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Trinity Rescue Kit Review: Free to Use, Yet Its Features are Fulfilling Needs

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Jun 06, 2022Windows Tips

Did you come to the point that you locked yourself out on your Windows computers because you forgot your Windows password? Oh no, that is a big problem! That is why you assume that you will not be able to retrieve your account again. However, you're mistaken. There is a solution to your big problem. Here is Trinity Rescue Kit. Indeed, it can rescue your forgotten Windows password. To know more, please read the entire review. We promise that this post will not disappoint you!

Trinity Rescue Kit Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is Trinity Rescue Kit 3. Trinity Rescue Kit Review 4. FAQs of Trinity Rescue Kit 5. Trinity Rescue Kit VS Chntpw

1. Our Verdict

It is free to use.
It has a straightforward menu interface.
It provides five various virus scan products.
It has an easy script to seek and mount all your local file systems.
It has full proxy server support.
It provides two rootkit detection utilities.
It is constantly updated to the latest versions.
It has minimal support.
It is poorly maintained.
It has no support for EFI systems.
It is not advisable for beginner users.
It has a command-line that is hard to understand.

Overall Ratings

8.1 Overall

Easy to use:8.0



2. What is Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue Kit Menu

Best for: the recovery or repair operations on your Windows machines. It is also best for your forgotten Windows password.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Main Features

Again, Trinity Rescue Kit is free software that lets you repair and recover every Windows installation. The good thing about this is it works on every operating system. Therefore, there is no limitation on using this software. Moreover, let us see all the features it offers on the lower part:

1. It allows you to burn a CD, DVD, and USB Flash Drive to reboot your PC.

2. It has a repair and recovery feature.

3. It has full NTFS write support.

4. It offers a win clean that cleans up all the unnecessary temporary files on your computer.

5. It has a clone of computers to the network via multicast.

6. It has a vast range of hardware support.

7. It provides PI backup utility to automate local machine backup.

8. It runs a samba file server and ssh server.

9. It can recover deleted files with utility procedures.

10. It can also retrieve a loss of partitions.

11. It has full read, writes, and rpm support.

3. Trinity Rescue Kit Review

Resetting Windows Password

Trinity Rescue Kit Reset Password

The good thing about Trinity Rescue Kit is that it can reset passwords in Windows 7, Windows 10, and almost every Windows version. So, to reset your Windows password, you need to download the Trinity Rescue Kit ISO image file. You burn it on a CD or DVD by right-clicking the ISO image file. In addition, assuming that you have a CD or DVD, you can boot using your USB Flash Drive.

Next to that, you can now input your CD or DVD to the optical drive and restart your PC. Remember, you must boot from your CD rather than using a hard drive. Why? Because if you do not use CD to boot, you need to change the boot order in your computer’s BIOS settings to boot from the optical drive. That is a hassle to do!

Moreover, After the booting process, scroll down and notice the Windows Password Resetting. Then, select the Enter button. Following that, like the Winpass prompts for username first. Then, Trinity Rescue Kit will ask you the username for your account as a user. So, after that process, your system will automatically search for the list of all Windows installations on your PC. Supposing there is one Windows installation, you can press one and click the Enter button.

It is now your time to set your new password. However, if you do not want to set a new password yet, you can clear the old password. When you successfully remove your password, you will read a message that says Password Cleared. After that, restart your PC.

4. FAQs of Trinity Rescue Kit

What can Trinity Rescue Kit do?

Trinity Rescue Kit is not a Windows distribution. Still, it is originally a Linux distribution on a bootable CD-ROM containing all you need to rescue or recover your damaged Linux or Windows systems. In addition to this, Trinity Rescue Kit has many features to offer. However, you may not expect it at first since it is not famous. However, you will appreciate its features when you start to use this software.

Can I rescue or recover my Windows password without changing it using Trinity Rescue Kit?

Yes, you can do that using Trinity Rescue Kit on your Windows 10. So, to do that, click the link that says Forget My Password. After that, you will see the Recover Your Account on your screen. Then, Trinity Rescue Kit will ask for your email address for your Microsoft Account. Then, wait for an email about your Windows password.

Is Trinity Rescue Kit safe?

According to our research about the safety of Trinity Rescue Kit, it is safe and secure to download. In addition to this, it is 100 percent working with all operating systems.

5. Trinity Rescue Kit VS Chntpw

Trinity Rescue Kit and Chntpw or Offline NT Password and Registry Password are both free. However, we all know that there is only one software that will make standouts. After reviewing the two software, we conclude that Trinity Rescue Kit excels when it comes to its features. Now, let us see the Chnpw or Offline NT Password and Registry Password features, do not worry. This software is also reliable when it comes to recovering your password.

1. It allows you to edit the SAM database that Windows stores the password hashes.

2. It also allows you to edit your Windows registry.

3. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

4. It will enable you to reset the user’s password.

5. It can also allow you to promote a user to an administrator.

6. It will enable you to choose from CD, DVD, and USB Flash Drive.

7. It lets you remove the password of any installation of Windows.

8. It will not require you to install the Windows again.


We are now aware that Trinity Rescue Kit works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is essential since other software is not working on different operating systems. So much for that. We hope you appreciate our article review as we show you the Trinity Rescue Kit features, pros, cons, functions, etc. We are expecting you to leave us a like and leave a comment. See you again in our next article!

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