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Reviewing Wireshark: Digging Deep its Ability in Monitoring our WiFi Network

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Feb 23, 2022Windows Tips

We may all be wondering what would happen without a WiFi network. That is because monitoring and analyzing your network is crucial as an internet user. This action may prevent any issue and problem we experience using our internet. In line with that, we will need a great tool that can make it possible for all of us. Do not worry, because this article will introduce Wireshark - one of the best WiFi analyzer software in the market. May we be able to learn all of its capabilities in handling the information of our WiFi network. In addition, we will also see what other functions it can offer for all of us. At the need, w=may we know why it is a widely used WiFi network analyzer in the digital market. For that, here are the details you need to know about Wireshark software. Please take a look below.

Wireshark Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is Wireshark? 3. Wireshark Review 4. FAQ about Wireshark 5. Best Alternative- PassFab Wifi Key

1. Our Verdict

It has the best network tracking packets.
The software has divided network calls into layers.
Filtering protocols features are available.
It comes with straightforward solutions for all users.
It is possible to capture the packets of data exchange information.
The USB support is very little.
There may be an issue in terms of data security.
It can show any unwanted network nearby.

Overall Rating

Software like Wireshark is suitable for all users looking for great software with tons of features. All of the features it provides have a very effective process of utilizing them. On the other hand, wide media enthusiasts can use this due to its affordability. You can get and download this software for free on the website. Even the broken people can freely use this for practicality and effectiveness. Although some features may be confusing to use, we only need to know the proper usage, and everything will go on the right path.

9.2 Overall




2. What is Wireshark?


Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris, FreeBSD, and NetBSD

Price: Free

Wireshark Overview

DigitalOcean continuously powers Wireshark. This software has become one of the infamous WiFi Network analyzers throughout the years, which can help assess our internet. Wireshark is a network monitoring tool. We can now see all the information with our network on a microscopic level using this software. The software has existed for more than a decade now. With these years, it never fails to give us consistent improvement.

On the other hand, you can download and use Wireshark with Mac, Android, Linux, and more. You can also freely download and install Wireshark for Windows. As we put it into the simple context, this analyzing tool is flexible with multiple platforms we have.

Main Features

Wireshark is excellent software, and it offers remarkable features that are helpful for all of us. That is why we will run down all of the main features we can enjoy in this portion. Later on, we will also discuss their further explanations and the extra features. In addition, we will also prove here how Wireshark has become one of the cost-efficient tools. You can use this as a deciding factor why you would install Wireshark.

◆ Inspection for protocols.

◆ Offline analysis.

◆ Three-pane packet (Standard browser).

◆ GUI, TTY, TShark utility for capturing networks.

◆ Powerful VoIP Analysis.

◆ Broad support of Description.

◆ Color rules.

◆ Output exportation.

3. Wireshark Review

WiFi Network Protocol Analyzer

Wireshark will enable us to see the occurrences on your network. The analyzer capabilities come with microscopic level ability. It is a great function that will help us access the information within our internet network. On the other hand, we will also use these features in knowing the specific problem we are experiencing. In addition, this helps us to understand the functions of each function. Overall, this ability will also help Wireshark exceed what other software can do. This particular feature allows the software to be known as one of the greatest. For that, we can expect excellent performance with this software. Install Wireshark now for more discoveries.

Capture Signal and Data

Many users are using Wireshark to capture data networks that we can browse through the GUI or via TTY-mode TShark utility. On the other hand, this software captures data and signals and can read and read numerous file formats. It includes tcpdump (libpcap), Pcap NG, Catapult DCT2000, Network General Sniffer® (compressed and uncompressed), Cisco Secure IDS iplog, Microsoft Network Monitor, Sniffer® Pro, and NetXray®, NetScreen snoop, Network Instruments Observer, Novell LANalyzer, WildPackets EtherPeek/TokenPeek/AiroPeek, Shomiti/Finisar Surveyor, Tektronix K12xx, Visual Networks Visual UpTime, RADCOM WAN/LAN Analyzer, and many others. On the other hand, this can also capture compressed with GZIP and decompress it in the process.

Wireshark Network Packets

Wireshark Network Packets

Analyzing network packets with Wireshark is also possible. The great thing about it is that you can explore even with the existing files. Besides that, collecting packet data from a live network and storing them in a centralized repository is also available. This feature can capture packets within an area.

Is Wireshark safe?

Wireshark is software that is safe to use. From the installing process up until the usage process of it. All of the features it offers to the users come with unique programs. That is because the developers of this software are ensuring the safety services for all of its users. Thus, analyzing and capturing different WiFi networks is safe and comes with an effective process.

What is Best for You?

Wireshark is one of the leading software in the market nowadays. It can offer its users features to enable us to make it possible. This software is leading for no reason. All of the features we can enjoy in this tool are free and easy to use. That is one of the factors why this software is excellent compared with other devices. We are all aware of many analyzing tools that we can enjoy. However, some of the tools are very complex to use. Yet, Wireshark offers tons of features with a very easy-to-use process. Overall, this software is excellent for novice users and instant effective monitoring of our WiFi connection.

4. FAQ about Wireshark

Is the use of Wireshark legal or illegal?

This open-source tool we use for capturing network traffic and packet analyzer is legal to use as long as we use it by its very essence. However, it is becoming a problem because we plan to use it for cybersecurity crime. We shall not use this software for accessing other privacy. In short, you are just allowed to monitor your WiFi network and do not require explicit authorization.

Is Wireshark a hacking tool?

Wireshark defines it as a great network packet analyzer in the market. That means this software is an excellent tool for monitoring and seeing all the information you need to know with your WiFi network. Thus, many people have a misconception about it. Some people claim that Wireshark is a hacking tool, but it is not.

Is Wireshark a Sniffer?

Wireshark equips an application that can capture packets coming from a network connection. Thus, this software is considered the most helpful and often-used packet sniffer nowadays.

5. Best Alternative- PassFab Wifi Key

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

Overall Rating:
PassFab WiFi Key Password Interface

We may find Wireshark complex in usage, or some features are missing. Many users want another software that can help us with different work. In line with that, here is one of the best alternatives that we can use for our WiFi networks. PassFab WiFi Key is an excellent alternative in analyzing and monitoring critical information with our internet connection.

Furthermore, this fantastic software is suitable in a lot of aspects. You can use this for finding, recovering, exporting WiFi Passwords without complications. In addition, the PassFab WiFi Key is an excellent tool for analyzing and monitoring, just like what Wireshark can do. However, it has a lot of advantages. These advantages are in the aspect of affordability, easy usage, and safety. That is why this fantastic tool is an excellent alternative for you. You may try it now for more information about it.


The few necessary details we must know about Wireshark are there you go. This information can help us consider Wireshark as our go-to solutions tool with our WiFi network. We can also see some advantages and disadvantages that we may experience while using it. On the other hand, we have the PassFab WiFi Key as the best alternative due to its practicality. Please share this post now to spread the message it conveys. May we help other people too in finding the details they need.

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