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Top 7 Roku Screen Mirroring Apps for Android

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Movie dates are mainstream nowadays. This activity is possible with different mediums, such as the internet and television. In line with that, Roku is an American company that has been providing a seamless fantastic TV viewing experience since its launch in 2008, when it collaborated with Netflix. As we all know, Netflix is among the most infamous online streaming applications for movies, alongside Amazon and HBO. Roku allows you to access the most acceptable content from various online platforms such as Netflix, HBO, and others.

Furthermore, are you aware that you can use Roku to mirror your Android devices with ease? For that, see this post because this article will present you with seven of the best Screen mirroring apps for Android to Roku TV. Please meet Google Home, LetsView, Android's Screen Mirroring Feature, Screen Mirroring - TV Cast, MirrorMeister, Smart View Cast, and AirPlay.

Best Screen Mirroring App for Android to Roku
1. Best 7 Roku Screen Mirroring Android 2. Comparison Chart for Best Roku Screen Mirroring Android 3. FAQs about Best Roku Screen Mirroring Android

1. Best 7 Roku Screen Mirroring Android

Google Home Cast

Platforms: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Overall Rating:
Video can be cast to your TV.
Audio can be cast to multiple devices.
The sound quality is quite good.
Not all regions have access to all features and firmware updates.
GH lacks the capabilities of the Amazon Echo.
There is no audio out port.
Google Home


Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS

Price: Free

Overall Rating:

The second on the list is the fantastic LetsView. It's a versatile all-in-one app that allows you to record, take screenshots, and mirror the Screen simultaneously. Many users are skeptical about the app's efficiency and dependability because it is new to the market. Still, we can ensure you that it is one of the best casting apps for Android to Roku and should be used for the amazon movie experience. This app's video and audio quality are unparalleled and incomparable too.

LetsView Interface
The tool is entirely free to download and use.
It is completely risk-free for use.
The quality does not improve when mirroring the phone to a PC or TV.
Occasionally, the software lags.
It disconnects without disconnecting itself.

Android’s Screen Mirroring Feature

Platforms: Android

Price: Free

Overall Rating:

Another best app for Roku is the fantastic Android Screen Mirroring Feature, which is available only to Android users. This feature allows you to easily cast your Android phone to Roku TV as long as the casting components work on Android and TV.

Androids Screen Mirroring Feature to Roku
It is a specific casting feature.
There is no need to install applications.
The features are minimal.
Its compatibility is limited to Android.

Screen Mirroring - TV Cast

Platforms: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Overall Rating:

As we proceed with the fourth application, we have Screen Mirroring- TV Cast. This tool is a high-quality screen mirroring with no lag or zero delays. In addition, this tool possesses no setup. However, Hardware upgrades are required as we use the app with incredible outcomes. Moreover, it is the most straightforward mirror app for sharing your iPhone or Android screen in high quality without delay on Roku TV.

Screen Mirroring TV Cast
It is suitable for novice users.
The app possesses legit features.
Some complications occur sometimes.


Platforms: iOS and Android

Price: $4.99

Overall Rating:

The expert recommends the following application for mirroring Android to Roku TV. This application that Professionals can use. MirrorMeister exists for project presentations from their Mac, Android, or iOS to a Roku TV for all of their coworkers to see. It's an excellent way to improve the effectiveness of a meeting or a work presentation.

Simple to use
Simple to set up
The trial period is available.
Excellent Customer Service
Cast preferred online video content
It can mirror apps and games.
Lag may occur when playing graphically intensive games.
A subscription is a must for all features.

Smart View Cast

Platforms: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Overall Rating:

Through the use of Smart View Cast, you can now enjoy your costumizable Smart Hub moements on your Android phonevor tablet with all the benefits of touch, thanks to the all-new Smart View app. Explore more of your favorite live TV and streaming apps. Most especially in casting movies from Android to Roku TV with high-quality playback. Those simple reasons are a significant factor why many Android users choose Smart View Cast applications to mirror on their Roku TV.

Smart View Cast
It has high-quality playback.
Smooth process of features.
The application is limited.


Platforms: iOS, macOS, and Android

Price: Free

Overall Rating:

If you use Apple's AirPlay feature to watch videos or listen to music from your iPhone or iPad on your Mac, why not do the same on your Roku TV? Everything you can AirPlay from one Apple device to another is also available on your Roku TV. You can easily browse family photos on your iPhone and Android, listen to music, or watch a TV show on your Mac.

Airplay Mirroring
The lossless compression method is used.
Audio support for multiple rooms
It supports iOS professional features.
It is not permitted to stream different music to different rooms.
It is not allowed to use a time capsule or networked storage.

2. Comparison Chart for Best Roku Screen Mirroring Android

Platform Price Money Back Guarantee Customer Support Easy-to-use Interface Features Smooth and Quality Main Features
Android and iOS Free Not Applicable 9.4 9.2 9.0 9.3 Super-smooth with high-quality visuals Google assistant.
Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS Free Not Applicable 9.4 9.2 9.0 9.3 Super-smooth with high-quality visuals Mirror the screens of your iOS and Android devices.
It allows you to record while screen mirroring.
iOS and Android Free Not Applicable 8.9 8.8 8.8 8.7 Smooth and high-quality elements There is no data shown.
iOS and Android Free Not Applicable 8.6 8.5 8.7 8.6 Smooth and high-quality elements Various TVs are supported.
The web-video casts are fixed.
iOS and Android $4.99 30-day Money Back Guarantee 8.9 8.8 8.8 8.9 Smooth and high-quality elements Mirror macOS to Roku TV.
Windows, macOS, iOS, Android Free Not Applicable 8.9 8.8 8.8 8.9 Smooth and high-quality elements Cats photos and videos from the camera roll.
Dropbox and google drive supported.
Queue playing is available.
iOS, macOS, and Android Free Not Applicable 8.7 8.9 8.8 8.8 Smooth and high-quality elements AirPlay is used for media files such as photos, videos, and music.
Printing documents with AirPlay (AirPrint)

3. FAQs about Best Roku Screen Mirroring Android

Why am I unable to connect my Android phone to a Roku TV?

It does happen on occasion. After a while: Restart your Roku tv and try to connect and screen your Android phone on the Roku tv using one of the abovementioned apps. Exit the Roku app on the Roku tv or switch to another Roku TV. If the issue persists, contact Roku's technical support team.

Why isn't my Roku screen mirroring, although I have a screen mirroring app?

The issue is that you may not have enabled Screen mirroring on your Roku tv. However, casting your mobile device on Roku is not required for all apps; however, it is necessary for some, such as Google Home, LetsView, and others. You can cast your mobile device without enabling Screen mirroring on Roku by using the Anydesk app. Screen mirroring is not required as a prerequisite for launching your mobile phone on Roku TV.

How do I connect my Android phone to my Roku TV without WiFi?

To connect Android to Roku without WiFi, navigate to Settings to find System. From there, see the Screen mirroring Mode. Please, never allow it on your Roku TV. Next, navigate to Screen mirroring devices and grab your phone. See if it works.


In this post, we look at many apps. Also, we discuss some of their key features and how to download these apps and use them to cast our mobile device to Roku. Now, please use great applications to mirror Android to Roku with ease. For more details, visit our site.

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