1. Overview of AZMovies
2. How to Download Movies from AZMovies
3. AZMovies Not Working
4. Top 3 Alternatives
5. FAQs

AZMovies: A Full Review with Top 3 Alternatives

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

Using AZMovies is fun, especially if you will watch TV shows and movies for free. In this review article, you will appreciate the entire AZMovies. In addition, you will learn how to download movies from the site, and you will encounter the top alternatives to AZMovies. If you want to learn more, continue reading now!

AZMovies Review

Table of contents

1. Overview of AZMovies 2. How to Download Movies from AZMovies 3. AZMovies Not Working 4. Top 3 Alternatives to AZMovies 5. FAQs of AZMovies

1. Overview of AZMovies

What is AZMovies?

Using AZMovies, free movies are possible. How can we say that? AZMovies is a free movie streaming online. It lets you watch TV shows and movies for free. For that reason, you do not need to pay anything to them. In addition, you can use AZMovies and watch online without limitations.

Moreover, we also notice no pop-up ads on its official movie site. But when you click anywhere on its official site, it is where it will direct you to the Ads window. Moving on, AZMovies has features that let you search for the stars and studio reviews. Therefore, there is no need to search using another website. Furthermore, we have so much to learn in this review, so it would be better if you read more below.

It has a simple user interface.
It offers the latest and most well-known movies.
All the movies are merged and not categorized.
It has limited categories to offer.
It needs to be clarified to play the movie.

Latest Movies of AZMovies

◆ Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

◆ The Last Manhunt

◆ Long Last Christmas

◆ Good Night OPPY

◆ Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge

◆ Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would

◆ Inventing the Christmas Price

◆ Ghost of Christmas Always

◆ The Wedding Veil Legacy

◆ Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over

◆ Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story

◆ The Lovebox in your Living Room

◆ Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me

◆ Silverlake Life: The View From Here

◆ The Flaming Lips of Space Bubble

AZMovies Interface

AZMovies Review User Interface

As stated on the advantages of AZMovies, its user interface is simple. The only disadvantage of its user interface is that you need to find its Options because they are not visible. On the left upper side, you will see the Menu Icon.

When you click the Menu button, you will see additional options, such as Featured Movie to Watch, Home, Featured, All Movies NOXX TV Shows. Not just that, you will also see By Genre, like Action, Adventure, Animation, Western, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, and more.

In addition, it offers By Year movies from 1999 to 2022 latest movies. Then, on the upper right side of the site, you will see the Search Icon, where you can search for the movies or TV shows you prefer. After that, upon scrolling down, you will see all the movies AZMovies offers. And yes, indeed, movies are categorized differently than you expect.

AZMovies detects Ad-blockers

We are very much aware that Ads can distract us from watching movies. The good thing is AZMovies can detect Ad-blockers, and what is more interesting is it also has an extension of Ad-blocking. So, the question is, what features help the watchers?

Well, AZMovies lets you watch movies without distracting pop-up Ads. Yes, you read that right. AZMovies is preventing you from malware and any virus popping up to make your computer safe.

Furthermore, we are writing this honest review to show you the ups and downs of AZMovies. Moreover, we are reminding you not to download any copyrighted movies from AZMovies. We are aware that AZMovies offers a free movie streaming site, and we cannot prevent it may offer a copyrighted movie. That is why we remind you of the don’ts you must not do.

2. How to Download Movies from AZMovies

AZMovies download would not be possible without using third-party software. For that reason, we will use Video DownloadHelper as our third-party software. Therefore, you can prevent downloading copyright issues. Supposing that you want to watch the movie from AZMovies, but in a downloaded way, you can do so; just see and follow the steps below:


Get the Video DownloadHelper by downloading and installing it on your browser. On its official website, you will notice the three colorless balls button that appears on the bar extension of the browser.


After downloading and installing, you can proceed to AZMovies' official site. Click and play the movie that you want to download. Then, wait for the movie until it is buffered or loaded. After that, the three colorless ball buttons will be highlighted. That means the movie is ready to download.


Now, click the icon and select an option button to download the movie you choose. If you use the software for the first time, you must confirm the download method. After that, tick the Use this Method by Default Next Time and press the Use Browser button.

AZMovies Review How to Download Movie

That is, we must acknowledge that downloading on AZMovies using third-party software could be more precise. However, we hope that you can still appreciate the steps above. If you follow the steps above, as they mentioned, you will successfully download from AZMovies.

3. AZMovies Not Working

Is it true that AZMovies are not working because of some issues? We also read some of AZMovies' issues, which is why we will discuss those issues in this article review.

The first issue we will discuss is whether AZMovies is not working correctly or does not load properly. If one of these days you will encounter that AZMovies won't work the way you wanted, one of the problems is the server is down. If that is the case, you must wait for a while and try again after a minute. The next problem may be your Internet connection needs to be fixed, or assume that many people are using AZMovies.

Another issue is some users need help updating AZMovies on their mobile devices. The first thing we can see is the Internet connection again. Yes, an Internet connection is a big deal, especially if you are watching a movie on an online streaming site. The next problem is that more space on your mobile device might be needed. Therefore, you must check your storage. Then, update it again.

Overall, you can still watch in AZMovies. Furthermore, there is a possibility that users will search for AZMovies alternatives because of the issues of AZMovies. If you are included in them, this is your lucky day because below, you will see the three alternatives to AZMovies. You can see them now!

4. Top 3 Alternatives to AZMovies


AZMovies Review Alternatives Tubi
It offers a lot of categories. Therefore, you have many options to choose from.
It also offers a well-known movie with high quality.
It provides subtitles, like AZMovies subtitles, which you can enable anytime.
It also provides a category for children.
It is confusing to choose TV shows and movies because they are merged.

Like AZMovies TV shows, Tubi also offers that, especially movies. You are reading this because you want an alternative to AZMovies, and Tubi can be considered a great alternative. Here are the reasons why; first, the good thing about Tubi is its children or kids section. For that reason, Tubi is safe to use, especially when you have a kid that wants to watch.

As per adults, Tubi offers a lot of categories like what is stated above, such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Family Movies, and many more. Supposing that you do not want to scroll through movies on the site, you can use the Search Bar to find the movies or TV shows you desire to watch.


AZMovies Review Alternatives Vudu
It has TV shows and movies with excellent quality.
It has free movies with specific categories that are easy to find.
It offers a movie that Vudu lets you rent, purchase, and watch as much as you want.
It adds the latest movies all the time.
Free movies are sometimes removed.
It offers an expensive movie.
Signing up and logging in to them is a must.

You can always go right with choosing Vudu as an alternative to AZMovies. Of course, if you do not want to watch AZMovies movies anymore, watch using Vudu, a professional movie streaming site with an aesthetic user interface. In addition, once you purchase or rent movies on Vudu, you will no longer experience the hassles of Ads. But if you only watch a free movie category, there are still Ads.

Moreover, what makes Vudu more unique is because of what it offers, such as Gift Cards and Redeem. In addition, it has many categories and genres. Also, its Search Bar will always help you to find the movies you like to watch.


AZMovies Review Alternatives Vumoo
It lets you watch on your smartphones, PCs, and Tablets.
It also lets you watch TV shows and movies for free.
The TV shows and movies it offers are of high quality.
Its official website could be more precise and easier to launch.
Many third-party Ads are popping up.

You can find Vumoo fantastic when it comes to the quality of each movie. In addition, what is more fantastic about Vumoo is it allows you to launch the official site on any kind of smartphone. PCs and even Tablets.

Furthermore, it offers Genres like Anime, Drama, Film, Horror, Cartoons, Family Movies, and more. Also, it offers additional topics, such as Documentaries, Korean Dramas, Japanese Dramas, Chinese Dramas, and Sports.

5. FAQs of AZMovies

Is AZMovies legal or illegal to use?

After reviewing AZMovies, we cannot give you 100% assurance that AZMovies is legal. Why? Because we cannot deny that since it offers free movies, some are copyrighted. Of course, we cannot also allow ourselves to watch illegal movies.

Is AZMovies safe?

Here is another question that we cannot guarantee. Somehow AZMovies is safe, but most of the time, it is not because of the popup Ads. We are aware that AZMovies offers free movies. Therefore, you need to expect that Ads will always be present in that case. Also, some of the Ads contain malware.

Is AZMovies down?

As of now, AZMovies is still up. How can we say that? Because upon visiting its official site, you can still access the free movies and watch them as much as you want. You can also download movies using third-party software. To conclude, AZMovies is still up.


Finally, there is so much joy in reviewing AZMovies and sharing it with you. We have learned all its features and how to use it. Also, we obtain that you can only download movies from AZMovies with third-party software. Overall, you can refer to the three alternative movie streaming sites if you want a much better site. Do you want an article similar to this? If yes, that is great, we will see you again on our next upload!

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