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2. Vudu Review
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Vudu Review: Stream Your Favorite Movie and TV Shows on All Platforms

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

Do you want to watch your preferred movies again? Without limitations, you can do that using Vudu; it is a movie streaming site that offers a movie by renting and buying them. In addition, it also offers free movies with many categories. We know that you have any queries about Vudu, which is why this review post is for you; you will learn almost everything about Vudu, and we are sure about it. To confirm that, you can start reading now!

Vudu Review
1. Overview of Vudu 2. Vudu Review 3. FAQs of Vudu

1. Overview of Vudu

What is Vudu?

Price: Vudu itself is free. However, you can buy a specific movie or TV show from their website.

Platform: Online

Overall Rating:
It is free to stream movies.
It lets you rent and purchase new movie releases or blockbuster movies.
It provides helpful search filters on the Search Bar.
It lets you download movies to watch them offline.
It has 4K for selected titles.
Its user interface is on average rate only.
It has no original programming.
It does not allow you to watch free movies unless you sign up.
The Vudu activate account is difficult, especially in creating an account as well as signing in.

Aside from the advantages and disadvantages you obtain from Vudu, there are many you need to learn from this movie streaming site online. Again, Vudu itself is free. Nevertheless, some of the movies, episodes, or TV shows it offers are not. But the good news is Vudu lets you rent and purchase them.

In addition, Vudu is an Ad-supported movie streaming site. It is the reason why Vudu is accessible even if you do not log in to them because it contains too many Ads. Moreover, once you rent or buy movies, you will no longer experience Ads while watching the specific movie. But most movies are free; therefore, there is no need to worry about everything.

If you are going to compare Vudu with many famous streaming platforms, undoubtingly, Vudu is not that ideal. However, if you consider the price, Vudu will surely excel. As a user, who would not want to watch movies and TV shows for free, right? That is one of the advantages of Vudu.

Vudu New Releases Movies

In this part, we will discuss the Vudu new releases movies. After launching the Vudu official site below the movie Preview, you will see them. To see all the new releases movies, click the View All button on the right corner.

Vudu offers almost 300 new releases movies, and you can choose movies by Filters, which means you can choose a Genre, such as Action, Animation, Comedy, Crime and Thrillers, Horror, Kids and Family, Romance, and Sci-Fi. Please take a look at the Vudu movies below to have an idea of what to watch after reading this review article.

◆ See How They Run

◆ Three Thousand Years of Longing

◆ Don’t Worry Darling

◆ Batman and Superman: Battle of the super Sons

◆ Bullet Train

◆ Leagues of Super Pets

◆ Top Gun Maverick

◆ The Silent Twins

◆ Thor: Love and Thunder

◆ The Wolf and The Lion

◆ Where The Crawdads Sing

◆ Blade of the 47 Ronin

◆ Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

◆ Trick or Treat: Scooby Doo

◆ Mortal Kombat Legends

Vudu Review

Vudu Interface

Vudu Review Interface

Unlike other movie streaming sites, Vudu has an average user interface. What does it mean? Its interface is not as professional as you expect. Nevertheless, what is the importance of the interface of a movie streaming site? Is that really important, and do we need to consider it?

Well, it is unnecessary to consider it upon looking at a site to watch movies or TV shows. The most important thing is you will find a safe and legal movie site. However, an excellent interface will help to catch users to watch movies, especially if the site offers a Preview where they can watch the trailer of the movies.

While looking at the interface of Vudu, you will see the choice on the upper part, such as Movies, TV, Free, My Vudu, Gift Card, Redeem, Sign In, and Search icon. Below is the Preview of different kinds of movies, which you can also click to rent or buy a bundle of movies.

Scrolling down, you will see the Categories followed by the movies, such as New Releases, Deals of the Week, Top 200 Movies, Independent Cinema, Trending, Top 200 Television, Featured TV Seasons, and more. Overall, Vudu is organized in all the movies it offers.

Vudu Pricing

Many wonder how much is Vudu a month. As stated above, the Vudu streaming site is free. It offers free movies and TV; you can see the Free option in the upper corner of the interface. You can enjoy these Categories for free; Browse All Free Titles. New Releases, All-Time Movie Favorites, Hidden Games, Top TV Series, Most Watched Movies, and many more.

Furthermore, the Vudu subscription is based on the movies you will rent or buy. To rent or buy a movie, you must have a Vudu account and log in to Vudu. Take note; renting or buying a movie without an account is impossible.

In addition, Vudu offers a Gift Card and Redeem option. What are the Gift Cards? It is part of Vudu pricing; these are loadable cards in order to rent and buy movies online easily. Then, the Redeem option has two options; Redeem Digital Copy and Redeem Vudu Code. If you click the Redeem Digital Copy, you must enter the Redemption Code from Vudu, same with Redeem Vudu Code. If you have more inquiries, you can go to Vudu customer service.

Vudu Movie Quality

Vudu Review Vudu Quality

Who would not want high-quality movies and TV shows? Right? Quality is one thing we consider when looking for a streaming site. While reviewing Vudu, we discover that it offers only SD quality or Standard Quality on the Trailer. In addition, you do not have any options because it only offers Standard Quality.

Does it end there? Definitely not. Initially, Vudu allowed you to stream movies, series, or TV shows up to 1080p at 24 frames every second. Therefore, it is similar to HD titles using other devices. Of course, you will experience this once you rent or buy a TV show or a movie from them.

In other words, Vudu has limitations when it comes to its quality. You will only experience excellent quality if you pay for the movies you desire to watch. It is quite understandable because they want to be fair to those who exert money to watch the movie, rather than to those who are watching movies, series, or shows for free.

Vudu Managing Devices

Did you know that Vudu promises their service will be playable on almost all devices? Yes, you read it right. There is nothing wrong with it, and that is Vudu's advantage because anyone can access their site.

For Smart TVs, Vudu is compatible with Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony, and LG Blu-ray players. For streaming devices, it is also compatible with Chromecast, Roku, and TiVo. Where else? Vudu is suitable for Xbox, Playstation, and Android TV-based Nvidia Shield TV in video game consoles. In addition, you can also watch on your iOS and Android devices.

Lastly, on computers, it is also suitable for Windows and Mac. Suppose you want to watch a movie with a unique HD format, you will use the Edge or Safari browser. The sad thing is Vudu is not working with Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Vudu Downloads

After purchasing a movie, have you come up with this question, how to download Vudu movies after purchasing them? In that case, since you purchased the movie, series, or TV show, you can download the purchased movie, and you will appreciate the high quality. Again, after buying a movie, you can control the quality of a movie by spending on what you prefer.

Furthermore, the good thing about purchasing and downloading a movie is you can watch it again, as much as you like. You can click the Download and Watch Later button. Also, the downloading process will not take too much time. Overall, it is better to download a movie after purchasing it.

3. FAQs of Vudu

Is Vudu legit and safe to watch movies and TV shows?

Yes, Vudu is legit, and when it comes to its security, are you also secure? How can we say that? According to Vudu’s Privacy Policy, they maintain your technical, organizational, and physical safeguards. With that, they can help you protect the information that Vudu collects and uses. In other words, you can use Vudu safely.

Is Vudu free?

As we discussed above, Vudu’s entire site is free. Therefore, you can launch Vudu without limitations. However, most movies are needed to rent or buy in order to watch in full quality. In addition, Vudu offers free movies, but in Standard quality only.

Is Vudu down?

While reviewing Vudu, you can still open the entire streaming site. However, when we try to create an account, it is not working. We cannot even log in, but there are many multiple errors. Moreover, we cannot ultimately say that Vudu is down because it can still play trailers of movies and more.

Is there a Vudu refund?

Yes, there is. You can do that before the 14-day ends. However, it will not be as easy as you think. You must have a responsible reason to refund your money and request Vudu; your system requirement cannot support the content, your device is not authorized for playing Vudu platform content, and you have watched the movie until the last part. Still, you did not like the end, and so on. At least you have a valid reason to refund your money.


We are reviewing Vudu, the movie streaming site. We obtain the idea that it almost works on every platform. We also know its advantages and disadvantages. We also get an idea about their new release movies and can watch them, especially if you have free time. Overall, we appreciate your time reading this post review; till next time!

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