touch ID & Passcode. You will now see a new set of options where you can set your Passcode. Then, scroll down up until to the bottom part of the Setting. In the bottom part, kindly click the Turn Passcode Off. A pop-up tab will appear for confirmation; click the Turn off button. Afterward, enter your Passcode to finish the process. There you go, the instant method of disabling your iOS password.

How many wrong attempts before my iOS will get locked?

Five wrong attempts in entering our passcode into our iPhone can result in a disabled device. Another lousy shot after the fifth will cause your iPhone to disable with an extended period of locks. 6 wrong attempts will disable your device for 1 minute. 7 wrong attempts are disabling for 5 minutes, 8 wrong attempts are for disabling your iOS device for 15 minutes. Also, a 60 minutes disabled after 9 wrong attempts. While 10 wrong attempts will disable your iOS device until you are connected to iTunes.

Does Siri know the password for my iPhone or iPad?

Yes. Siri knows your password that is saved with your iCloud Keychain. All we can do is say Show me my password, and Siri will deliver it by opening the password page in Settings. However, it requires a confirmation via Face ID to make the process possible.


In the end, getting into a locked iPhone is possible even without our passcode. That is why continuing our productivity in using our iOS devices is now at our reach. In line with that, we can see how the methods above help make the process possible with ease. In addition, we can see how Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker and iTunes can be a big help with the steps and procedure. Thus, we hope you get in your iPhone after it is locked due to the many failed attempts to enter your passcode. In addition, if you think this article is a great help in alleviating your problem, kindly share it with other iOS users that may be in the same situation as you. You may also visit our official web page as we unveil more iOS tips in making your device more productive to use with your grind.

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