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Part 2. Berify
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3 Ways to Reverse Video Search to Find Video Information on Mobile and Computer

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Mar 09, 2023Movies

We usually search for a video or picture online using text-based terms or keywords. But there are times when the footage is rare and hard to describe, giving us difficulty finding its information online. So, what is the easiest way to find the desired video? Reverse Video Search is a powerful tool that uses a sample picture from the clip as the search query. Users can use this tool to check sources, the authenticity of content, and more. The good thing is this article will show you different ways to use reverse video search on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. So let’s start!

How to Reverse Video Search
Part 1. How to Reverse Video Search in Google Lens Part 2. How to Reverse Video Search in Berify Part 3. How to Get Video Reverse Search in TinEye Part 4. FAQs about Reversing Video Search

Part 1. How to Reverse Video Search in Google Lens

Google has the biggest role in searching for various stuff on the internet, and thankfully, it introduced Google Lens for reverse video search. The app can find copies of pictures, the source, and other information. Moreover, you can access this tool even using Android, iPhone, Chrome, or Safari. Although Google Lens does not fully support the reverse search for video clips, it is still a great tool for capturing screenshots. With that said, here are the detailed steps on how to use Google Lens:

For Android users:


Install Google Lens from Google Play. While waiting to install the app, open the video clip and take a screenshot. Capture the best picture from the clip to ensure a quick result.

Google Lens Install

Then, launch Google Lens and tap the Image button beside the shutter to upload the screenshot from the gallery. Once the picture is uploaded, the app will automatically show results.

Google Lens Image

Pull up the visual matches and browse for the same picture. You may need to adjust the frame to see other results.

Also, you can take this tool to find the pictures with the best reverse image search tools.

For iOS users:

Using Google Lens on an iPhone requires installing the Google Photos app. So, you can also use the tool to use the captured photos from your gallery.


Install the latest versions of Google Photos and Lens. Open Photos and give the app access to your pictures by tapping the OK button from the dialog box.


Select the screenshot from the footage and tap the Google Lens button from the bottom part of the screen. Then, the results will appear in the lower part with other information.

iOS Google Lens Photos

For Computers

If you use a PC to search for a video, Google Lens is available on Google’s toolbar but named Google Images. Just by using Chrome or Firefox, you can use the feature without installing an app. If you are using other operating systems, you can download one from a trusted source. To use Google Images on PC, follow the instructions below:


Open a tab on Chrome or other browsers on your computer. Search Google Images and launch it.

Google Images Search

Click the Camera button with the description ‘Search by Image’ from the search bar, then choose the picture by uploading it from your local folder. You can also use a link to import the image.

Google Images Camera

Just like Google Lens, the program will run a search automatically. The results will appear below your screen. It also allows you to adjust the frame to get different results or matches.

Part 2. How to Reverse Video Search in Berify

Using Google gives you the results you need when searching for video information. However, it does not specifically give the result you are looking for, so you better need an alternative tool like Berify. Unlike Google’s standard search engine, Berify uses its algorithm to find results from other search engines such as Baidu, Bing, Yandex, etc. Utilizing this online tool is rather easy, and just by following the steps below, you can do the reverse video search.


Go to Berify website and create an account by clicking the Sign Up for Free button. Afterward, click the search bar to open your computer’s folder. Choose the screenshot from the video and click the Open button to confirm the selection.

Verify Sign Up For Free

Wait for the online tool to process the uploaded file until the results come out. It will process once more to give you matches from other search engines, allowing you to better understand where the video has been uploaded.


If Berify does not return with the result, you may need to wait longer. However, the online tool will notify you once it finds matches.

Part 3. How to Get Video Reverse Search in TinEye

TinEye is an expert reverse video search, offering tools like MobileEngine, MulticolorEngine, and WineEngine. It is also a great method to check copyright compliance because it contains a separate list of modified photos. The online tool has a self-hosted API to find the best results quickly. Besides screenshots from a video clip, TinEye accepts images such as JPG, PNG, and GIF. Let’s find out how this alternative is used.


Visit the TinEye website and click the Upload button to import the image from your system. Alternatively, use a URL to upload the file.

TinEye Upload

Once the image is uploaded, TinEye will run the program. Shortly, it will show some results. The unique part of using this online tool is it shows more information from various websites.


You may manage the results by ticking the boxes to include unavailable sources. Click the website link and TinEye will direct you to the next page.

TinEye Result Website

Part 4. FAQs about Using Reverse Video Search

What is a video reverse search, and how does it work?

Reverse image search is a search engine technology that finds web results using a picture as the query. Most search engines provide valuable information from one image, including the publisher, website, and other related works. Unfortunately, there is no reverse video search yet, but you can use screenshots from a video clip to find the data you need.

Does using video reverse search always work?

Using this searching technology has no guarantee of finding certain results, and in other times, there is no result. Whenever this situation occurs, some websites or sources prevent the image from appearing in the search result. Data centers as slightly out of sync can also be the reason for zero results.

How to use Shutterstock as a reverse video search?

Since Shutterstock is home to almost one billion images, you might find the video information you are looking for. Go to Shutterstock and select the camera icon from the search bar. Upload the screenshot from the video clip and wait for Shutterstock to get the results. Browse the images to find the exact details.


A reverse video search is what you need for a quick way to find information from the web. There are many tools that you can use, and they are mostly especially on Google. However, since its result is not always spot on, alternatives such as TinEye and Berify can help. Search engines cannot search using video as a query but taking a screenshot from the clip helps to look for answers.

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