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Cloudflare Speed Test Review: A Great Tool to Manage Your Internet Connection

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Feb 24, 2023Windows Tips

Do you want to have a fantastic and convenient speed test tool? Moreover, are you looking for a consistent result while testing your Internet connection? That is great! Cloudflare Speed Test got you with your needs! This speed test tool lets you measure your Internet connection's speed and consistency. The great thing is you can use this to verify how fast your ISP is obtaining in every part of your home.

Furthermore, Cloudflare Speed Test spans data with over 200 cities worldwide. I know that you are now excited to be more knowledgeable about Cloudflare Speed Test for all of these reasons. Come on, let us read this post review now!

Cloudflare Speed Test Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is the Cloudflare Speed Test? 3. Cloudflare Speed Test Review 4. FAQ of Cloudflare Speed Test 5. Cloudflare Speed Test VS FCC Speed Tes 6. Cloudflare Speed Test Alternatives

1. Our Verdict

It provides a server location map.
It protects your employees, networks, and devices.
It is a fast-speed tester.
It is confusing to use.
It has limited features in the free version.
It takes too much time to know the results.

Overall Ratings

8.8 Overall


Easy to use:8.5


2. What is Cloudflare Speed Test?

Price: It is free. However, it has Pro, Business, and Enterprise versions

Platform: Windows, Mac, Browser, and Devices

Main Features

Cloudflare Speed Test is popular with many. It is known as the global network, and of course, many are using Cloudflare Speed Test. But at some point, many people are not familiar with this speed tester, and this article aims to share our thoughts about Cloudflare Speed Test. Below, we will show you the features of Cloudflare Speed Test.

◆ Protects your APIs, website, and Internet applications.

◆ Write and input code that runs on the network edge.

◆ It has a universal SSL certificate.

◆ It is a globally load-balanced CDN.

◆ It has unmetered DDoS Protection for Layers 3-7.

◆ It shows you the Ping.

◆ It has Ping, download, and upload measurements.

◆ Integrated security and performance.

◆ It spans more than 250 cities in 100+ countries.

◆ Programmable edge.

3. Cloudflare Speed Test Review


Cloudflare Speed Test Interface

I love the interface of Cloudflare Speed Test because it is realistic. I also love the running Rabbit above the left side of the interface. We all know that Rabbits are one of the fastest animals, and that is how Cloudflare Speed Test wants to show you that their speed tester is like a Rabbit, and it is a quick to speed test. Furthermore, it provides a graph scale that helps you track the result. It will show you the ups and downs of the status of your Internet. Also, you can see the Service Location right away. Moreover, you will no longer search for the Ping Measurements, Download Measurements, and Upload Measurements.

Cloudflare Speed Test Services

Cloudflare Speed Test has a lot of application services that you can use and explore each function. With this, you can protect and speed up your apps, APIs, and Websites in just a minute by the DNS to Cloudflare. You have to turn on performance and security services. For that reason, check below the application services that Cloudflare Speed Test offer.

◆ Cloudflare CDN Speed Test.

◆ DNS.

◆ DDoS protection.

◆ Bot management.

◆ Load balancing.

◆ Rate limiting.

◆ WAF.

◆ API protection.

Server Location

Cloudflare Speed Test Server Location

Server Location is essential, especially in speed testing, and Cloudflare Speed Test has that. This tool has a significant advantage because it provides Server Location for the users, and it is very beneficial to the users and consumers. With the Server Location, you can see the different places around the world, and you can zoom in and zoom out, especially if you want to search for your location. In addition to this, below, Cloudflare Speed Test shows you where you are connected, your site, and your network.

Ping Measurements

Cloudflare Speed Test Ping Measurements

We can see the Ping Measurements of Cloudflare Speed Test on the right side of the interface beside the Service Location. It only has one box of information about your Internet Connection. You can see the Ping Test (20/20). Moreover, below that, the horizontal graph diagram is present, and it contains ms from 0 to 2000. To take a look much further, you can show more. To illustrate more, as you can see with the photo we provided, our result in Ping in #1 is 685.3 ms, and the #2 is 10.4 ms. You have to take note that the results we have got are not the same as the result you may have in the future when you start using Cloudflare Speed Test.

Download Measurements

Cloudflare Speed Test Download Measurements

As we take a look at the Download Measurements of Cloudflare Speed Test, it has different boxes. Take note that you will get all the information below after speed testing. Furthermore, the first box contains the 100kB download test (10/10). Below, it provides a horizontal graph diagram showing the bps from 0 to 10M. After that, if you want to see the full details, you can display more by clicking the small inverted pyramid on the right upper side, and it will show you the Duration and Speed from #1 to #10.

For example, based on the result that I got, it shows that in #1, the Duration is 631.9ms, and the Speed is 1.27 Mbps. Moving forward, we will now proceed under the 100kB download test (10/10), which is the 1MB download test (8/8), and 10MB download test (6/6). They all have the same process to see the details, and it also shows you the Duration and Speed.

Upload Measurements

Cloudflare Speed Test Upload Measurements

When it comes to the Upload Measurements of Cloudflare Speed Test, there are some changes if we compare it to the Download Measurements mentioned above. However, both have a different result because it has various functions. The first box that we will see in the Upload Measurements is the 100kB upload test (8/8). It also has the same horizontal graph diagram. However, the difference of the Upload Measurements is the bps because it starts from 0 to 15M. Again, click the small inverter pyramid that leads you to the Duration and the Speed to show you more details. The result that we have got on #1 is the Duration is 563.5ms, and the Speed is 1.43 Mbps. To add information, below the 100kB upload test (8/8) is the 1M upload test (6/6) and 10MB upload test (4/4). If you will notice, Upload Measurements is lower than the Download Measurements.

What is best for Cloudflare Speed Test?

Cloudflare Speed Test is the best tool you can have for speed testing. However, it is not much access to the beginner user, but it is suggestable with the people who have an idea about a speed testing tool. Nevertheless, it is not hard to use, but it is confusing for beginners, especially in speed testing. So much with that, it is also best for people who are searching for a great tool to speed test their Internet connection and more.

4. FAQ of Cloudflare Speed Test

Is Cloudflare Speed Test safe?

According to the Cloudflare Speed Test, they care about your privacy, and they take it seriously. Cloudflare Speed Test assures you that they will not sell your data nor do anything about it. The reason why Cloudflare Speed Test collects your information is to use them to improve your network much better.

Is Cloudflare Speed Test accurate?

Yes, this tool is accurate, especially in speed tests. Cloudflare Speed Test is one of the more precise speed testers than any other speed tester tool over the Internet.

How can I improve my speed using Cloudflare Speed Test?

You can visit and get an idea of what you can do about your speed.

5. Cloudflare Speed Test VS FCC Speed Test

To repeat, Cloudflare Speed Test is one of the accurate speed tester tools. In addition to this, it provides you with great features that you can enjoy and love. Moreover, it also gives you service location, which is essential and very detailed about its measurements and more. However, let us briefly compare it to FCC Speed Test. This other tool is also accurate upon testing your Internet connection speed. Also, it can evaluate metrics such as download speed, jitter, latency, and packet loss. For more information, we will post an article review about FCC Speed Test anytime soon, and we hope to see you again.

6. Cloudflare Speed Test Alternatives

Cloudflare Speed Test is not the only one option to help test your Internet or WiFi speed.

Here you can find its alternatives.

Speedtest by Ookla: it is a broadband speed test tool across device. You just need to open this online tool, and it can test your computer internet speed automatically.

NetSpot: it is a free wireless speed test application. It can analyze the WiFi speed and troubleshooting on computer. it is a testing tool to check how fast your download speed and estimate your ISP speed.

FCC Speed Test: This software developed by the FCC (The Federal Communications Commission) can measure America Program’s mobile performance to collect broadband result.

Google Fiber Speed Test: it uses fiber optic cable to test the broadband or wi-fi internet upload and download speeds.

Xfinity Speed Test: it tests the speed that reaches your individual device by running the test, and gives you the tips to improve your Internet performance.

Test My Net: it is a powerful broadband speed test that will test your download and upload speed test.


To sum it all up, we show you an introduction to Cloudflare Site Speed Test. Also, the advantages and disadvantages will help you have an idea about the tool. Furthermore, we explain to you Cloudflare Speed Test, how it functions, tackled its main features, and even further. If this article review helps you with your problem, feel free to share it with your friends.

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