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Why is iCloud Greyed Out? Right Reasons and Solutions

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Your iCloud may sometimes display grey, or the Back Up Now button inside it may not function. This typically occurs when the Apple server is not functioning correctly. Any internet connection disruption might cause issues while backing up your data to iCloud. As a result, ensure you have a reliable internet connection for continuous backup. We have included a few reasons why iCloud is greyed out in this post and a few simple fixes for you to try. This includes a great tool that you can use to make the process possible and successful.

iCloud Greyed Out
Part 1. Why iCloud Greyed Out Part 2. Solutions To Fix iCloud Greyed Out Part 3. FAQs about iCloud Greyed Out

Part 1. Why iCloud Greyed Out

Here are some of the most common reasons your iCloud isn't working. You may be unable to utilize iCloud for the following reasons. The first and most common reason is a buggy iOS.Issues with iCloud can sometimes be due to bugs in the iOS program itself. Bugs, flaws, or software incompatibilities might occur, leading iCloud to fail. In such circumstances, upgrading to the most recent iOS version or investigating particular software issues might aid in resolving these difficulties.

On the other hand, iCloud relies on Apple's servers to work correctly. If Apple's servers are experiencing outages or technical issues, iCloud services may not function as intended. In such cases, consumers should check Apple's status page for server updates and wait for Apple to repair the issue. Moreve

There are more reasons why the issue exists. Here are some points.

◆ No internet connection.

◆ Apple ID and Password were changed.

◆ The iOS version is outdated.

◆ The Profiles are configured.

Part 2. Solutions To Fix iCloud Greyed Out

Method 1: Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery

If a greyed-out problem happens on our iOS, having a recovery tool for iCloud backup on our iPhone is a need. Good thing, we have Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery to fix the issue. This tool is very convenient to use and easy to perform. With this, we can ensure that the problem for our grey out iCloud will be at ease. Please follow these guidelines to complete the process.

Free Download Free Download

Please start the program and click Recover from the iCloud Backup. After that, you must Sign in to your Apple ID.

Aiseesoft iPhone iCloud Data Recovery

After that, we must choose the data we wish to recover from iCloud. Then, we must select the Start button to begin scanning iCloud data.

Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery Start

The scanning process will take some time to finish. After the scan, click the Data Type, and the details will appear on the right. Now, please select the data to be recovered and click the Recover option to save the deleted files to your computer.

Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery Recover

All backup files linked with the iCloud account will be shown when you click it. You can select one based on the device name and backup date. Continue by clicking Download.


All iCloud backup data kinds will be shown in the pop-up window. Select the items by checking the boxes next to them and then clicking Next. The app will then scan the iCloud backup file.

Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery Next

Finally, click the data type in the left pane to examine it in more detail on the right. Select the deleted files to be restored and click the Recover button to export the deleted data from the iCloud backup to your PC.

Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery Recover Now

We must take those steps to recover the iCloud files we may lose because of the greyed-out. We can see that he, too, is very professional in handling the situation. It may take some steps, but we can guarantee it is all for the best and most effective.

Method 2: Turn On/Off iCloud Backup

When the Backup Now button on your iCloud turns gray, it will no longer be able to back up or download photos and folders. In such circumstances, we can now allow our device to reconnect to the internet and toggle the backup option. A frequent software bug might cause the Backup button to stop working. See how we can ease it with easy steps.


We need to navigate to the Settings menu. Then, after that, please select your Apple ID.


We need to select the iCloud option as we proceed with the procedure.


After that, on Device Backups, kindly select iCloud Backup. From there, we need to disable and re-enable the Backup This iPhone/iPad option as we end the process.

iOS Turn Off iCloud

Note: Restart your device and wait a few minutes before reactivating the Backup option. In addition, the process might be easy to do and follow, yet many users say this is only the bare minimum of the procedure. Sometimes, it is insufficient or the proper solution, especially when the problem is internal.

Method 3: Updating the iOS Version

Some functionalities may malfunction if your iPhone or iPad operates on older software. To avoid this anomaly, follow the steps below to install the most recent software for your device and then proceed with the following techniques.


Navigate to the Settings menu. After that, we proceed to navigate to the General tab.Now, please select Software Update from the menu.


Next, kindly choose the update to install and click the Download and Install button as we proceed to the next step.


In this case, please enter your Passcode and click the button for Install Now to start the updating. Then, please wait until the iOS version is fully updated.

iOS Update Version

At this moment, you can now try to open the iCloud again after the update. Then, see if the greyed-out problem is gone. Please remember that this updating process will take some time.

Part 3. FAQs about iCloud Greyed Out

Why can't I turn on iCloud on my iPhone?

These are three common reasons you cannot turn on your iCloud. First, No Internet Access: We need to check to see if your iPhone is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data. To work correctly, iCloud requires an active internet connection. Secondly, problems with Apple ID and Password: Ensure you use the right Apple ID and password. Incorrect credentials can prevent iCloud from starting. Also, if you have just updated your Apple ID password, update it on your device. Also, a Storage Space: If your iCloud account does not have enough storage space, you may be unable to turn it on. If your current plan is at capacity, you may need to clear up space or purchase additional iCloud storage.

Why can't I turn iCloud back on?

There are many reasons why you cannot turn iCloud back on. However, mostly, the issue exists because of an incomplete SignOut. If you previously signed out of iCloud on your device but did not finish the sign-out procedure, you may be unable to reactivate iCloud. Sign back into iCloud using your Apple ID and password to fix this.

Why am I unable to access my iCloud?

Check that your iPhone, iPad, or PC is connected to the Internet and that you've enabled cellular data on your iPhone or iPad by navigating to Settings, then go to the Cellular or Mobile Data. If you disable this setting, you may be unable to access your Apple ID and iCloud when not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

How can I tell whether iCloud is turned on after greyed out?

Check to see if iCloud is enabled. You should verify your iCloud settings if the status screen says Not logged into iCloud. Enter the Settings app and make sure your account is at the top. Now, choose your account, followed by iCloud. Check that iCloud Drive and Structured are both turned on.

How do I restart iCloud to ease greyed out?

Hold down the Power and Home keys until the device goes off and the Apple logo displays to perform a hard reset on iOS devices. The device will restart, and system processes will be updated, which can occasionally resolve iCloud sync issues.


That’s everything we need to know about the issue of greyed-out iCloud on iOS, mostly for iPhone 13 and 14. We can see what it means and what solutions we can do to fix it. At the top of this post, we can all agree that the incredible tool of Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery is great with the process. We can all use it with ease and without complications.

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