1. What is Tubi?
2. Best Movies and Animes in Tubi
3. Review of Tubi
4. Top 3 Alternatives
5. FAQs

Tubi Review: An Ultimate Review That Offers Top 3 Alternative Sites

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

Tubi is a free movie streaming site online, and you can make Tubi your buddy. How is that possible? By spending your time watching your favorite movies and TV shows. This review will show us the advantages and disadvantages of Tubi, as well as the entire review of Tubi. We also prepare the top 3 alternative movie sites in case you dislike Tubu because of its limitations. Furthermore, start reading now to obtain an idea about them all.

Tubi Review

Table of contents

1. What is Tubi? 2. Best Movies and Animes in Tubi 3. Review of Tubi 4. Top 3 Alternatives to Tubi 5. FAQs of Tubi

1. What is Tubi?

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It lets you watch movies for free.
It has a comprehensive range of movies and TV shows.
It has a modern app as well as a user interface.
It supports watchlists that include parental control features.
It works on almost all major streaming devices.
It has streaming quality or resolution up to 720p only.
It has no Ad-free option to get rid of them.
It has lamination in selecting TV shows.
Most of its content is old.
Sometimes it is buffering and turns into low quality.

Sometimes it is buffering and turns into low quality. I think this already crosses your mind; what is Tubi, and how does it work, or why is Tubi free right? Well, in this review article, all your questions will be answered. To introduce Tubi, it is a free movie streaming site that allows you to watch online. The only requirement is a fast internet connection. We will learn much upon reading it until the end. You obtain an idea about its pros and cons above. Now, you will learn more below.

2. Best Movies and Animes in Tubi

10 Tubi Horror Movies

◆ Spook Show 17

◆ The Taking of Deborah Logan

◆ The Love Witch

◆ Hell House LLC 2: The Abandoned Hotel

◆ The Haunting Of The Murder House

◆ Tales From the Crypt

◆ Snoop Dogg's Hood Of Horror

◆ Night of the Living Dead In Color

◆ The Haunting of La Liorona

◆ Horrors of Horrors: The Gates of the Hell

10 Funny Movies on Tubi

◆ Too Close For Comfort

◆ Tonta Tonta, Pero No Tanto

◆ Secrets In The Plain Sight

◆ My Love, My Bride

◆ Jeff Dunham, Controlled Chaos

◆ Jeff Dunham: Minding The Monsters

◆ Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again

◆ My Sidepiece Hit The Lotto

◆ Eddie Griffin: You Can Tell Em I Said It

◆ Lavell Crawford: New Look Same Funny, Extended Edition

10 Christmas Movies on Tubi

◆ Coins for Christmas

◆ A Christmas Carol

◆ A True Christmas

◆ Christmas Recipe for Romance

◆ Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special

◆ A Match Made at Christmas

◆ La Navidad Vuelve Casa

◆ Coming Home For Christmas

◆ Some Kind Of Christmas

◆ Christmas Mountain: The Story Of A Cowboy Angel

10 Anime on Tubi

◆ Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains

◆ Saint Seiya Saintia Sho (Sub English)

◆ Saint Seiya Saintia Sho (Subtitled)

◆ GGo Football

◆ Street Fighter: The New Challengers

◆ Daddy Long Legs

◆ Future Card Buddy Fight

◆ Spider Riders

◆ Screechers Wild!

◆ Wonder Plants

10 Lifetime Movies on Tubi

◆ The Joy of Painting With Bob Ross

◆ You Are Stronger Than You Think

◆ Highway to Heaven

◆ A Matter of Justice

◆ Loving Till It Hurts

◆ One Step Beyond

◆ The Little Rascals: The Best Of Our Gang

◆ Catherine The Great

◆ Four Star Playhouse

◆ King In Grass Castles

10 Good Movies on Tubi

◆ Break Every Chain

◆ Message The Messenger

◆ Once Upon a Lifetime

◆ Steps Of Faith

◆ Faith Love And Hope

◆ Letters From The Heart

◆ The Ash Lad: In Search Of The Golden Castle

◆ Standing Ovation: Dance, Sing, Dream

◆ The Secret Path

◆ Jack Hunter: The Quest For Akhenaten’s Tomb

3. Review of Tubi

Tubi Interface

Tubi Review Tubi Interface

One of the advantages of Tubi is its interface. You will have a professional user interface with Tubi free movies without paying for them. This part of this post allows us to describe the Tubi interface. On the upper part, you will see the Tubi Name and the Browse, which contains Categories such as Action, Anime, Classics, Comedy, Crime TV, Documentary, Drama, Faith, Family Movies, and many more.

Then, on the upper right side, you will notice the Search Bar, Register button, and Sign In. After all the Options mentioned above, next is the Preview. It will flash different movies you might want to watch. After that, of course, the movies will be followed by Categories. Its interface can quickly scroll up and down until you see all the available movies.

Overall, Tubi is easier and more manageable to use, unlike other movie streaming sites. In addition, you will also notice the numerous movies you can watch anytime you want. Do not worry; you will never go wrong with the Title of the movies because they are all visible.

Tubi Playback Movies

Tubi Review Tubi Playback Movies

Tubi provides a smooth playback. However, you will immediately notice that the quality is compromised. But before discussing it, we will first discuss the entire Tubi playback. Once you play a movie, the Playback will start playing. You have the option to control the movie by clicking Player Control.

In the bottom part of the Playback or Movie Player, you can Rewind and Fast Forward the movie for 30 seconds by clicking its icons. You can also control the Volume based on what you prefer. As promised, we will talk about Quality now. Yes, it is true that the Quality while playing movies on Tubi is compromised.

You can click the Setting icon to see the Video Quality, and you can also change that. Here are the options; Auto, 405p / 1376kb, 304p / 541kb, and 203 / 281kb. Unfortunately, there is no option like 1080p or HD, which is one of Tubi's disadvantages.

Furthermore, tap the Full-Screen icon to watch the movie on the Full Screen and enjoy with while eating popcorn. In the last part, Tubi will show you the full Title of the Movie. You can also click the Add to My List. If you want to share it, tap the Share button to share it on Facebook or Twitter. However, if there is a problem, click the Elipsis to Report a Problem to Tubi.

4. Top 3 Alternatives to Tubi


Tubi Review Tubi Alternative Peacock
It is well-known and offers famous TV shows and movies.
It has a flexible subscription plan.
It offers several account profiles.
It also offers live sports after subscribing to them.
It has a free movie to watch.
After purchasing the Premium plan, you will still experience Ads.
It does not support offline downloads.
It is not suitable in various countries.
Its movie library is frequently changing.

Like Tubi streaming services, Peacock also has a streaming service. But the question is, how can Peacock become an alternative to Tubi? Let us find out why upon continuing to read this part. Because of its user interface, many users love to visit Peacock.

However, if you are counted in the countries that Peacock is not suitable for, that is bad news. But if Peacock is working in your place, that is great news! Nonetheless, it is not 100% free because it offers subscription plans. If you do not pay to watch a movie, you can refer to another alternative. Please see the following alternative movie streaming site below.


Tubi Review Tubi Alternative IMDB TV
It is almost similar to famous streaming movie sites.
It offers numerous free TV shows and movies.
It has a Preview where you can watch the trailer of the latest movies.
It does not have annoying Ads.
It has a fantastic user interface.
It also offers numerous languages for different users.
Signing up is a must for their movie streaming site.

Like Tubi login, IMDb also needs to log in to their site. It is included as one of the alternatives to Tubi because it is ideal for watching your favorite movies, also the latest ones. Again, as stated in the cons, signing up is mandatory for the IMDb TV site. It is quite a hassle, but it is worth it after signing in because you can free-watch movies.

Furthermore, you will appreciate its user interface because of the Trailer Preview of the upcoming movies or latest movies on the upper part of the video. You also have the option to control the Preview Page. You will see numerous movies in the middle and up to the bottom.


Tubi Review Tubi Alternative Crackle
Its collection of movies is decent.
Its streaming performance is reliable.
It offers many genres you like.
It has numerous Ads after you visit the main site and while using it.
It does not have a pleasing user interface on the Web and mobile devices.
It is not suitable in many countries.
The quality of the movies and TV shows is compromised.

Just like in Tubi movies, Crackle also offers movies and TV shows. In other words, Crackle is one of the movie streaming sites online. Unlike the Tubi subscription, Crackle does not require you to pay for a subscription since it offers free movies you can watch anytime.

In addition, Crackle has more than 700 movies and up to 100 TV shows. Therefore, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies because it is impossible if your favorite movie is not included in these 700 movies. What’s more? Crackle allows you to save movies in the Movie Library.

5. FAQs of Tubi

Is Tubi legal and free?

Tubi is not only legal, but it is free as well. It is one of the recognizable things about Tubi, the movie streaming site online. Of course, some contents are free, and it does not ask the users to pay using their credit card. But signing up for them is already okay. Just provide your email and password.

Is the Super Bowl on Tubi?

Yes, you can see that by searching Super Bowl on the Search Bar. After that, all the results will follow. It is all about the challenges and success of a person. It could be along the line of music, sports, devotion, politics, and more.

Does Tubi have live TV?

As we search it, Tubi offers live Tubi TV channels in terms of news, sports, and entertainment, including NBC News, ABC News, People TV, New Now, etc. In other words, it provides live local, new feeds from different countries.


After knowing the Tubi TV, do you consider using it to watch movies and TV shows? We hope that you do. If not, you can refer to the top 3 alternatives stated above. Furthermore, we appreciate you for staying with us until this part, and we will see you again on our next upload!

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