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2. What is John the Ripper
3. John the Ripper Review
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5. John the Ripper VS Lazesoft Recover My Password

John the Ripper Review: It is an Open-source and Free Windows Password Reset

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Jun 06, 2022Windows Tips

We are not perfect because we tend to forget many things, including our Windows account or password. Funny, right? It is frustrating that we forget our password when we need to open our Windows account as soon as possible. But, what can we do? In this article review, let us end your frustrations because we will introduce you to John the Ripper. It is not a human, and it is software that can reset your Windows password. Are you curious to get to know more about John the Ripper? That is great! Let us start reading until the end of this review.

John the Ripper Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is John the Ripper 3. John the Ripper Review 4. FAQs of John the Ripper 5. John the Ripper VS Lazesoft Recover My Password

1. Our Verdict

It can crack the enormous range of various password types.
It is open-source software.
It offers over 20 different languages.
The Windows version considers Hash Suite.
The jumbo version includes many extra command-line to crack a massive range of password types.
It takes too much time to set up.
The command-line feature does not apply to new users.
It does not have a pleasing interface.

Overall Ratings

8.1 Overall

Easy to use:8.5



2. What is John the Ripper

Best for: those desiring a password recovery that works on all operating systems.

Price: Starts at $39.95

Platform: Linux, Mac, and Windows

Main Features

John the Ripper is a password cracker which is fast and available for all operating systems. The aim of John the Ripper is to detect every weak Unix password. As well as the Windows LM Hashes and every other password hash type. In addition, if you are curious about what John the Ripper can do more, let us see below its features.

1. It has pre-built and proven native packages.

2. It has a single command wherein you do not need to compile.

3. It has automatic detection of multi-core CPUs and the use of multi-threading.

4. It also has a transparent fallback for a single-threaded built-on single-core machine.

5. It has automatic detection of processor architecture extensions.

6. It provides a wide multilingual wordlist.

7. It also provides a dictionary attack, brute-force attack, and rainbow tables.

8. It has a single crack mode, wordlist mode, and incremental mode.

3. John the Ripper Review

John the Ripper Reviews

Dictionary Attack, Brute-force Attack, and Rainbow Tables

This part will explain the functions of these three; Dictionary Attack, Brute-force Attack, and Rainbow Tables. Let us start now:

The first one that we will discuss is the Dictionary Attack of John the Ripper. To give you an idea, the tool will try the passwords provided in a pre-fed list with a large number of words, phrases, and possible passwords. The device will enter all the single passwords in an application from the list. Then, it will attempt to find the correct one.

The second is the Brute-force Attack of John the Ripper. In this section, the tool will ask you to configure several settings. An example of that is the minimum and the maximum lengths of the correct password that could fall into what types of characters consist of letters, letters and numbers, and special characters. It may take too much guesswork and skill to find the ideal brute-forcing configuration in this process. After that, the tool will guess all the combinations of possible passwords within the criteria specified by the scope. Once there is a successful match, you will be notified of your correct password.

The third one is the Rainbow Tables of John the Ripper. Did you know this will become ineffective when your password hashes are salted and the salt value is too tremendous? They are using salting because of a security defense to add to storing hashed users' passwords in their database. Moreover, Rainbow Tables are efficient when a vast list of hashed passwords is available.

4. FAQs of John the Ripper

Is John the Ripper safe?

Yes, we can say that John the Ripper is safe to use and purchase. It offers a money-back guarantee, and if there is a reason that you are not satisfied with their product, they also provide a refund for your payment. In addition to this, they will also give you a receipt after you purchase the product.

How can I download John the Ripper for Android?

John the Ripper is one of the accessible tools that you can download, and the good thing about John the Ripper is it works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. To download John the Ripper for Android, go to its official site. Then, you see the On Android on the first part of the website. Consider Hash Suite Droid.

Does John the Ripper really work?

Of course, it is working. John the Ripper works using the Dictionary Attack and Brute-force Attack method mentioned in the upper part of this review. So, using those attacks, they help John the Ripper guess the password effortlessly. In addition, it can also work with encrypted passwords and address online and offline attacks.

5. John the Ripper VS Lazesoft Recover My Password

Between the two software, let us see who leaps up. We know that Lazesoft Recover My Password has three kinds of subscriptions; the Professional, Server Edition, and Unlimited Edition costs. Nevertheless, John the Rippers costs nothing. So, we sum up that John the Ripper excels in the price since users will always find free software to use. Moreover, let us see the features of Lazesoft Recover My Password.

1. It allows you to recover your Windows password using a bootable CD, DVD, and USB Flash Drive.

2. It can reset the domain administrator password and the local administrator password.

3. It lets you recover the product keys out of the unbootable Windows installations.

4. It provides a WinPE Recovery CD Builder.

5. It can detect every various operating system that is installed on your computer.

6. It allows you to lock and enable your user's accounts.

7. It lets you disable the password expiry option.

8. It enables you to make a UEFI boot USB disk, CD, and DVD


Indeed that price is a big deal for every user. Of course, who would not want free software that can satisfy your needs? To conclude this whole review, we give you an idea that even though John the Ripper is free to use, it can still fulfill your need to recover your Windows password. Thank you for reading the entire post. We are hoping that we will still see you in our following post!

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