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Best 7 123Movies Alternatives: Enjoy Free Movies and Videos

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

There are many benefits you can get from watching movies. You can learn a lesson, you will have the knowledge, and aside from that, you can reduce stress, become creative, bring family bonding, and many more. We have 123Movies here, and it is a movie site that was well-known before. However, it was taken down a year ago.

How can we watch movies and fulfill our goals? Well, you are lucky enough because, in this article review, we are introducing to you the 123Movies alternatives you can use as a new movie site. For that reason, you can enjoy watching movies for free. You can start reading now!

123Movies Alternatives
1. Overview of 123Movies 2 . Top 7 Alternatives to 123Movies 3. FAQs of 123Movies

1. Overview of 123Movies

What is 123Movies?

Price: Free

Platform: Online

Overall Rating: 4

123Moviesis an online movie site where you can stream your favorite movies. It offers 123Movies Halloween, shows, actions, drama, comedy, or whatever genre you like to watch. The good thing about this website is it also offers Full HD Quality for free. Also, you will not consume your time because it has a Category such as Movies and TV Shows.

However, based on our research about 123Movies, it was taken down a year ago. We wrote this review article for the top seven movie sites alternatives for 123Movie. But before that, you may look at its other details, and after that, you can read the seven movie site alternatives for 123Movies.

It offers subtitles in many languages.
It also offers Full HD Quality.
It is a free website.
It provides new and different kinds of movies.
The Ads are popping up everywhere. Also, if you click it sometimes, it will proceed you to another window that does not relate to what you expect.
To get rid of the Ads, you must sign up and become a VIP user first.
It is not advisable for kids.
It does not offer a series.
Its Ads are not appropriate.

Latest Movies on 123Movies

◆ Minions: The Rise of Gru

◆ Top Gun: Maverick

◆ Black Widow

◆ Black Adam

◆ The Black Phone

◆ DC League of Super Pets

◆ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

◆ We Wish You a Married Christmas

◆ Thor: Love and Thunder

Furthermore, websites or sites like 123Movies are free to use. However, we are not here to teach show users how to download 123Movies. But we are writing this article to review the 123Movies app and official website to show you its features, advantages, disadvantages, and more.

2. Top 7 Alternatives to 123Movies


123movies Alternatives Yidio
It lets you find a free movie using the Web browser.
It offers many unique filtering options.
It lets you use it for free, rent, buy, and avail of the subscription.
The movies are sorted by popularity and the Date Added.
Some files are being streamed on other websites.
Some incorrect movie labels are paid as free.
The movies are DVD quality.

Yidio is one of 123Movies alternatives, a website to stream numerous movies. It shows you different categories for choosing a movie or TV show. Like other movie sites, Yidio is included as a free movie site. In addition, Yidio helps you to find the free movies you want to watch online. Overall, it is an excellent site to use as an alternative to 123Movies free online movie streaming sites.


123movies Alternatives Tubi
It provides a high-quality and famous movie.
It offers numerous categories.
It lets you enable the subtitles you prefer while watching the movie.
It has a section just for kids or children.
It has a section just for kids or children.

Like 123Movies websites for free, Tubi also offers a free movie you can watch daily. It has an excellent user interface and gives you the feeling of browsing movies with paid movie sites. As mentioned above, it offers a lot of categories, such as Action, Comedy, Horror, Family Movies, Romance, etc.

In addition, Tubi allows you to find movies or shows on its Search Box, or you can simply browse on its Home. Furthermore, you can use your Gmail or Facebook account when registering with them. Or, create your Tubi email.


 123movies Alternatives Vudu
It has high quality.
It provides popular movies that include subtitles.
It offers free movies, and you can find them easily.
It lets you filter and sort movies in numerous ways.
It sells costly movies.
Signing up and registering with them is a must.

Vudu is another online movie site you can visit when you want to watch several movies. Therefore, it is another 123Movies alternative site, and unlike 123Movies, Vudu does not have numerous Ads. For that reason, it will not distract you while looking for a movie.

In addition, the unique part of Vudu is it allows you to Redeem and use Gift Cards. This means you can avail discounts once you decide to buy a movie. Furthermore, you can also rent a movie. Of course, it offers categories such as New Releases, Deals of the Week, Top 200 Movies, and more.


 123movies Alternatives Plex
All the movies it offers have subtitles.
It is always free to watch anytime.
It is device friendly and works worldwide.
It does not require you to create a user account.
It offers uninteresting genres.
It has lists of shows besides the movie. Therefore, it is distracting.

According to our research, Plex is another movie site like 123Movies that works. The advantages we like about Plex are; Plex works worldwide and it is suitable for several devices. It is compatible with Roku, AmazonFireTV, Android, Apple, Chromecast, Samsung, LG, and more.

Furthermore, upon signing up, you will have access to the following; Free Movies & TV, Features for All, Features for Plex Pros, Get the App, and Plex Pro Downloads. Moreover, it allows you to add your favorite movies to the Watchlist.


 123movies Alternatives Freevee
It has an uncluttered video player.
It offers free movies and TV shows, and you can browse them easily.
It offers subtitles for every movie, even in different languages.
It required user accounts like Gmail or Facebook accounts.
It has long Ads while watching movies.
It has a small collection.
Its Search Bar is not helpful sometimes.
It is for United States users only.

One more alternative to 123Movies is FreeVee. You will notice it is from Prime Video and a famous movie site. It allows you to go to its Home to browse free movies, a Store to buy movies, and Channel to watch TV Shows. In addition, you can browse its Categories. It also offers Deals.

Furthermore, subtitles are very helpful, especially if you do not understand the language of the movie. Since FreeVee provides subtitles, you can use its many available subtitles to understand the movie well and enjoy it until the end. However, the disadvantage of FreeVee is it only works in the United States.


123movies Alternatives iFlix
It offers a lot of subtitles.
It also offers a lot of series and movies.
It has many categories as well.
It lets you download the app using their QR code online.
It requires signing up using Gmail and Facebook accounts.

iFlix is a well-known movie site that offers free movies and series. In addition, it provides various categories, such as Shows You Might Like, WeTV Hot, Today’s New Episodes, Filipino, Trending C-Dramas, Mini Series, Recommended Shows, Recommended Movies, and much more.

Overall, we can consider iFlix as a 123Movies alternative since iFlix does not have Ads. For that reason, you can enjoy watching movies, series, etc., without hesitation. Another unique thing about iFlix is it provides a schedule on its official page with different series and movies.


123Movies Alternatives YouTube
Real viewers or watchers rate the movies.
It lets you leave comments after watching the movie or series.
It has easy to scroll lists.
It provides subtitles in most movies.
Most of the movies are not in HD quality.
Sometimes, films are taken down without notice,
It does not allow you to filter results by genre.

Yes, YouTube offers everything. That is why it is considered one of the alternatives for 123Movies. Online 123Movies, YouTube only provides Ads while watching movies if you are not subscribed yet. But 123Movies has Ads everywhere.

Moreover, you can browse several movies or browse the movies you purchased. It also provides categories such as Recommended Movies For You, Top Selling, New To Rent, Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Music, and more.

3 . FAQs of 123Movies

Is 123Movies safe to watch as a movie site?

123Movies became popular before. However, it was taken down last March 2018 because of the inappropriate Ads popping out everywhere. We can conclude that 123Movies is not safe to use, especially for your generation, because it offers malicious Ads and content.

Is 123Movies legal or illegal to use as a movie website?

123Movies is illegal in many cases. We know that every country or region has a standpoint on copyrighted content. That is why we recommend you check your country’s rules first before visiting sites like 123Movies. Also, we do not recommend you download movies using 123Movies.

What is 123Movies new website? Is there any?

After 123Movies was taken down in the year of 2018, there is no website for 123Movies available for now. Moreover, according to our research, the last name of 123Movies is GoMovies. In addition, if there are any. You must go to the original site using a VPN to access and keep yourself safe from government inquiry.


After becoming aware of the seven 123Movies alternatives, namely, Yideo, Tubi, Vudu, Plex, FreeVee, iFlix, and YouTube, we can conclude that these 7 movie sites are way better than 123Movies. But before trying them one by one, you must become aware of your country’s terms and conditions. Overall, after knowing their pros, cons, and features, you can start watching movies using the movie sites mentioned above. We will see you again on our next review upload. Please stay updated!

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