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Google Fiber Speed Test Review: Discover What this Tool can Offer

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Are you aware of how fast your Internet connection is? Another question is, are you aware if you are receiving upload and download speed, and is it worth what you're paying for? Many do not know what is going on about their Internet connection, and I think it is essential for you to know that. For that reason, we want to share the Google Fiber Speed Test. Initially, it was Google Fiber that offered Internet plans. However, they also provide Google Fiber Speed Test, a speed testing tool. Furthermore, we will tackle more about this tool below. So, let us read now.

Google Fiber Speed Test Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is the Google Fiber Speed Test? 3. Google Fiber Speed Test Review 4. FAQ for Fiber Speedtest Review 5. Google Fiber Speed Test VS Xfinity SpeedTest

1. Our Verdict

It has a clean and straightforward interface.
It is a fast-speed tester.
It is the 8th largest fiber-optic provider in the United States.
It offers Internet access.
It has limited features in the Speed Test feature.
It always crashes.
Inaccurate results, especially on the mobile version.
It does not provide your IP address or Internet provider information.

Overall Ratings

8.6 Overall




2. What is the Google Fiber Speed Test?

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices

Main Features

Google Fiber focuses on providing people with a fast and reliable Internet connection. That is why they also offer a speed tester tool. With that, what we are going to review now is the Google Fiber Speed Test.

◆ Upload measurements.

◆ Download measurements.

◆ Ping measurements.

◆ Internet access.

3. Google Fiber Speed Test Review


Google Fiber Speed Test Interface

Google Fiber Speed Test has a clean and straightforward interface. The color blue and white is very light in the eyes, making the interface much more uncomplicated. Moreover, you can easily see the Start button to start the speed testing. Also, while speed testing, you will automatically see the results. Upon speed testing, you need to note that the results may not be accurate if you have a slow Internet connection.

Google Fiber Speed Test Tool

Google Fiber Speed Test Tool

Google Fiber Speed Test is not just for Google Fiber but can also be used with any Internet provider. When it comes to its speed, it is fast and efficient when it runs. This tool will remind you if you are not on the Google Fiber network. Moreover, you need to remember that a speed test on your mobile network would cause data charges. So, continue if you are willing to speed test even if you use a different Internet provider. The first result that Google Fiber Speed Test shows you are the Download speed, next is the Upload speed, and last is the Ping.

Google Fiber Availability Map

Google Fiber Speed Test Availability Map

Did you know that Google Fiber Speed TestGoogle Fiber Speed Test is available in 13 cities across ten states? Yes, that is right. In addition to this, the most outstanding coverage is in Missouri, Kansas, and Texas. Moreover, what you can do about this map is zoom in and zoom out. Plus, on the right side, upper the interface, you can see the Search, which means you can search for a place you are looking for.

How to use Google Fiber Speed Test?

Take note: if you want accurate and best results, you must close all the applications running on your device before starting the Internet speed test.


Launch your browser and go to Google Fiber Speed Test webpage.

Google Fiber Speed Test Browser

Click the Play button to start the speed testing.

Google Fiber Speed Test Play Button

The tool will display the results.

Google Fiber Speed Test Results

Helpful Tips

◆ Google Fiber Speed Test is designed especially for Google Fiber connections. Therefore, using this tool for different Internet connections may produce inaccurate results.

◆ You must update your device to the latest version of the operating system when you want to test your Internet connection speed.

◆ You must use the newest version of your web browser to run the speed test.

◆ You can use the incognito window in a Chrome web browser and a private one in a different browser.

What are the Factors that Affects Internet Speeds

Out-of-date hardware

Make sure that your hardware is updated and not outdated. Check the hardware you use, how old your device is, its operating system. Also, consider the web browser, network interface card, and every application that runs your device that may affect download and upload speed

Virtual Private Network - VPNs

Bear in mind that if the VNP's server is not suitable for forwarding traffic at one gigabit, and the possible will happen, your Internet speed may be decreased to the rate and the VPN server capable of.


The meaning of latency is the measurement of how long it takes to transfer or receive packets on one particular network. Usually, it is affected by how distant packets need to travel. Also, on how many network packets must cross over. Plus, every quality of each network.

Packet loss

It is just like latency, and when we say packet loss, it can have several causes, such as network congestion, faulty hardware, and poor device performance.

Maximum usage time

The performance of the external factors is possibly lower throughout the maximum or peak usage times. This means your network typically falls within 7 PM and 11 PM in your time zone.

What is Best For Google Speedtest?

A Google Fiber Speed Test is best for every Internet provider. However, it is better to use a Google Fiber Internet connection. In addition to this, if you are looking for a fast-speed tester tool, Google Fiber Speed Test is best for you since it provides fast and convenient speed testing. Moreover, it is also best for those looking for a speed testing tool that is simple and easy to use because it is perfect for beginners. You do not have to become techy when testing your Internet connection. You can try your Internet using Google Fiber Speed Test in just a couple of clicks.

4. FAQ for Fiber Speedtest Review

Is Google Fiber Speed Test safe?

Yes, it is safe because it is still from Google. Moreover, it is reliable and provides much accurate analysis.

Does Google Fiber Speed Test work?

Yes. It is more accurate than the ISP since it is the server used for latency, download, upload, and ping.

Is Google Fiber Speed Test free?

Yes, it is. You need to pay for the Internet plan that Google Fiber offers. It has different techniques that you can purchase. Nonetheless, you can use Google Fiber Speed Test for free.

5. Google Fiber Speed Test VS Xfinity SpeedTest

Again, Google Fiber Speed Test has a clean interface that is manageable to use. Suppose we are going to dig for information with these two tools. They are both Internet providers that offer a speed testing tool. In addition to this, both have the same goal: to provide every user with a better speed testing tool. But the question here is, which is much better? Do not worry, because, in our next article, we will introduce to you Xfinity SpeedTest and allow us to share some information about it. Moreover, we hope you see it in Xfinity Speedtest Review because we will guarantee that you will learn more about this speed testing tool.


To sum it all up, we now know that Google Fiber Speed Test is just a feature of Google Fiber. In addition to this, we observe its advantages and disadvantages plus its system requirements. In this article review, we also introduce Xfinity SpeedTest. Moreover, you can try them both to recognize their differences. What' more? We also provide some steps and tips. Overall, Google Fiber Speed Test is excellent to use. We hope that we have satisfied you with this post. See you in our next article!

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