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Stunning 7 Online Video Players For Easy and Quick Play Backs Of Your Video, Movie And Audio Files

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If your device is running out of space and you badly need a video player that will not eat up a huge space. Then, I highly recommend you to use video players that offer online services. With that said, you don't need to download the tool on your device and you can use it for 100% free. Moreover, online video players are perfect for you if you want to play your videos with just a few clicks. In line with that, you can play all your media files on your device without wasting so much time. And since we want to help you solve your problem, we prepared for you the top 7 online video players. Hence, you can freely choose what is the most convenient online tool for you.

Best Online Video Player
Part 1. How to Choose an Online Video Player Part 2. Best Online Video Player Review Part 3. FAQs of Online Video Player

Part 1. How to Choose an Online Video Player

Before we will proceed to the best 7 online video players. Let us first know the things we must consider in choosing an online video player. In that way, you can really enjoy watching your favorite videos and movies; and listening to your preferred songs or podcasts as well. Without downloading and installing it on your device.

First, you must make sure that the software supports various video and audio formats.

Second, consider the quality of your media files. It is good if an online video player supports a wide range of file extension without affecting the video and sound quality.

Moreover, since you are about to use an online video player, the tool must be 100% free. And lastly, if you don't want a lot of processes before playing your media files, the tool must be easy and quick to use – video and audio files playback must be done with a few clicks.

And now, let us move on to the best 7 online video players we listed in this article for you.

Part 2. Best Online Video Player Review

1. iTunes Web Player

iTunes web player

iTunes web player enables you to play various videos, and movies; listen to music and podcasts on the web. Like a video player, this software allows you to play all the media contents however, it works from the internet. In relation to that, you will not be needing an iOS or Android app, or iTunes app for Mac or Windows device. All you have to do is to search the iTunes web player from your browser. The good thing about this online tool is that anyone can use it because it supports all platforms like macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, iOS and Android. Moreover, you can search all the movies and TV shows worldwide from the internet. Though it's online, the quality of the playback media contents are still good.

Supports Android and iOS apps, Windows and MacOS devices.
Offers free trial.
Offers the latest version.
Downloaded audio cannot be kept after unsubscribing the software.
Needs high speed connection for smooth playback.

2. Twitch Web Player

Twitch Web Player

A video player enables you to play media contents on your device. Thus, Twitch Web Player allows you also to play numerous media contents from the internet. What's more interesting about this online tool is that it has a wide range of content whether live or recorded broadcasts covering music, talk and TV shows, sports, travel, entertainment, food and more. Also, you can browse this online tool from different web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Opera GX, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. Moreover, this online tool supports high resolution, and you can change the stream quality option from low to high depending on what you want. However, high-resolution videos need a high-speed internet connection.

Offers free version.
Ads free for paid tiers.
Limited features for free version.
Requires signing up or logging in.

3. YouTube Web Player

YouTube Web Player

YouTube web player also allows you to play numerous media contents on your device like a video player. Furthermore, this software enables you to search for something you want to play and watch videos all day. Since this online tool is supported by YouTube, it allows you to create your personal playlists to make your videos and music organized. The good thing about this online video player is that it allows you to explore different moods and genres of media contents. Also, it allows you to visit your recent activities from the library. And enables you to upgrade your account if you want to.

Open source to Windows and macOS devices.
Offers 1month free trial for premium.
Uploading is not easy.

4. JW Player

JW player

Video player lets you play your media file on your device. Same as with JW player, this online video player allows you to publish videos, run video ads, and stream content. Also, offers a reliable watching experience across HTML5 and Flash (with full customization and configuration options) to mobile phones, tablets and desktop platforms. In line with that, you can playback media contents across any device without losing its quality.

The good thing about JW player is that its free plan offers 25GB of streaming monthly and allows you to play 10k videos monthly as well. Also, its Premium has 250GB to stream per month and plays 100K videos monthly. The Platinum offers 500GB for streaming monthly and allows you to play 200k videos with video ad functionality every month. And, the Custom plan offers live streaming and integration across social media accounts.

Offers free version.
Supports HTML5 and Flash.
Open-source to any device.
Quite expensive.
Incompatible with iTunes video podcasts.

5. Flow Player

Flow player

Flow player is an online video player that lets you play video and audio contents like the normal video player. Through this online video player, you can improve your video business with HTML5 video player. Furthermore, it allows its users to experience a high-resolution playback. Also, it allows you to make live video broadcasting and streaming. And, this is the best partner for social businesses. To fully experience this online video player, kindly visit this online tool.

Offers 14day trial.
Works on all browsers and mobiles.
Found severe bugs.
Outdated dashboard

6. FVC Online Video Player

Online Player

Online Video players do play video and audio on your device. And now, we have these online video players for those online users. One of these is the FVC Online Video Player, this online video platform has the modest free web video player for almost all videos and audio without losing the media content quality. Also, media content can load faster with this online video player and it supports custom covers. In addition, since this online video player supports HTML5 videos, playing video and audio files on desktop devices is now attainable. More so, FVC Online Video Player makes your videos look excellently with highest quality HD and 4K. With that said, you can browse Online Player to see its full offer.

Open-source to any device.
Allows you to edit your media contents.
Requires Vimeo app for playback media contents.

7. Wistia Player

Wistia Player

With the last online video player which is Wistia Player. Like a video player, this tool allows you to experience playback videos and audio onto your device. Also, it supports high resolution videos and streaming with HLS. Furthermore, you will not have a hard time playing your media contents with high-speed internet connection.

The good thing about it is that it enables you to customize the appearance of your video player. In line with that, you can change the color of the video player to make it more personalized. Also, it allows you to improve your viewing experience of the long-form and short-form media content. It means, you can add more chapters of your video player for a continuous viewing experience. If you are interested with this last online video player, kindly visit Wistia Player on your browser.

Offers an Ad free experience for users.
Easy and fast to update the content.
Flexible enhancements of video.
Quite expensive for smaller users.
No updated features.

Part 3. FAQs of Online Video Player

Do I need to sign up for an account?

Most online video players offer free trial or free versions that do not require signing up. However, if you want limited features, you may create your own account.

How to search videos and audio from an online video player?

Just click the search button of an online video player and type the movie or music you want to play. However, some online video players offer limited media contents only.

Are online video players safe?

Yes, most online video players can secure and protect all your personal data when you sign up for an account.


In closing, it is now possible and easy to playback videos and audio online with the best 7 online video players that were listed above. Thus, you can now enjoy viewing your favorite movies on your device without downloading and installing an application that eats up a huge space. Furthermore, you can easily browse unlimited media contents from the internet because it is an online service tool. On the other hand, if you want to experience their full features and functions you may subscribe to their Premium offers. If this article is profitable, never forget to share it to others.

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