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Reviewing 7 Best Android Screencast App for Big-screen Playback of Media Files

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Screen Mirror

The infamous operating system for smartphones, TVs, and other gadgets is Android. The Android platform's functionality and compatibility have inspired app developers to make kinetic and proactive apps for a wide range of android users. The app store offers various app categories, but the screencast app is the most recent and has become mainstream among users. Through Android screen mirror apps, users can now remotely cast the screen of one device on another, like a TV and PC.

If you want an Android cast app, then you must download a screen mirror app from the Google Play Store if you're going to mirror the Android phone's screen on your TV or computer. Many screens mirroring apps for Android are available to cast phone to PC or mobile to TV. In line with that, seven of these applications are Roku Cast App, Mirroring360, Plex, MediaMonkey, Netflix, Spotify, and 5k Player. Let us review what they can give.

Best Cast App Android
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Our Top Picks

Roku Cast App

Price: Free

Platforms: Android and iOS

Overall Rating:

The fantastic Roku Cast app is the first on the list of the best casting apps for Android. Through this tool, you can stream photos, music, and videos from your Android device to your TV using the Roku Cast, cast for All device, for a great experience of viewing your files on a larger screen. You can cast using AllCast to Kindle Fire TV, Google Cast, AppleTV, WDTV, and more.

Roku Cast App
The tool is budget-friendly.
It supports various casting technologies.
It possesses high-quality hardware.
Some versions are limited.
Other features are confusing.


Price: Free

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS

Overall Rating:

The screen mirror app for Android to TV called Mirroring360 beams your Android screen to your Windows PC, Mac, Fire TV Stick, and all other Android devices. The app's ability to display apps and games exactly as you see them on your phone's screen is one of its good features. It is also popular because users can easily share or view their screens using Mirroring360. Additionally, this app can wirelessly connect with up to 40 participants across multiple locations. That indicates that this tool's adaptable support allows a production unit to benefit.

The app is simple to use.
It can connect to a variety of gadgets.
The screens of phones are suitable for screen recording.
Support for Android 5.0 or higher is necessary.
Only for a brief time is it free.


Price: $4.99

Platforms: Android and iOS

Overall Rating:

With Plex, you can access the server's contents from various devices, including Apple TV, smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, gaming consoles, smartphones, iPods, tablets, and more. Plex also serves as a free media server program that you can run on your Mac, PC, or NAS drive at home. Thanks to these two features, the Plex Media Server can easily manage and arrange your media files. Android users are fascinated with this, casting their screen to a larger screen.

Plex Cast Android
Access to perfectly legal movies and TV shows is available through Plex.
What's best is that everything is free.
A few ads will appear here and there.


Price: Free

Platforms: Windows and Android

Overall Rating:

MediaMonkey, a free media player, can handle any file format you can throw at it. It's a powerful device made to handle collections with tens of thousands of videos and audio tracks with ease. In addition, this tool is a great way to cast your favorite movie from your Android device. Using this, we can see an excellent playback that can bring us a wonderful experience of watching. No wonder why it belongs to the list of the best cast apps for Android.

It can handle more than 50,000 files.
Be used as a UPnP/DLNA device's home media server.
The best options are auto-tagging and auto-conversion.
Without your consent, it might alter how your files are associated.
It will take a few time to get used to the user interface.


Price: $9.00

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and more

Overall Rating:

Users with a Netflix subscription can watch movies and TV shows on any internet-connected device without being interrupted by advertisements. In addition, downloading TV shows and movies to your iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device and watching them offline is possible. Under this, it offers a feature casting tool where we can cast our Android to a smart TV for a bigger screen and manage the playback using your phone. However, it will only be available if your account is both logged-in into the devices you are using.

Netflix Cast Movie
High-quality playback.
Professional tools are available.
No bugs are present.
Subscription is a must.
accounts on both devices should be done.


Price: $9.99

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, macOs, and more

Overall Rating:

Thanks to Spotify, online music streaming and podcast listening are both legal options. The business obtains music licensing for its sizable music library from major and independent record labels. It pays the rights holders an undisclosed sum depending on how often a track is heard. In addition, With Chromecast and Google's Home, you can use voice commands to cast Spotify and other streaming music services to your home audio system. This feature will help us efficiently manage the listening moment from your Android to a device with louder sound hardware.

Spotify Cast Icon
It has millions of pieces of music.
The casting is very smooth.
Subscription is a requirement to use it.
An account is a must.


Price: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

Overall Rating:

Although 5KPlayer for Android is currently unavailable for free download and installation on Android devices, 5KPlayer can still be used to access various online videos and music for playback on 5K video player for Android. The casting process using these tools is straightforward. That is why many users like to use it.

5kPlayer Cast Android
Smooth playback of clips.
Streaming movies online is available.
The tool is laggy and possesses bugs.

2. Comparison Chart about Best 7 Cast App Android

Platform Price Money Back Guarantee Customer Support Easy-to-use Interface Features Smooth and Quality Main Features
Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS $399 30-day Money Back Guarantee 9.4 9.2 9.0 9.3 Super-smooth with high-quality visuals Casting a stable smartphone display to a large TV, Quick and easy connection with one click
Casting the mobile game to a large-screen television, Cast to TV, Twitch, YouTube, and BIGO LIVE live video
Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac Free Not Applicable 9.0 8.9 8.5 9.2 Smooth and high-quality elements Screencasting wirelessly
Multiple devices support.
iOS and Android $4.99 30-day Money Back Guarantee 8.9 8.8 8.8 8.7 Smooth and high-quality elements DVR and live TV. Mobile Downloads & Sync.
High-End Musical Features. Exclusive Photo Collections.
Windows and Android Free Not Applicable 8.6 8.5 8.7 8.6 Smooth and high-quality elements Custom collections. Coumizaton is auto-conversion.
Android, iOS, Windows, macOs, and more $9.00 Cancelation is available. 8.9 8.8 8.8 8.9 Smooth and high-quality elements Stream movies and series with full HD quality.
Legal site to watch.
Android, iOS, Windows, macOs, and more $9.99 Cancelation is available. 8.9 8.8 8.8 8.9 Smooth and high-quality elements Stream millions of music with high-quality sound technology.
Download music instantly.
Android, iOS, Windows and macOS Free Not Applicable 8.7 8.9 8.8 8.8 Smooth and high-quality elements Play moves.
Stream online movies.

3. FAQs about Best 7 Cast App Android

From which devices can I cast content from an Android app?

The app supports most streaming devices, including gaming consoles, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, DLNA, Chromecast, Roku, and more. The app is relatively easy to use. Open the app, choose the device you want to cast to, and choose the media you want to cast.

Which software can I use to mirror my Android device to my Apple TV?

If you need to mirror Android to your Apple TV for free, you can also use the screen mirroring app LetsView. In addition, you can use this tool to mirror a PC to Apple TV, but you'll also must have a PC and an HDMI cable to get started.

How do I cast the screen of my Android device to my Chromecast?

Ensure your mobile phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast device before attempting to cast your screen from an Android device. Launch the Google Home application. You can cast your screen on a device by tapping it. Hit Cast my screen to do so.


Those are the seven incredible applications on Android that will enable us to cast different files like movies and music. Please consider their features and description before you choose. You can also share this post if you know someone who needs it too.

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