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Be Familiarised with the Amazing Aircrack-ng: Thorough Review of its Functions

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Jun 15, 2023Windows Tips

Assessing the security of your WiFi network is an essential act that we need to do at least every month. It is an act of securing our internet connection. It includes checking up the unwelcome users of your internet connection. It is also an effective way to see the reasons or factors behind the problem you are facing about internet connection loss and more. As we know, our internet connection has always been part of our life for a decade now. Thus, taking care of it is essential. In line with that, this article will present one of the valuable software we can use to make all of these possible. Welcome to the Aircrack-ng Review of its features, platforms, prices, pros, cons, and more. May the details below will help you to make a judgment if this tool is suitable for you.

Aircrack-ng Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is Aircrack-ng? 3. Aircrack-ng Review 4. FAQ about Aircrack-ng Review 5. Best Alternative- PassFab Wifi Key

1. Our Verdict

It is an accessing WiFi network tool for multiple platforms.
The software is suitable with Linux.
Finding and cracking wireless is possible here.
It has professional features.
It offers a command line for an instant grind.
Many users have difficulty installing the software.
Some features are tough to utilize.
The interface does not use graphical elements that lead to complications.
The WPA-TKIP tools do not perform very well.

Overall Rating

Aircrack-ng is a multi-platforms such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. This software is a great tool that we can use with many internet connection network-related works. It has many features to offer that enable us to do our jobs effectively and efficiently. In addition, many users will say that Aircrack-ng is safe to use. It has a protection technology in its program that somehow can protect us from different hazards. We can see a great user experience in terms of its software for all of that. Overall, the software is excellent and recommendable for everyone.

9.1 Overall



User friendly:9.1

2. What is Aircrack-ng?


Price: Free

Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Overall Rating:

Aircrack-ng is famous for being one of the best WiFi network security access. It can focus on numerous regions of our WiFi security. Such as monitoring, testing, and attacking our WiFi network. For that reason, users find it more interesting because most of these features are very effective and can help us with our itinerary. Aircrack-ng is rich with different components, and it possesses 20 individual utilities to sum it all up. Each of these components is essential and has a role in doing our work effectively. In addition, the tools above come with very effective command lines that allow us to make heavy scripting possible.

Main Features

Aircrack-ng is also infamous as a flexible tool that we use to modify and observe our WiFi network's details. It is a bit similar to Nmap. It also possesses and provides different features. It includes the below. In addition, later on, we will also elaborate on their details and information about its main features.

◆ Monitor WiFi Network

◆ Attacking false access points

◆ Modifying and testing internet drivers

◆ Cracking multiple kinds of internet

◆ Command lines

◆ Components availability

3. Aircrack-ng Review


Airodump-ng Interaction

As we can see, the interface of the Aircrack-ng does not use graphical elements. It only consists of black interface and coding style fonts. For that, many people think that the software is arduous to use. However, the interface of this software is a huge help in giving a most effective process for the users who need an effective tool for their WiFi network. The flat and straightforward design of the interface brings the smoothest process for all of us. That is why we should not underestimate software based on its interface.

Monitor WiFi Network

This feature is a packet that has a huge help in making the user capture and export data into text files. It will help the users for more processing by the third-party software. Monitoring our WiFi network is an essential thing we need to do because it can make our Network more secure and safe, especially third-party tools that may be harmful to our Network.

Attacking Fake Access

Numerous users have a problem with replay attacks, fake access points, no authentication, and other issues in terms of the packet injection of their WiFi network. That is why, Aircrack-ng has become a great help with tons of users over time, because it has a feature where you alleviate all of these attacks and false points on your Network.

Testing Network Drivers

Another beneficial feature of Aircrack-ng is its ability to test your Network's drivers. We must remember that trying our WiFi network's components, drivers, and different cards is essential. This action will maintain the excellent performance of your internet connection. Fortunately, Aircrack-ng will help you in making that possible.

Cracking WiFi Network

Aircrack-ng Aircrack

Another reason we can consider why Aircrack-ng is one of the best software is because it cracks different wireless WiFi networks. It includes various networks, such as WEP, WPA PSK, WPA 1, and WPA 2. Whatever Network you have, you can use this tool to crack it. Users say it is beneficial to users, especially if we forget our WiFi password and we can do nothing but interpret it.

What is Best For You?

Aircrack-ng is different and unique from other software because of its different components that we can use in various aspects of our work. These components have a significant role in making the process with Aircrack-ng more smooth and successful. These components are the airbase-ng, airdecap-ng, airdecap-ng, and 17 more components. If you want to learn more about it, you could watch an Aircrack-ng tutorial to see its functions and importance.

4. FAQ about Aircrack-ng Review

Is Aircrack-ng Safe?

Aircrack-ng is software that is safe to use with our work. It consists of different securing hardware that we can get with its service. In addition, the latest version is improving. However, it also comes with more adware that the arrow automatically displays for advertising purposes. These ads can annoy users in their grind but are still safe to use depending on the vulnerability of your devices. Thus, Anti-malware software is essential for you to have.

Is Aircrack-ng available with multiple platforms?

Yes. However, it primarily works with Linux operating systems and Windows, macOS, and even for the underrated FreeBSD, Open BSD, NetBSD, Solaris, and eComStation 2. However, we highly recommend having a: Linux Operating system if you plan to use Aircrack-ng software.

Does Aircrack-ng Android?

The Aircrack-ng application can run with our Android mobile phones. It is also an effective tool that we can use to access the security of our WiFi network. For that, utilizing Aircrack-ng is handier with our phone rather than using it on your computer. It might only give us complicated usage after all. You may now download Aircrack-ng on your Google Play Store.

May I use Aircrack-ng Windows and Mac in finding a WiFi network?

Aircrack-ng is also an effective tool in finding a WiFi password. You may get this tool with your Windows and Mac computer. You may now easily find a WiFi network available nearby through this feature, even the Hidden Wireless Network.

5. Best Alternative- PassFab Wifi Key

We get to know more about the Aircrack-ng software. However, you think this is not the most suitable tool you are looking for in your work. Maybe some are looking for more. Other users might be looking for an easier way to grind their WiFi Network connection. If that is the case, have the best alternative to Aircrack-ng. PassFab WiFi Key is one of the fantastic software we can use other than Aircrack-ng. This software is easier to use compared to other tools. In addition, it also possesses different features that are very user-friendly. These features are beneficial in securing and accessing our WiFi network.

PassFab Interface

It is software that possesses all the tools that we will need with our WiFi network.

1. Show wireless WiFi password.

2. Find WiFi network information.

3. Exporting and saving WiFi details.

4. Recovering WiFi network security key.

5. Detecting Wireless security.


In conclusion, Aircrack-ng is an excellent software essential in making our WiFi network safer. In addition, this multi-purpose software has a lot of users for no reason. We can all see the unique features we can use effectively with our work. Thus, these few reasons can prove how good Aircrack-ng is in making the users ease their work. We should now share this information among other users who might need our help solving their problems. Try to check this website too for more valuable reviews and solutions.

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