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AirDroid Review: Best Phone Mirror and Remote Controller

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Jan 02, 2024Screen Mirror

There is a lot on your mind regarding phone screen mirroring software. In this article review, allow us to help you know the software that can help you transfer files, screen mirror your mobile device, and back up your files on your mobile device and PC. Is that possible? Yes! With AirDroid, you can do all of that! Do not waste time now; read this review article until the end, and we will not disappoint you with our content!

AirDroid Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is AirDroid? 3. AirDroid Review 4. FAQs of AirDroid 5. Alternative - Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

1. Our Verdict

It is manageable to use.
It has a simple user interface.
It offers free local casting.
Remote control.
It is easy and quick to connect your device and your PC.
It provides tutorial gestures.
AirDroid log-in using your email account is a must.
It requires you to download the AirDroid App before using the software.
It has 200MB storage only.

Overall Ratings

8.6 Overall




2. What is AirDroid?

Best for: To manage your files and remotely control your devices, files, and SMS notifications.

Price: AirDroid Personal price starts at $3.99 a month, AirDroid Casting starts at $2.49 a month, AirDroid Remote Support starts at $2.49 a month, and AirDroid Business starts at $12.00.

Platform: For computers: AirDroid Web, Mac, and Windows. For Mobile: Android and iOS.

Main Features

AirDroid is a screen mirror application that can help you remotely control your files on your phone. What can you do about it? AirDroid allows you to connect your mobile device to your PC by downloading the App on your mobile device and your PC.

The best part about AirDroid is it offers free local casting. However, if you do not want the free version, this software has AirDroid Premium that you can purchase for a small amount. Yes, that is right, it is a Premium account, yet the price is reasonable.

So, what can you do about it? Below, we will list the features of AirDroid, and please read them one by one because you will need and love them. See them now:

> It offers a free 200MB remote data quota.

> Its file management allows you to upload a single file using a remote connection.

> It enables you to transfer your files from mobile to computer.

> It also allows you to control your files, SMS, etc., fully.

> It can mirror your mobile device.

> It has one-way audio that lets you listen to your surroundings using a mobile phone.

> It can mirror your mobile phone notifications.

> AirDroid can control your mobile phones like Android and iOS devices.

> It can show you your call history and contact.

3. AirDroid Review


Airdroid Interface

As we mentioned above, AirDroid has a simple user interface. We want to appreciate its simplicity, especially with its color. AirDroid uses yellow-green, white, and dark gray colors on its interface. It looks simple and clean.

Moreover, after you launch AirDroid, you will automatically see your Account. You will also see your Account name in the upper middle of the interface, including the Remote Data Quota. On the left side, which is dark gray, you will see the icons: AirDroid File Transfer, Files, Remote Control, Notifications, SMS, Call History, Contact, Feedback, and Settings.

Overall, you do not need to become techy to use AirDroid, which fits all users. You can use this even if you are a beginner user, professional, or student, or even if you are doing business.

File Transfer

Airdroid File Transfer

AirDroid allows you to transfer your files using three ways. You can wirelessly transfer your files from PC and mobile. You can also use the Nearby Share option. Most users like you to transfer the files from PC to mobile phone because you want to keep the file on a small screen.

On the other hand, when your mobile phone is full-on storage, and you cannot store so many files on your mobile phone, you will use software like AirDroid to transfer your files from your mobile phone to your PC. Supposing you need to transfer an important file with your co-worker, you can use the Nearby Share option.

With the QR code from AirDroid, you can transfer your files from PC to mobile phone, mobile phone to PC, and anyone wirelessly! Great, right? Furthermore, you can see that feature on the left side of the interface.

Before transferring your files, ensure that the AirDroid app is already downloaded on your mobile phone and your PC.

AirDroid Screen Mirror

Airdroid Screen Mirror

You are reading this article now because you need a screen mirror. Well, of course, AirDroid can do that for you! In addition, you need a screen mirror because you need a big screen for your mobile device.

To start the screen mirroring process, you will see the Remote Control on the left side corner, find the screen mirroring, and start mirroring your mobile device. AirDroid makes it easier for all the users to screen mirror their phone safely and hassle-free! What are you waiting for? After reading this review article, you can freely try AirDroid software!

Backup your Files

Airdroid Backup your Files

What are the reasons why you will backup your files? First, you must back up your files when you reformat or restore your phone or PC. Second, you need to back up your files when you buy a new mobile phone or PC and transfer the files to the new one.

Since you downloaded AirDroid to your mobile device and PC, you can backup your mobile phone and PC. You can back up not only your files but also it can backup all your photos, videos, and contacts on your Android phone and computer.

But before you continue in the backup process, you need to ensure that your Android phone and your PC are not connected on the same network to back up the files. Or else, problems may occur. That is why you need to double-check everything to enter the process when it comes to technical processes.

4. FAQs of AirDroid

What is the difference between Local Connection Mode and Remote Connection Mode on AirDroid?

Regarding the Local Connection Mode, your mobile device and computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi or internet. The connection status will show you that the mobile device is connected in LAN Connection Mode.
On the other hand, in Remote Connection Mode, your mobile device and PC are not connected to the same network.

Is AirDroid safe to use?

Of course, AirDroid respects your privacy. In addition, it values the trust you gave them when you place an order and share some of your data for registration purposes. In addition, do not worry about anything because using AirDroid will ensure your safety while using the software.

Can I use AirDroid for my files from my company?

Unfortunately, AirDroid is for personal use only. However, if you desire to use it for your company, you can purchase the AirDroid Business version.

5. Alternative - Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Alternative - Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

AirDroid VS Aiseesoft Phone Mirror
Price starts at $29.9 Price Price starts at $15.96
Windows, Mac Platform Windows, Mac
9.0 Interface 9.8
9.0 Safety 9.5
8.5 Quality 9.0
9.0 Features 9.5
Realt-time recording
Remote control

We know that you appreciate AirDroid. However, Aiseesoft Phone Mirror excels again. Furthermore, we have an article review about Aiseesoft Phone Mirror. You can read it as well.

Free Download


To end, by entirely reading this article review, we are now aware of the subscriptions, functions, features, and platform of AirDroid. You can decide to download it or not based on your needs! See you again in our next review article!

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