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2. Review of ULLU
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ULLU Review: A Movie Site That Offers Videos and Web Series

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

As a movie lover, you will appreciate it if your movie streaming platform is excellent and offers great content as well. In this review, ULLU is our topic. However, we discovered that its content could be better. For that reason, alternative sites are recommended, and yes, if you read until the end, you will see what movie streaming site alternatives we provide for you. Furthermore, we will still review ULLU but focus on the alternatives. Sounds interesting, right? Read now!

ULLU Review
1. Overview of ULLU 2. Review of ULLU 3. Top 4 Alternatives to ULLU 4. FAQs of ULLU

1. Overview of ULLU

What is ULLU?

ULLU is a part of the movie streaming site world that offers numerous movies and series. If you are also looking for a movie streaming platform, this review will introduce you to ULLU. But before proceeding to the next part, let us first talk about what ULLU is.

Again, ULLU is a movie streaming platform from Indonesia and offers Indonesian ULLU web series and movies. Moreover, this movie-streaming platform is advisable for adults only, and we do not encourage it for kids, children, and teenagers. Therefore, the ULLU app is Rated 18 Plus.

In addition, you will also notice that most ULLU offers are series with sensitive and inappropriate topics. For that reason, since we are reviewing ULLU, it is not an excellent movie streaming platform. Overall, let us also present its advantages and disadvantages below.

It has an excellent user interface.
It provides you with the series and movies' full title, description, director, and cast.
Its options are visible and easy to navigate.
It offers numerous inappropriate series and movies.
It also offers similar content, and some of them could be more interesting.
It is not advisable for kids, children, and teenagers.
It does not allow you to download ULLU videos.
It does not stream well.
To play a movie or series, you must first sign up for them.

Latest Series of ULLU

◆ Love Next Door

◆ Relationship Counselor

◆ Hotspot Fantasy Call

◆ Games of Karma

◆ Samne Wali Khidki

◆ Patra Petika

◆ Riwaj: Mann - Marzi

◆ Maid in India

◆ Blue Lies

◆ Blue Whale

◆ Client Number 7

◆ Mona Home Delivery

◆ Right or Wrong

◆ The Mirror

◆ Generation Gap

2. Review of ULLU

ULLU Interface

ULLU Review User Interface

There is no doubt that ULLU has an excellent user interface. It has a color combination of yellow and black. In addition, you will notice that it has a Preview that constantly moving. With that, it previews the latest movie or series of ULLU.

Furthermore, if you look at the upper corner of the ULLU user interface, you will see all the options, such as Home, Search, Subscribe, Coming Soon, Live Shows, FamilySafe, ULLU99 Shopping, Sign In, Register, and more.

Upon scrolling down, you will see all the movies and series with various categories, like Gold Latest Releases, Free First Episodes, Trending Now, ULLU Special, Most Watch, The Charmsukh Collection, Regional Picks For You, Behind The Scenes, ULLU Music, and more.

Overall, the ULLU user interface is easy to manage. However, the disadvantage of ULLU is you will immediately see all the inappropriate movies and series. Therefore, we will say again that ULLU is not for kids.

Preview of the Movie of ULLU

ULLU Review Preview of The Movie

Before watching a movie or series, you will first click its Thumbnail. After clicking the Thumbnail, you will proceed to the Preview of the series or movie. Also, you can immediately watch the movie or series right away. But before that, let us discuss the Preview first.

Below the Preview, you will see the series or movie Title. For example, in the photo we provide, the movie's title is Client No.7. Then, you have the option to click the Play button or Watch Trailer button. After that, you will also notice the Description, Director, and Cast of the movie and series.

To sum it up, ULLU provides a complete description of a movie. For that reason, before watching the movie and series, you will have an idea about it. Well, that is one of the advantages of ULLU. In addition, if you scroll down, ULLU also has Seasons and Episodes you might want to watch.

3. Top 4 Alternatives to ULLU


ULLU Review Alternative Vudu
It offers free movies and series to stream.
It allows you to purchase and rent the latest movies and blockbuster movies.
It also lets you download movies and watch them online, especially if they are paid.
It has a helpful search filter.
It provides 4K quality for some movies.
Its user interface is not as good as expected.
Its programming is not original.
It only lets you watch series or movies if you are signed in.

ULLU web series online watch is possible, but it is also possible on VUDU, the alternative to ULLU. It is a movie streaming platform that offers too much. When you open its official site, you will see the Movies TC, Free, and MY Vudu; you can choose one and feel free to watch. But note that VUDU offers a movie and series that can be purchased and rented.

So what are the advantages if you purchase a movie from them? Once you purchase a movie from them, you can download it and watch it offline. What’s more? You can also watch the movie as much as you want. In addition, one of the reasons why it became an alternative to ULLU is because VUDU does not offer malicious content like ULLU. That is why we do not encourage you to use ULLU but choose VUDU instead.


ULLU Review Alternative Tubi
It has free movies that you can watch anytime.
It offers a vast library of TV shows and movies.
It has a fantastic user interface.
It provides watchlists, and it includes parental control features.
It works with numerous streaming devices.
Its resolution is up to 720p only.
It does not offer an option to get rid of the Ads.
It limits you from choosing TV shows.
It has more old content than the latest content.
Sometimes it buffers. For that reason, it will change the quality to low.

ULLU web series to watch online for free is always present. However, why does ULLU need an alternative like Tubi? First, we want to discuss with you some information about Tubi. Of course, it is included as one of the professional streaming movie platforms. It has an excellent user interface and can be streamed anywhere, like Roku, Amazon FireTV, Samsung, Sony, Android, Chromecast, iOS, Apple TV, and many more.

So, to answer the query about how Tubi has been included as the alternative to ULLU? Because Tubi does not offer malicious content, it is advisable for kids, children, and teenagers because Tubi offers parental controls. In addition, it has many features you deserve to know, and you will see that when you try Tubi.


ULLU Review Alternative Peacock
It is a famous movie site and offers the latest TV shows and movies.
Its subscription plan is flexible.
It lets you create various account profiles.
It provides free movies to watch anytime.
You will not get rid of Ads, even if you purchase a Premium plan.
It has no offline downloads to offer.
It is not working in other countries.

ULLU web series download is not possible, as well as in Peacock. The question is why Peacock is considered one of the alternatives to ULLU. Well, a streaming site movie is about more than just downloading movies. The most relevant is the content that a streaming site offers.

Peacock is different from ULLU, and if you ask us questions like what is more advisable to use. Of course, we suggest Peacock. Again, Peacock and ULLU are way different because Peacock has appropriate content. On the other hand, ULLU offers almost malicious content. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you would choose Peacock over ULLU. Besides, you can use Peacock on smart TV to share the content on a big screen.


ULLU Review Alternative Yify
It has high-quality movies to choose from.
It also has the latest series and movies.
It offers many pages, and you choose the movie you want to watch.
It also offers a vast range of Genres.
It has subtitles, and you can enable it while watching a movie.
Without VPN, you will not be able to download movies from YIFF.
Its user interface could be more catchy.
It has Ads with different windows redirecting you to that window Ads.
Plus, the Ads keep on appearing.

Next on the list as an alternative to ULLU is YIFY. When it comes to the user interface, ULLU stands out. However, when you look at the interface of YIFY, you will automatically see the options such as Home, 4K, Browse Movies, and more.

But if we talk about the movies and series that both movie streaming sites offer, YIFY stands out. How can we say that? Again, it was mentioned many times in this article that ULLU offers too much inappropriate and malicious content. Therefore, we will never suggest it to you. Yes, it has good movies, but they are too minimal.

4. FAQs of ULLU

How to watch the ULLU TV series for free?

To watch the ULLU TV series for free requires a third-party app. What does it mean? You must have an MX Player on your mobile device. For that reason, you can watch numerous web series from ULLU for free using an MX Player. If you do not have that app, you can download it on your Play Store if you are an Android user.

Is the content of ULLU worth it?

The content of the ULLU movie streaming site is very controversial. It has vast malicious and inappropriate content. To answer that question, ULLU content is not worth it and will not be worth signing up for them. In addition, its content is not advisable.

Is ULLU safe?

The ULLU site itself is safe. However, we cannot guarantee you that the movies you are going to watch are safe. In addition, we are confident that the content of ULLU is unsafe for children. Again, the movie site itself is safe, but the movies and series are not.


At last, we are done reviewing ULLU, including its alternatives. It is sad to read that ULLU is not an advisable movie site because of the content it offers. Well, we agree with that. Moreover, with the alternatives mentioned, you can easily replace ULLU. To sum up, all the alternative movie sites mentioned offer safe and appropriate content. So much with that, we will see you again on our next upload!

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