1. Overview of JustWatch
2. Is JustWatch Safe
3. ReelGood VS JustWatch
4. Top 3 Alternatives
5. FAQs

JustWatch Review, Including Comparison and Alternative Sites

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

We all deserve a movie streaming site that guarantees everyone’s safety. For that reason, JustWatch is fit when it comes to the safety of every user. This article will give an idea of whether JustWatch is safe, and how JustWatch can meet your standards. Also, you can see three alternative movie sites. Are you excited? Read now!

Is JustWatch Safe

Table of contents

1. Overview of JustWatch 2. Is JustWatch Safe 3. ReelGood VS JustWatch 4. Top 3 Alternatives to JustWatch 5. FAQs of JustWatch

1. Overview of JustWatch

What is JustWatch?

JustWatch is a well-known movie streaming site. It is intended for people who desire to stream TV shows and movies online. If you have yet to learn, JustWatch offers a Premium plan, in which you will not experience Ads. In addition, it will enhance its watchlist functionality. What else? It lets you access additional Search Filters and Hide the seen and disliked movie titles.

Moreover, JustWatch App is downloadable on Android and Apple devices. In addition, if you want to watch on the big screen, connect JustWatch on your Smart TVs, such as Amazon FireTV, AndroidTV, AppleTV, LG, and Samsung.

Furthermore, upon reviewing JustWatch, let us see its advantages and disadvantages. It is essential, especially if you will use this movie streaming site for the first time. Please see them below and read them carefully.

It has an excellent user interface, whether it is on a Web browser or a mobile device.
It is compatible with many Smart TVs.
Each movie is categorized.
It lets you set the movie quality up to a 1080p or HD version.
It supports several streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hayu, iFlix, Viu, and more.
It is working in many countries.
Connecting JustWatch on your Smart TVs is only possible if you sign up for them.
It offers limited channels.
It also offers limited geographical coverage.

Popular Movies on JustWatch

◆ The Last Dolphin King

◆ The Noel Diary

◆ Christmas on Mistletoe Farm

◆ Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would

◆ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

◆ The School for Good and Evil

◆The Wolf of Wall Street

◆ Spiderman: No Way Home

◆ Train to Busan

◆ Interview with the Vampire

◆ Camm Me By Your Name

◆ I Still See You

◆ The Perks of Being a Wallflower

◆ How To Train Your Dragon

◆ A Quiet on the Western Front

JustWatch Interface

JustWatch Review User Interface

As we have said, the JustWatch user interface is excellent. Its theme color is black and yellow, which combines perfectly. In addition, all the Options are easy to find, which is also one of its advantages. You will see the Home, New, Popular, and Watchlist in the top left corner. After that, the Search Bar, Sign In button, and Additional Menu is in the top right corner.

Below that, other Options are shown, such as All, Movies, TVs, Filters, Release Year, Genres, Ratings, Price, and Age Ratings. The movies and TV shows will show depending on the Options you choose. For example, when you select the Release Year, you will choose movies from 1900 up to 2022. Then, if you select Genres, you will choose any kind of Genre, like Action, Comedy, Documentary, Fantasy, Horror, Music & Musical, Romance, Sports, Western, and more.

Furthermore, when you click the Additional Menu, of course, you will see the additional options: Connect your TV, Apps, About Us, Talent, Press, FAQ, Imprint, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use. Overall, the JustWatch user interface makes you conclude that it is manageable to use.

2. Is JustWatch Safe

How can we prove the safety of JustWatch? This article is not just about the review of JustWatch, we will also dig into if JustWatch is safe to use, especially since it is a well-known movie streaming site online.

Upon researching JustWatch, we can proudly say that JustWatch is 100% safe to use. But how can we come up with that? Well, if we are going to look and read its Privacy Policy, it is stated there that they only use the data you gave to them with a specific purpose. An example is when you want to register for the JustWatch Pro, leave feedback, make contact requests, etc. That is proof that JustWatch is safe.

Not just that, when you launch JustWatch, you will never see pop-up Ads. In addition, JustWatch will not let you watch copyrighted movies and TV shows. The good thing about JustWatch is it provides a Trailer for every movie. However, you can only watch them thoroughly if you pay for them. Going back to its Privacy Policy, it is also mentioned that they protect the data you provide them. For that reason, they use highly secure data centers with the highest standards. Isn't it amazing?

3. ReelGood VS JustWatch

This part of this article is tricky because we need to compare which is better, ReelGood VS JustWatch. Both are movie streaming sites that offer many TV shows and movies. In addition, both are downloadable on Android and Apple devices. Now, we will tackle their differences more practically.

Let us talk about the difference between ReelGood and JustWatch regarding Search Across Many Streaming Services. Upon counting, ReelGood searches up to 71 services. On the other hand, JustWatch searches over 47 services. ReelGood supports various streaming services, including TV channels such as Adult Swim, Fox, and BBC America. Also, we have noticed that ReelGood offers an anime streaming service and IndieFlix, while JustWatch does not.

Is ReelGood better than JustWatch? There is no such thing as an instant win; let us dig more. Yes, indeed, JustWatch does not have a vast database, but it offers Search Results that are always beneficial. How can we say that? Upon searching for an old movie, for example, the 1980’s to 1990s. JustWatch will show you directly the exact Title and Seasons, while ReelGood does not.

Moreover, let us proceed in terms of browsing Genres. In ReelGood, it allows you to enable the Filterable List. What is that? It means you can filter TV shows, movies, and genres. To compare, JustWatch makes you convenient again. From the Home page, it lets you filter the movies, TV shows, Release Year, Genre, Ratings, and more, just like what we have mentioned above.

Furthermore, let us conclude in this part that JustWatch still stands out. From the user interface, searching, genres, and more. In addition, we must recognize that JustWatch is much more popular than ReelGood. Moreover, it does not mean that ReelGood is lesser. No, we are only comparing their functionalities and features. That’s just it. We have no intention to hate ReelGood because both movie streaming sites are excellent in their unique way.

4. Top 3 Alternatives to JustWatch

Again, JustWatch is one of the safest movie streaming sites you can find online. The one thing I can see here why you are looking for an alternative movie streaming site to JustWatch is the price. Who would not want a free movie to watch, right?

Below, we will provide movie streaming sites that offer free TV shows and movies. However, do not expect too much because free movie streaming sites always offer Ads. so much with that, let us proceed.


JustWatch Review and Alternative Fmovies
It offers HD movies and TV shows online.
It also offers free movies, and they are labeled as HD on each Thumbnail.
It has a Preview that lets you watch a glimpse of the latest movies.
Its categories are quick to find.
Signing up for them is not a big deal as others.
Its safety is not 100% guaranteed.
It constantly redirects you into another Ad window.

When talking about free movies, usually Fmovies pop up in your mind. Obviously, because Fmovies is popular. However, like what you have read about its disadvantages, Fmovies cannot guarantee you the safeties you desire because of the Ads and viruses that keep appearing.

Nevertheless, we must acknowledge that it offers high-quality TV shows and movies, plus they are free to watch. That is why many people tend to choose the free movie streaming site online. Furthermore, Fmovies has so much to offer, such as numerous Genres, Categories, Latest Movies, and more. Also, you can check more Fmovies alternatives to replace JustWatch.


JustWatch Review and Alternative IMDb TV
It is almost the same as other famous movie streaming sites.
It provides TV shows and movies that are excellent in quality.
It also provides Preview, where you can watch the Trailer for the latest movie.
Its user interface is also excellent.
It supports numerous languages for different users.
To use it completely, you must sign up for them.

Another free alternative movie streaming site online is IMDb TV. But you must remember that to use the entire site; you must sign up to them using your email account or sign in to them by creating an IMDb TV account.

Moreover, the exciting part about IMDb TV is that it has Preview on the top corner on its official website. With that, you can watch the Trailer of the latest movies. You can also take control by Preview by clicking the Previous and Next buttons to go back or proceed to another Trailer video. In addition, it offers Featured Today Movies and many more.


JustWatch Review and Alternative 123Movies
It has free TV shows and movies that are free to watch.
It always adds the latest movies.
It lets you enable the subtitles in the language you like.
Its TV shows and movies have Full HD Quality.
It has Ads that are inappropriate to see, especially for children.
It often redirects you to another Ad page after clicking any option on its official site.
It does not have a series to offer.
Getting rid of the Ads requires you to sign up for them.

Like JustWatch HD movies, 123Movies also offers Full HD Quality movies. You will also notice that 123Movies provides different kinds of Categories and Genres. Plus, it is evident that looking at its user interface, you will conclude that it is manageable to use.

In addition, it has a Search Bar that is also quick to find. Therefore, whenever you want to look for your favorite movie, you can search by typing the Title on the Search Bar. Again, 123Movies and its alternatives are included on the free movie streaming sites on the Internet.

5. FAQs of JustWatch

Is JustWatch Free?

JustWatch is not a free movie streaming site. You need to pay for every movie you want to watch. Yes, you can buy and rent movies individually. Moreover, you can also purchase JustWatch Pro for $2.49 a month.

How can I link my JustWatch account to Smart TV?

To do that, download any of these; Fire TV, Apple TV, or Android TV. After that, click the Account button on your JustWatch TV app, guiding you through the following setup.

Does JustWatch offer a free movie?

Unfortunately, no. However, JustWatch offers the Trailer of the movie you want to want. After that, you can rent or buy it.


Sadly, JustWatch does not have free movies to watch. Nonetheless, it will guarantee your safety. In this article, we have learned the significant parts of JustWatch, like pros, cons, main features, and more. In addition, we also discuss the safety of JustWatch, as well as the comparison between ReelGood and JustWatch. Overall, we enjoyed sharing this article with you. Do not forget to give us a thumbs up, and see you again at our next one!

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