1. Our Verdict
2. What is Lazesoft Recover My Password
3. Lazesoft Recover My Password Review
4. FAQs of Lazesoft Recover My Password
5. Lazesoft Recover My Password VS Passware Kit

Lazesoft Recover My Password Review: A Dominant Tool To Recover Windows Password

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Jun 06, 2022Windows Tips

Passwords are one of the things that we need to take care of. They are also essential for our accounts, whether for social media accounts, email accounts, Windows accounts, and more. But there will always be a tendency that you may forget your passwords. We have a tool for you just in case you forgot your password. We are introducing to you Lazesoft Recover My Password. It is software that is capable of recovering your password. In addition, we will also tackle more about this below. Read now.

Lazersoft Recover My Password Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is Lazesoft Recover My Password 3. Lazesoft Recover My Password Review 4. FAQs of Lazesoft Recover My Password 5. Lazesoft Recover My Password VS Passware Kit

1. Our Verdict

It is easy to download and install.
It is free to use.
It provides numerous options to back up and restore every disk drive.
It offers technical support.
The password recovery for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 is enhanced.
It adds an option for the WinPE version, allowing you to type while building the boot disk.
It also allows unique custom drivers while building your boot disk.
The boot media for every operating system need to be separated.
It limits the functionality of using a free trial version.
It is impossible to work without using a bootable CD, DVD, or USB Flash Drive.

Overall Ratings

8.5 Overall

Easy to use:8.5



2. What is Lazesoft Recover My Password

Best for: People who want to recover the forgotten Windows password using a CD or USB Flash Drive.

Price: Professional costs $17.95, Server Edition, costs $79.49, and Unlimited Edition costs $159.69.

Platform: Windows

Main Features

Lazesoft Recover My Password aims to recover your forgotten Windows password. Moreover, it works with every Windows version. It is also excellent because of its bootable CD and USB Flash Drive. In other words, it lets you boot your device whether you choose the CD or the USB Flash Drive. In addition to this, please see below the Lazesoft Recover My Password main features:

1. It can recover your Windows password using a bootable CD and USB Flash Drive.

2. It allows you to reset the domain administrator password and local administrator password.

3. It can recover the product keys from the unbootable Windows installations.

4. It has WinPE Recovery CD Builder.

5. It is automated when detecting various operating systems installed on your computer.

6. It can unlock and enable user accounts.

7. It disables the password expiry option.

8. It creates a UEFI boot USB disk, DVD, and CD.

3. Lazesoft Recover My Password Review


Lazesoft Recover My Password Interface

Lazesoft Recover My Password has a unique interface. It is simple, clean, and has beautiful colors like blue, light blue, and light gray. Its interface is not a typical design like what you see on the other software. Again, it has a unique interface. On the left side, you will see Welcome, How to Create Bootable CD, How to boot from the Created CD, How to create bootable USB Drive, and How to boot from USB Drive. Then, in the middle part, it provides short information. Below the information, you will see the Burn Bootable CD/USB Disk Now! When you click that, you will proceed to the following interface of Lazesoft Recover My Password. See? It is not confusing to use. In short, it has a user-friendly interface.

Creating a Bootable CD and DVD

Lazesoft Recover My Password Creating a Bootable CD and DVD

One of the prominent features of Lazesoft Recover My Password is creating a bootable CD. So, after the downloading process, you will see the Welcome page on the left side of the interface. Then, click the Next to start the process. After that, you can now begin inserting the bootable CD or DVD. Then, click the Next button, and Lazesoft Recover My Password will start the burning process. Moreover, the good thing about this is you can Browse ISO Images. When the burning process is complete successfully, you can now use the CD or DVD.

4. FAQs of Lazesoft Recover My Password

What can I do if my Desktop cannot boot from Lazesoft Recover My Password USB Flash Drive?

It would help if you remembered two reasons why your computer cannot boot from this USB Flash Drive. First, your Desktop computer BIOS is not configured in order to boot from the USB Flash Drive. Second, maybe your computer motherboard does not support the booting from the USB Flash Drive. You can create a bootable CD or DVD only even if Lazesoft Recover My password supports the bootable USB Flash Drive.

Is Lazesoft Recover My Password safe?

According to our research about the security of Lazesoft Recover My Password software, it does not yet provide information about its security and safety. However, we still claim that it is safe, especially if you purchase one of their products.

How Can I remove the password using Lazesoft Recover My Password?

To remove the password, launch Lazesoft Recover My Password. Then, on the Welcome page, tap the Next button. After that, it requires you to select a Windows installation volume and then select the same user account. Then click the Reset/Unlock to clear what you have chosen user account password.

5. Lazesoft Recover My Password VS Passware Kit

There is no doubt that Lazesoft Recover My Password is efficient and reliable. It also has three subscriptions: the Professional, Server Edition, and Unlimited Edition. Of course, they have different prices, and you can see them above this review. There are also no questions about its features because Lazesoft Recover My Password offers a lot, and it is capable of recovering your Windows password. On the other hand, we want to show and give you an idea of the differences between Lazesoft Recover My Password and Passware Kit. As we research Passware Kit, yes, there is a big difference between the two because it focuses on resetting passwords and many more. Please see the features of the Passware Kit below and appreciate its uniqueness.

1. It has five different subscriptions; Kit Basic, Kit Standard, Kit Standard Plus, Kit Business, and Kit Forensic.

2. It can recover passwords for Word Documents, MS Excel, Windows accounts, Websites, etc.

3. It supports over fifty file types.

4. NVIDIA and AMD GPUs accelerate its password recovery.

5. It can show you password history.

6. It has Crypto wallets.

This part is not enough to write every difference between Lazesoft Recover My Password and Passware Kit. If you want to know more about Passware Kit, we will have a review about it soon, and we expect you in that review!


We are amazed at how efficient, and user-friendly Lazesoft Recover My Password is. We show you every detail about it, including its price, platform, and primary features. In this review, we also catch a glimpse of Passware Kit features. Again, we will also have a review of it soon, so we are expecting you to read it too! Till our next article!

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