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Review of WiFi Kill Application: Professional-Wise Tool

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Dec 22, 2022Windows Tips

Do you experience a slowing internet connection? Let us have a solution for that. As we all know, a WiFi network has its MBPS or MegaBytes per second. This device will tell us the speed of a particular internet connection. It can also say to the resolution you can watch with different watching sites. However, too many internet users slow down the speed of your network. One of the reasons is that unwanted users are connecting with your WiFi network. For that reason, we can get rid of all the users who want to heist your connection. WiFi Kill is one of the applications we use for that. Let us review its features and description to see what we can do with applications and help us.

WiFi Kill Review

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1. Our Verdict 2. What is WiFi Kill? 3. WiFi Kill Review 4. FAQ about WiFi Kill Review 5. Best Alternative- PassFab Wifi Key

1. Our Verdict

All features are free.
Easy to use.
Accessible for mobile users.
The interface is intuitive.
The application is informative.
It is a practical application.
It does not offer a software version.
The application comes with advertisement pop-ups.
It crashes sometimes.
There are bug reports from the users.

Overall Rating

The WiFi Kill belongs to the most excellent application for Android users. You can get this fantastic application in Google Play Store. So that you know, this application possesses a ton of functions that are indeed essential. Its developer is also making sure the safety of the users by continuously improving their service. However, we can experience speed processing working with WiFi Kill. That is why many users say that it is one of the go-to solutions we can use to analyze our WiFi Network.

9.3 Overall




2. What is WiFi Kill?

WiFi Kill

Price: Free

Platforms: Android and iOS

Overall Rating:
WiFi Kill Interface

WiFi Kill is a great application to monitor the details and occurrences without WiFi network internet. The developer of this application is the XDA Developer, which consists of great developers and information technology enthusiasts. This software can control all of the connected devices with our WiFi network. This application can view all the users and devices linked with your internet network. For that, seeing all the welcome and unwelcome users of your WiFi is now possible. In addition, as some WiFi testers offer, it also has a feature where we can see the information about the transferring data rate like Download and Upload rate. That feature can be a tool for checking if there are problems with our internet speed. Technically speaking, this is what we call Data transfer. These features have the significant factor why it is infamous among those users who need a tool for monitoring their WiFi Network information.

Main Features

We all know that WiFi kill is an application for our Android or iOS mobile devices. Some users may underestimate its ability to offer valuable and practical features for our tasks. However, before we underestimate this application, please look at its main features. You can use these features as your references for why you should download WiFi KIll.

◆ Monitoring all the connected devices on your Network.

◆ Showing data transfer information.

◆ Assess all of the activities on your WiFi network.

◆ See the information from the devices that are connecting with your internet connection.

◆ Modify, decide, choose who is going to communicate with your internet.

◆ It supports multiple devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

3. WiFi Kill Review

See Connected Devices

WiFi Kill See Connected Devices

One of the main reasons many people use WiFiKill is because they want to see and monitor those connected users. This application effectively shows you all the information of the devices associated with your WiFI Network. It includes the MAC and IP Addresses.

WiFi Router Information

WiFi Kill Router Info

WiFiKill users can freely see all of the information about their WiFi Router. This application is efficient in showing every detail of our internet connection. Someone using WiFi Kill will see details such as the below these statements. For that, you may now effectively and instantly monitor all of the elements within your Router. Please look at the information you may see because of this feature.

◆ External IP- WiFi Info

◆ Gateway

◆ Subnet Mask

◆ Mac Address- WiFi Info

◆ DNS Address 1

◆ DNS Address 2

◆ Broadcast Address

◆ Frequency

◆ Channel

◆ Internal IP- Device Info

◆ Mac Address- Device Info

Router Settings and Password

WiFi Kill WiFi Password

This fantastic application also offers a great feature to see all your router settings, including the password. This information is essential for us to know, especially in Monitoring our WiFi Network. Many users will choose WiFi Kill over anything else because there is no other application that can show tons of information as much as WiFiKill can do.

Ping Tester

WiFi Kill Ping Tester

As an additional feature, this application also comes with a super easy-to-use and effective Ping tester feature. This function is one of the users' favorite features because you can now quickly test the ping of your WiFi network by typing its IP address. After that, you need to click the Start Test to begin the process. Therefore, we can say this application also cares about knowing the speed and status of our WiFi network, and the Ping Tester is one of the extraordinary proof for that.

Ping Tester

WiFi Kill differs from other tools because of its extensive feature and information it can give to all of us. We all know how important every Router detail is, especially when analyzing and monitoring it. All of the features it offers are very effective and useful. The fact that it is easy to use is one of the significant factors why many users continuously use and trust it.

4. FAQ about WiFi Kill Review

Is WiFi Kill Apks safe?

As an answer regarding the legalities of WiFi Killer, we can consider WiFi Killer as legal. However, it comes with terms of conditions. This software must be for security purposes. We shall not use this for harmful purposes, especially if we bother or annoy other users. Those acts belong to the list of active acts. Judiciary-wise, the government does have a memorandum that says it is illegal. As we know, as long as there is no law, it is legal. Please use this for positive intention with moderation.

Is WiFi Killer legal?

As an answer regarding the legalities of WiFi Killer. We can consider WiFi Killer as legal. However, it comes with terms of conditions. This software must be for security purposes. We shall not use this for negative purposes especially if we are bothering or annoying other users. Those acts belong to the list of an active act. Judiciary wise, the government does have a memorandum that says it is illegal. As we know, as long as there is no law it is legal. Please use this for positive intention with moderation.

Is WIfI Kill available with Windows computers?

Unfortunately, this particular application is not available for Windows or macOS. However, there are a lot of WiFi killers that we can use with our computers. One of the software you can use is the Netcut WiFi Kill. This software is one of the most infamous WiFi killers you can use because it can offer tons of valuable features for all of us. In addition, through this software, killing a WiFi network will now be possible using your computers.

5. Best Alternative- PassFab Wifi Key

Price: Free

Platforms: Windows

Overall Rating:
PassFab Interface

WiFi Kill might not suit you for reasons like the availability of supported platforms, bug reports from the users, and more. There is nothing to worry about because we have a solution for that. Here is Passfab WIFi Key, one of the flexible software we can use with our computer. Like WiFi Kill, it can also help you analyze your WiFi network. More than that, you can also use this application with other features, such as financing WiFi networks or even viewing and exporting a WiFi passcode. Indeed, this is one of the powerful tools that can be the best alternative to WiFi Kill.


Therefore, we can conclude that we should not be underestimating an application for WiFi Security monitoring. They are an application that can also offer excellent features for monitoring and controlling WiFi network information. This article proves how effective and impressive WiF Kill is for all of us. We hope the details, description, and review above will help do the grind with our WiFi network. May we use this post as a reference to say if WiFiKill is suitable for us. You may also check other posts because we have a lot to offer of all of you. Thus, please share this post for the users who might need great help accessing their network.

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