Mirror Android to Fire Stick- Wired and Wireless Method with Best 7 Apps

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Have you ever wanted a larger screen on which to play your favorite mobile games or view those hilarious cat videos? Well, stop worrying! Mirror Android to Fire Stick is easy with this guide, which demonstrates both wired and wireless techniques. Cannot access Wi-Fi? Not a problem! We'll demonstrate how to make a cable connection. Concerned about the fit? Do not panic! We'll also reveal the best seven apps that are compatible with the majority of devices and improve your mirroring experience. Prepare to give up your tiny phone screen and welcome the coziness of your couch. You can quickly enjoy your favorite phone material on the big screen. Just mirror your Android phone to Fire Stick with this instruction!

Mirror From Android to Fire Stick

Part 1. How to Mirror Phone to Fire Stick

How do you mirror from Android to Fire Stick? With the help of this tutorial, you will be able to mirror your Android screen to Amazon Fire Stick to view your phone's content. Imagine using your phone to do all of the following but with a bigger view: browse the web, play games, watch movies or share presentations. This mirrored feat can be accomplished in two major ways: the dependable wired method using a cable or the easy wireless one utilizing Wi-Fi.

Option 1. USB/ HDMI Cable

Screen mirror Android to Fire Stick over Wi-Fi is convenient. However, wired mirroring with a USB cable provides a more reliable connection. It is especially useful when playing games, streaming movies, or sharing presentations when there is erratic Wi-Fi. It also helps to minimize latency. It is how wired mirroring is accomplished:


Turn on Screen Mirroring on your Amazon Fire Stick. Click the Fire Stick setting, pick Sound and Display, and turn on Display Mirroring.

Select Display Mirroring

Navigate to Settings, go to connected devices, and select Cast or Screen mirroring on an Android device. From the list, choose your Fire Stick device. After selecting your Fire Stick device from the list, tap Screen Mirroring.

Enable Screen Mirroring

Your TV connected to Fire Stick should display the screen of your phone once it is connected.

You might want extra hardware. For example, a USB-C to HDMI adapter for Android phones or a Lightning to HDMI adapter for iPhones. However, some smartphones might need help to mirror their screens to the FireStick with a cable, even with these adapters.

Option 2. Wireless Wi-Fi

You only need to consider Wi-Fi mirroring! Discover how to wirelessly mirror Android phone to Fire TV stick by the help of a third-party app, AirScreen, that supports casting. We'll walk you through setting up a Wi-Fi connection between the two devices and turning on Android phone mirroring. Prepare to turn your living room into a central location for entertainment, all without a cable!


Use your Fire TV stick to launch AirScreen. From your Firestick's Apps area, launch the AirScreen app.

Open Airscreen App

Navigate to Settings, select Connected devices, and then Cast or Screen mirroring on an Android device. From the selection, choose AirScreen.

Toggle Screen Mirroring

After choosing AirScreen on your phone, your Firestick will prompt you. It will request authorization before connecting.To begin mirroring the screen of your phone onto the TV connected to your Firestick, select Allow.

Part 2. Best 7 Apps to Mirror Android to FireStick

Want to view your Android content on a larger screen? The best applications to enhance your Fire Stick casting are revealed in this article. Put aside simple mirroring! We contrast features. These include better device compatibility, screen recording, on-screen controls, and presentation sketching tools. Discover the best app to mirror Android to FireStick. It should fit your needs and turn your phone into a casting powerhouse for FireSticks!

Best 7 App to mirror Android to FireStick

  • Feature
  • Primary Focus
  • Fire Stick Compatibility
  • Additional Features
  • Free Version Features
  • User Interface
  • Price
Aiseesoft Phone Mirror AirScreen AirBeamTV AirDroid Cast LetsView ApowerMirror Miracast
Multi-featured Mirroring Multi-featured Mirroring Multi-featured Mirroring Mirroring & File Transfer Mirroring & Recording Multi-featured Mirroring Basic Mirroring
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Screen Recording, Whiteboard, Cast to PC Multi-device Mirroring, Cast Photos & Music Cast to Multiple Devices, Cloud Recording File Transfer, Music Management Screen Recording, Whiteboard Screen Recording, Whiteboard, Gamepad Controls N/A
Basic Mirroring, Limited Recording Time Basic Mirroring, Limited Features Basic Mirroring, Ads Basic Mirroring, Limited File Transfer Basic Mirroring, Limited Recording Time Basic Mirroring, Limited Recording Time Basic Mirroring
Clean & Intuitive Modern & User-friendly Modern & Feature-rich Modern & User-friendly Simple & Clean Feature-rich Might have a learning curve Simple
Paid Freemium (in-app purchases for premium features) Freemium (in-app purchases for premium features) Freemium (in-app purchases for premium features & no ads) Freemium (in-app purchases for extended recording & features) Freemium (in-app purchases for premium features & no ads) Free

Things to consider:

◆ Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is a paid service. But, it offers more than free apps.

◆ Beyond simply FireSticks, AirScreen enables casting to several devices at once, including PCs.

◆ Cloud recording features are available in the premium version of AirBeamTV.

◆ In addition to mirroring, AirDroid Cast lets you control files and music on your phone from your PC.

◆ Miracast provides basic mirroring. You may need extra setup, depending on your device.

Choosing the Right App:

◆ Basic Mirroring: Miracast is a decent option.

◆ Use a whiteboard for presentations or recording mirrored content. Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, LetsView, and ApowerMirror are excellent choices.

◆ These apps are for customers who need gamepad controls, cloud recording, or multi-device casting. You can get Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, AirScreen, AirBeamTV, and ApowerMirror.

◆ File Transfer: AirDroid Cast is perfect if you also need to transfer files between your computer and phone.

Consider your needs. Also, consider the requested features. When picking the best screen mirroring program, do this for your Android phone and Fire Stick.

Part 3. FAQs about Mirror Android to FireStick

Can you mirror Android to Fire Stick?

Indeed! With built-in capabilities, you may mirror your Android phone to the Fire Stick wirelessly. Alternatively, for a more reliable connection, utilize a cable. Your mirroring experience can also be improved by apps with features like on-screen controls and recording.

What advantages may mirrored apps offer?

• Compatible with more devices than only Fire Sticks.
• Take a screenshot of your mirrored screen for later use.
• Use the TV's mirroring feature to navigate your phone easily.
• A few programs include gamepad controls, whiteboards, and annotation tools.

Which well-known mirroring programs are there, and what features do they have available?

• LetsView: This basic mirroring tool
• Rich in features, Aiseesoft Phone Mirror can record your screen act as a whiteboard for presentations, and it is clean and intuitive.
• AirScreen: Casts to several devices at once, not just Fire Sticks but also PCs.
AirDroid Cast: Integrates file sharing, music management, and mirroring features.


You can enjoy the material on a larger screen by mirroring your Android handset to a Firestick. By reading this article, users will learn how to mirror Android to Fire Stick. They will do this with wired or wireless methods and with apps. The apps include Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, AirScreen, AirBeamTV, AirDroid Cast, LetsView, ApowerMirror, and Miracast. These apps come with a variety of features and functionalities to suit different user needs and preferences. You may use Firestick for presentations, gaming, or streaming media. These mirroring apps offer reliable ways to improve your big-screen viewing.

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