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2. Review of YIFY
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YIFY Movie Streaming Site: A Trustworthy Review You Must Not Miss

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

In a world full of movie streaming sites, YIFY is one of them. It is a movie streaming site that offers numerous free categories and genres. However, there are some issues that others say YIFY is already down. Upon reading this review, we will tackle if the issues about YIFY are factual. In addition, if there are reasons why you want to avoid using YIFY, you can consider using the top three alternatives that we will mention below. Come and see them now by continuing to read this review article.

YIFY Review
1. Overview of YIFY 2. Review of YIFY 3. Top 3 Alternatives to YIFY 4. FAQs of YIFY

1. Overview of YIFY

What is YIFY?

YIFY streaming app is popular on the Internet, allowing you to watch the movie you like on the Internet. Moreover, you can choose the quality while watching movies. YIFY offers 720p. 1080, 2160, 4K, and 3D quality. Isn't it fantastic?

Furthermore, it would help to become aware that YIFY allows you to download movies. However, there is a condition. You can only download movies using a VPN. With a VPN, you will be free from the viruses and risks you might get. Do not worry. The official site of YIFY provides a VPN, which you can download with one click.

In addition, upon reading this review, we know that you expect its pros and cons before using the movie streaming site. Below, you will see the advantages and disadvantages, and consider them before using the movie site. Please read them now, one by one.

It offers many quality choices to choose from.
YIFY movies download is possible using a VPN.
It also offers the latest movies.
It has many pages of movies.
It provides numerous Genres.
YIFY subtitles are also available.
Its user interface could be more appealing.
It redirects you to the Ad page.
It only allows you to download movies using a VPN.
The Ads are constantly appearing while watching movies.

Latest Movies from YIFY

◆ Baking All the Way

◆ A Baby at Any Cost

◆ A Merry Christmas Wish Jeff Dunham: Met the People

◆ Something in the Dirt

◆ Life in Outer Space

◆ Well Suited for Christmas

◆ Eve and Adam: Four Birthdays and a Fiasco

◆ Holly and the Hot Chocolate

◆ Christmas on Mistletoe Lake

◆ The Hip Hop Nutcracker

◆ The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special

◆ The Last Dolphin King

◆ Abduction Runs in the Family: A Mother’s Terror

◆ As Long As We Both Shall Live

2. Review of YIFY

YIFY Interface

YIFY Review User Interface

Again, the YIFY user interface could be more appealing because it is too simple. However, the important thing is the user interface is manageable, and anyone can use it without a hassle. Furthermore, allow us to discuss with you the YIFY user interface.

It has a color combination of Yellow-Green and Black. Then, in the upper middle of the interface, you will see the Quick Search Bar. That means you can search for movies you like. Following that are the other options, such as YTS.HN, YTS.JE, Home, 4K, and Browse Movies.

Below that, you can choose the Quality from 720p up to 3D. Next, you will also choose the Genre you like, such as Action, Animation, Action, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, etc. What’s more? You can choose Ratings from 1+ up to 9+. Lastly, you can change the Order By with these options; Latest, Olders, Seeds, Peers, Year, Rating, Likes, Alphabetical, and Downloads.

Play Movie on YIFY

YIFY Review Play Movie

Playing movies on YIFY is easy. You have to choose a movie based on your preferences. After that, click the Watch Now button. However, it would be best if you become aware because, on the first click, YIFY will redirect you to the Ad page. Yes, it is one of the disadvantages of YIFY, and you can read that in the upper part of this review. But we will not focus on that.

When the movie is playing, this is where the Ads will constantly pop up. Moreover, we want to inform you that the Ads on YIFY are unsafe; the Ads consist of viruses. Again, be careful upon clicking them.

Overall, the movie plays smoothly. On the top right of the Movie Player, you can change the Quality from 720p to 3D, depending on the movie's offerings. In addition, YIFY allows you to adjust the Volume and Settings. Also, you can enable the Subtitles and watch the movies in a bigger format by tapping the Full-Screen button.

3. Top 3 Alternatives to YIFY


YIFY Review and Alternatives 123Movies
It provides subtitles, and you can enable it in the entire movie.
It also provides movies in Full HD Quality.
It offers a free movie from its site.
It also offers the latest movies.
It has Ads that appear everywhere on the site.
It requires you to sign up for them.
It is not a perfect site for kids because it offers malicious content.
It does have a series.
It has too many Ads, and most of them are inappropriate.

Like YIFY stream movies, you can also do that using 123Movies. In this review article, 123Movies is one of the alternative movie streaming sites to YIFY. It is free and offers numerous Genres, such as Halloween Shows, Drama, Action, Comedy, and more. In addition, even if it is free, you can enjoy watching movies because it offers Full HD Quality Movies.

Moreover, you must become aware of the disadvantages of 123Movies. Yes, indeed, it is included as an alternative to the YIFY site. But, it also has cons to using it. Also, it was issued before 123Movies was taken down. But overall, the movie streaming site is still working, and you can still watch movies and TV shows.

Even if 123Movies is down, do not forget to check the 123Movies alternatives.


YIFY Review and Alternatives FMovies
It provides free movies with HD Quality. ‘
It also provides a Preview on the top corner of the interface, previewing the latest movies.
It has movies that are labeled as HD on their thumbnail.
It also has categories and is easy to find.
Signing up for them is not a big deal.
It does not guarantee 100% safety.
It redirects you to other window Ads all the time.

YIFY TV is like FMovies. But the question is, why have the Fmovies become an alternative to YIFY? The answer is simple. Because FMovies offers more movies than YIFY. In addition, FMovies has more categorized movies. Also, you will enjoy the Genres it offers, such as Drama, Thriller, Suspense, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Family, and more.

However, the significant disadvantage of FMovies is it is not acceptable to appropriate authorities because of their copyright issues. That is why we do not encourage you to download movies from FMovies and FMovies alternatives, especially copyrighted ones.


YIFY Review and Alternatives Tubi
It has free movies you can watch anytime you want.
It has a broad range of movie libraries that consist of TV shows and movies.
Its user interface is close to a modern movie streaming site.
It has a watchlist with parental control features.
It works on numerous movie streaming devices.
Its highest movie resolution or quality is up to 720p only.
It does not let you get rid of the Ads.
It has limitations upon choosing TV shows.
Its movies are almost old.
It is buffering, and the quality of the movie lessens.

Some of the YIFY movies can be found in Tubi, a movie streaming site you can visit to watch TV shows and movies. For that reason, Tubi lets you watch movies online. Therefore, a fast Internet connection is a must. Why? Tubi requires a fast Internet connection because sometimes it buffers and affects video quality.

But why did this movie streaming site become an alternative site to YIFY? There can be no doubt that Tubi is closed to professional movie streaming sites on the Web. Also, it always offers the latest movies. In addition, from its excellent user interface, you will also appreciate what it provides, like various Genres and Categories.

4. FAQs of YIFY

Is it safe to use and download in YIFY?

Most writers will say yes; however, we must answer the honest question about YIFY. Let us make this clear. Watching movies from YIFY is safe. But you must become aware of the harmful torrents and viruses popping up. There is no doubt that YIFY itself is safe. Nonetheless, the risk of it is when you are downloading unsafe movies, that is why you must use a VPN to secure yourself from numerous viruses.

Is it true that YIFY Torrents down?

Upon visiting the YIFY, we can say that it is not down. How can we say that? If you look closely at the movie streaming site, you can still access the movies from Page 1 up to countless pages. In addition, we try to watch a movie, and the result is you can still play movies. Sometimes YIFY is down because torrent sites are always facing downtown constantly, which is why YIFY is affected.

Why is YIFY a famous movie site?

As mentioned above in this article review, it is famous because it always provides torrents of the newest TV shows and movies. In addition, it is a streaming site that allows you to download movies with a VPN only. That will save you from the virus you might get and prevent your IP address from being leaked by authorities.


At last, we are done reviewing YIFY. We discovered that this movie streaming site is not 100% down. You may not experience the original site, but do not worry; it has a substitute movie site to continue watching movies. However, if you do not like that kind of scenario, you can refer to the movie streaming site alternative we have prepared. We have three alternative sites to YIFY, and you can freely visit them after reading this review. Overall, we want to hear from you by leaving us a positive comment, and do not forget the thumbs up. See you again on our next upload!

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