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Presenting to You a Musicolet Review: Listing Its Full Functions, Main Features, and Audio Playback Settings

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Mar 17, 2022Audio Player

Do you love collecting music and listening to them on your mobile phone or android devices? Thus, we have looked for you with Musicolet that is perfectly compatible with Android devices. With that being said, we have also reviewed its pros and cons, price, what platform it supports, what audio file formats it can play, its audio playback settings, and functions, and most especially, what can be the best alternative audio player to it. As a result, you can evaluate and discover if this audio player is relevant to your needs. Thus, you will also know what it can truly offer and benefit you.

Musicolet Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is Musicolet? 3. Musicolet Review 4. FAQ 5. Best Alternative

1. Our Verdict

It has no Ads.
100% free application.
It does not need an internet connection.
Offers a simple and straightforward GUI.
Offers a variety of features such as Tag Editor, Equalizer, and Headphone control.
Offers complicated features and audio playback settings.
Can only be played on Android devices.

Overall Rating

Musicolet music player enables you to smoothly and seamlessly playback almost all your music and audio file formats. The good thing about this audio player is that it is a lightweight application that does not eat up more space on your device because it has only 6 MB of space. Moreover, you can also create your own music playlists for easy access. In addition, it also allows you to adjust and control its audio.

9 Overall

Easy to use:9

Smooth Playback:9


2. What is Musicolet?

Musicolet Review Intrface

Musicolet is a perfect and excellent music and audio player that does not eat up so much space in your device. Moreover, you can use this application and its audio playback settings without any payment because this is a free application. In addition, this audio player allows you to play all your local audio files that have been already saved and stored on your device.


Musicolet music player is a 100% free-to-use music and audio application.


This music player is absolutely compatible with Android devices.

Main Features of Musicolet

● Enables you to play your audio and music files with no internet connection. Thus, you can use this offline.

● Can manage and support multiple queues.

● Provides a built-in Tag editor.

● Offers a powerful equalizer.

● The audio player has no ads.

● Provides a GUI along with its minimalistic design.

● Enables you to move and copy songs.

● Offers separate settings and functions for speakers, headphones, and Bluetooth.

● Offers a sleep timer feature.

● Offers light and dark themes and design.

● Provides a lock screen with different functions and settings.

● Offers and provides an appealing widget feature.

● Offers built-in lyrics and LRC support.

3. Musicolet Review

Support Formats

Musicolet is an excellent and perfect audio player. This software supports common audio file formats such as MP3, and FLAC. Henceforth, you can absolutely play your favorite music using this player.


Musicolet Review Equalizer

What is more interesting about the Musicolet music player is that it provides an equalizer feature that enables you to control its audio settings such as bass, treble, depths, and more. Moreover, it also allows you to manage separate presets and settings for your speakers, headphones/earphones, and BlueTooth devices. As a result, if ever you want to connect your phone with those devices, it will automatically detect and load the settings without fixing the settings once again.

Editing - Lyrics and Tags

Musicolet Review Tag Editor

Let us now move on to the editing feature for lyrics and tags. With that being said, Musicolet supports and offers built-in offline lyrics in your audio files like ID3 tag. So, you have the chance and opportunity to edit built-in lyrics from the tag editor. In relation to that, through the help of the tag editor you can also edit tags and album-arts of your collected musing and songs all at once.

Sleep timer

Musicolet Review Sleep Timer

Moving on to the sleep timer feature of the Musicolet music player, this feature has two types that enable you to close or turn off the app automatically. The first one will allow you to close the application after hh:mm time and the other one will enable you to close the music player after N songs. With that being said, you can set a time to close the app and freely leave it.

Widgets control

Musicolet Review Widget Control

The good thing about this music player application is that it allows you to make your home screen very appealing. With that being said, you can surely play and use the Musicolet without even opening it because as you open your phone, you can automatically see the widget and play your songs.

4. FAQ

How to play and listen to online music using Musicolet?

Within this matter, Musicolet does not allow you to play online music because it only plays MP3 files that are already saved and stored on your device. For that reason, you cannot stream or even download online music.

How can I fast forward the next songs using Musicolet?

To fast forward the next songs on Musicolet are done with a few clicks. Thus, you just have to click it twice, and it will lead you to the next song.

How many Queues does Musicolet allow you to make?

In Musicolet, you can create up to 20 Queues.

5. Best Alternative

Vidmore Player

If ever you are done with using Musicolet, we have also prepared for you the best substitute audio player to Musicolet. Henceforth, we have looked for you Vidmore Player, the best media player tool that is perfect and excellent for playing all your audio and music files providing a perfect audio quality.

Vidmore Player Vidmore Player

Vidmore Player is the most impressive media player as one of the best alternatives to Musicolet for PC and Mac.


Finally, you have found out if Musicolet is really excellent for playing your audio and music files. However, do not lose hope if you have not yet been satisfied with using this audio player because we searched for the best alternative audio player to it which is Vidmore Player, though it is a Blu-ray player it also supports common audio files. As a result, share this article review with others if it has greatly solved your problem.

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