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Snapchat Text and Emojis: A Guide To Their Usage and Meaning

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Nov 20, 2023Social Media

Unlike the usual use of text and emojis on other social media platforms and messaging apps, all Snapchat text and emojis have their distinguishable purpose. From SFS to ASF for text and Yellow Heart to Teeth for emoji, understanding these Snapchat slang words and tools can be confusing for new users. So, if you ever wondered what the emoji sent to you through chat or the one that you can find behind the name of your contact means and what your friend is trying to convey with his or her short-term word, take a look at all of it in this article.

What Does A Text And Emoji Mean on Snapchat
Part 1. What Do The Emojis on Snapchat Mean? Part 2. What Do The Snapchat Texts Mean? Part 3. FAQs about What Does A Text And Emoji Mean on Snapchat

Part 1. What Do The Emojis on Snapchat Mean?

Emojis play a crucial role in Snapchat as they represent the hierarchy, friendship, and connection between users. These symbols are essential to the platform's success and indicate that your Snapchat vibe is on point. With various emojis next to the usernames of people you interact with, it can be confusing to decipher their meaning.

Let’s look at the emojis you’ll see on Snapchat and what they all mean.

Emoji Photo Meaning
Yellow Heart Yellow Heart Shows when you are top best friends with another user.
Red heart Red heart Shows when you have been each other’s #1 best friend for two weeks straight.
Purple circle Purple circle Indicates that you have been added to someone’s private story.
Smiley face Smiley face Shows next to a user when you are one of their top best friends.
Hourglass Hourglass This signifies a Snapstreak is about to end.
X X It means that the person has unfriended you or you haven’t accepted their friend request yet.
Streak Streak It counts how many consecutive days two people have been sending Snaps to each other.
Eye emoji Eye emoji It indicates that your friends have rewatched a given Story you’ve posted.
Pink hearts Pink hearts It is shown when you have been best friends with a user for two months.
Cool emoji Cool emoji It indicates one of your best friends is also one of theirs.
Fire emoji Fire emoji It shows a Snapstreak of at least three days.
Blushing emoji Blushing emoji This shows that you send this person many snaps but not your number one best friend.
Robot emoji Robot emoji Someone feels like a tech nerd or embraces their inner robot personality.
Kiss emoji Kiss emoji Indicates a kiss, flirting, or emotion such as happiness or surprise.
Teeth emoji Teeth emoji Indicates that your number one best friend is also their number one best friend.

Part 2. What Do The Snapchat Texts Mean?

Like the Snapchat emojis, Snapchat texts or slang can be difficult to understand, with new acronyms constantly popping up. These acronyms are often used in conversations to express emotions or ideas quickly and concisely.

Here's a guide to help you out.

Meaning Description
Shoutout for Shoutout Content creators and fans use it to promote their content and receive shoutouts.
Snap Back Ask you to reply and keep a conversation going.
Age, Sex, and Location It means as a standalone question.
One True Pair/Pairing It comes from shipping within fandom culture.
Streak Expresses how many days together you’ve managed to send a picture or video back and forth with a specific friend.
Whatever That Means If someone seems frustrated by unclear instructions, confusing homework, or vague comments.
For Sure Used to agree with someone, emphasize something, or confirm information.
Kill Myself It often expresses frustration, disgust, discomfort, or sadness.
No Funny Sh*t It simply represents being serious about something.
I Swear To God Used to express the seriousness of a situation or assure you’re not joking when sharing a surprising fact.
Swipe Up Using the swipe-up action, you can send a private message to the person whose story you are interacting with.
Hit Me Up Means contact me or get in touch with me.
Shaking My Head It conveys disappointment, disapproval, frustration, or impatience.
Friends With Benefits When two friends or acquaintances engage in casual sexual interactions but fail to develop a romantic or emotional bond.
I Miss You To express their longing or nostalgia towards someone or something.
On God Used to express honesty or sincerity in a statement.
Put Me On A phrase for introducing a person to someone (or something).
Go To Sleep When someone is tired or getting late, this term might be used in conversation.
How Are You If you want to know about someone’s well-being in a simple, friendly, and efficient way.
Where You At To find out where somebody is.
Answer The Phone Used when you need someone to pick up the phone urgently.
FaceTime An app for making video and voice calls online.
Hell Yes It means exactly what it says.
Yes It’s a casual way of saying you agree.
What’s Good Used to ask how somebody is doing.
What You On Used to ask somebody whether they have any plans that day.
Do Not Disturb Lets users silence notifications from specific people or groups without letting them know.
F*ck With You can use this to mean you like something.
Just Wondering Used to follow up on a question.
Good Night Streak Used to signal the end of the day’s interactions with a friend,
I Don’t Mind Used to tell someone you have no preference in a certain situation
Alright Satisfactory but not especially good.
Like My Recent Used to draw attention to a user’s most recent content.
Like My Status A status update is usually put in to get more interaction from friends.
Much Love Used as a statement of affection.
Oh My Lord Used to indicate that a person is shocked.
Opinions Used by people to mean opinions.
Swear To God Used to express extreme frustration.
What (Are) You Doing Find out what another person is up to.
As F*ck It means extremely so.

With your newfound understanding of Snapchat texts, you are now equipped to conquer the Snapchat world with confidence.

Part 3. FAQs about What Does A Text And Emoji Mean on Snapchat

What do emoji symbols mean?

Emojis are pictures that represent different human emotions, living things, objects, and even some symbols. They can be used virtually in any casual style of communication on the internet. These include text messaging, social networking platforms, and much more.

What are the different types of messages on Snapchat?

A red arrow with a white interior indicates that the recipient of the snap you sent has opened it. A purple arrow with a white inside indicates that it was opened. A blue arrow with a white inside indicates that it was opened.

Does Snapchat have hidden messages?

Unfortunately, there are no options to hide chats on Snapchat. Although Snapchat allows you to remove or clear a specific chat that you wish to, your messages and media files will still be kept.

Why do people use Snapchat instead of texting?

It is doubtlessly more convenient to contact friends and family on Snapchat. The peer-to-peer chats and dials are easier and more engaging as you can be extra creative through snaps and various filters while you connect with them.

Do most people use Snapchat for sexting?

Although this has never been safe, sadly, a growing number of people are using Snapchat for sexts. Because of Snapchat's disappearing messages and AI filter features, it has become a go-to sexting app among its users. However, this normalization of sexting on Snapchat has now led to a whole host of not-so-great consequences.


Snapchat text and emojis are undeniably one of the tools that give life to our experience with the app. If you have been seeing a specific emoji next to the names of your friends and other Snapchat users and wondering what it signifies, you must have read their descriptions above to know all their meanings and become a certified Snapchat user. Starting from the yellow heart to the eyes emoji, including the different text abbreviations and their entire meaning, we took a glimpse at what every Snapchat text and emoji means in this article. Hopefully, as you read this whole blog, you will be able to use Snapchat emojis effectively and improve your communication skills through chat.

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