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Test My Net Review: A Versatile Speed Testing Tool for Windows, Mac, and Mobile Devices

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Feb 24, 2023Windows Tips

Who would not have an Internet connection at home? I believe that most people have an Internet connection. However, instead of the speed testing tool, we will not focus on the Internet connection. The questions are, do you have an idea about a speed testing tool? Are you aware of it? Well, if not, this article review will help you understand what speed testing tool is, mainly Test My Net. This tool lets you test your Internet connection and trouble also. Nonetheless, if you are already familiar with it, allow this post to add more information and understanding. With that, let us now read together!

TestMy Net Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is Test My Net? 3. Test My Net Review 4. FAQ of Test My Net 5. Test My Net VS NetSpot

1. Our Verdict

It is reliable in testing your Internet.
It is easy to understand the results.
It is an independent third party.
It provides unbiased results.
It is fast and accurate.
It has pop-up Ads.

Overall Rating

9.0 Overall




2. What is Test My Net?

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices

Main Features

There is no doubt that Test My Net is one of the compatible, versatile and reliable speed testing tools you can use. Many know it, and it focuses on testing your speed connection. This tool aims to give the users accurate results and meet their needs. For that reason, in this article review, we will show you the features of Test My Net below: Please take a moment to see them:

◆ Speed testing.

◆ Calculate transfer rate and output accurately.

◆ Download speed test.

◆ Upload speed test.

◆ Automatic speed test.

3. Test My Net Review


TestMy Net Interface

Upon seeing the interface of Test My Net, you will notice that it is unique. It has a black and Persian blue color combination that makes the interface look professional. Moreover, after clicking the Test My Internet, choose the four choices: Download, Upload, Combined, and Latency. Test My Net interface is very different from the typical speed testing tool. It is one of the unique interfaces I have seen so far.

My Settings

TestMy Net Setting Advanced

Below the Test My Internet, you can see My Settings and click it. Then, you will also see the advanced and click it also. After that, you will change the advanced settings of Test My Net with what you desire. Above the left side of the interface, you have an option to change the Identifier to other available choices such as Bedroom, Game Room, Home, Kitchen, Living Room, and so much more. In addition to this, you can enable the Dark Mode, Multithread, Email Results, Disable % Logo, Standard Deviation TiP calculations, and Classic Failsafe Upload Test. Moreover, you can also change the Date Format. After all the adjustments and being satisfied with the changes, click the Save My Setting below.

Automatic Speed Test

testMy Net Automatic Speed Test

Test My Net will automatically retest your Internet connection with the automatic speed test based on what you have set. This tool will help you provide data that may support your Internet troubleshooting. All you have to do is set the test interval. Then, click the start. After that, be back and retrieve all your results. The good thing about this is Test My Net requires your web browser only. Also, it has trusted results and is free to use.

You can set your automatic speed test by choosing from Download, Upload, and Combined. You can also enable the Calculate size based on previous results. Moreover, you can set your automatic speed test from every five minutes to twenty-four hours. Plus, you can repeat it from five times up to fifty times. Going to the Extra Options, set your Download Size from 1 MB to 19 MB. It is the same as the Upload Size. Furthermore, after all the changes, click the Start Automatic Test.

Download Speed

TestMy Net Download Speed

Test My Net has a stable and accurate speed testing tool. Also, it can provide you with fast results. As you can see from the screenshots in this article, Test My Net provides a horizontal chart to show you the result, which is the good thing about this speed testing tool. To offer you, look at the table we provided below:

Download Speed 10.9 Mbps N/A
My Average 6.9 Mbps 59%
City Average 23 Mbps 52%
PH Average 26.7 Mbps 59%
World Average 40.3 Mbps 73%

Moreover, Test My Net also provides a graph scale below the horizontal chart.

Upload Speed

TestMy Net Upload Speed

In this feature that Test My Net offers, it will produce different data through your browser and upload data back to the Test My Net. Also, it can calculate your upload speed, and it can log your speed test results. Moreover, Test My Net assures your Internet connection is entirely tested with a more extensive upload test up to 100 MB. In addition to this, Test My Net also provides you with a horizontal chart in upload speed. The difference between Upload Speed to Download Speed is Upload Speed does not have a graph scale below while Download Speed has. Please see the table we provided below:

Upload Speed 4.3 Mbps N/A
Host Average 29.3 Mbps 85%
City Average 16 Mbps 73%
PH Average 31.9 Mbps 87%
World Average 16.3 Mbps 74%

What is Best for Test My Net?

Test My Net is best for users looking for an accurate, fast, reliable, and versatile speed testing tool. In addition to this, Test My Net is best for Windows, Mac, and for all your mobile devices that you have since you can use this speed testing tool in every kind of platform. Moreover, it is also best for Internet troubleshooting. In short, Test My Net is the best tool for testing and troubleshooting your Internet connection.

4. FAQ of Test My Net

Is Test My Net reliable?

Yes, it is. Test My Net has a unique approach. It is the most available bandwidth speed testing resource on the Internet. Test My Net decided to have multiple gigabit and multi-home connectivity with many bandwidth providers. Therefore, even if you use Fiber, Cable, Mobile Broadband, Satellite, etc., you will still have accurate and reliable speed test results.

What is the difference between Test My Net and the Xfinity Speed Test?

Xfinity Speed Test focuses on consumers who want to avail their Internet Plans. With that, they provide their consumer with a speed testing tool. However, it may have inaccurate results with other Internet connections. On the other hand, Test My Net's purpose is to provide every user with accurate results, focusing on speed testing.

Is My Net safe?

Yes, it is. Test My Net assures every user that their tool is safe to use and reliable in many ways even though it is free to use.

5. Test My Net VS NetSpot

Test My Net and NetSpot are almost the same. Both are speed testing tools that offer accurate results for every user. In addition to this, both also have differences. To elaborate this for you, Test My Net is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Mobile Devices. However, Netspot is suitable for Windows, and Mac only. Furthermore, NetSpot has so many more features than Test My Net. However, both are reliable, convenient, and safe to use.


To summarize, there is no doubt that Test My Net is reliable and provides you with accurate results. Moreover, we also know that this speed testing tool is free and safe to use. Moreover, in this article review, we also tackle every part of Test My Nets, such as the Download Speed, Upload Speed, and Automatic Speed. We also share the best for Test My Net and who can use this tool. In addition to this, we also provide you with some questions and answers just in case you have a question about Test My Net. To sum it up, Test My Net is a great way to troubleshoot and test your Internet connection.

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