Greenshot or Snagit, Which Is the Best Screen Capture Tool for You?

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Are you still looking to choose between Greenshot and Snagit as the best screenshot capture software? Check out the differences between them before you do.

Both Greenshot and Snagit are the screengrab software on the desktop.

You may have heard them many times, but find it hard to decide which one you should download.

The following information will help you to find the better one quickly.

Keep reading to know the comparison Greenshot with Snagit and make an appropriate solution.

Greeshot vs Snagit
Part 1. Overview of Greenshot and Snagit Part 2. Comparison Greenshot and Snagit Part 3. Verdict: Greenshot or Snagit
Part 1. Overview of Greenshot and Snagit
Part 2. Comparison Greenshot and Snagit
Part 3. Verdict: Greenshot or Snagit

Part 1. Overview of Greenshot and Snagit

Overview of Greenshot

What is Greenshot?

Greenshot Screenshot

Greenshot is a light-weight screenshot software tool for Windows and Mac. It can create quick screenshots for any region on your computer and web pages. After taking a screenshot, the built-in editor lets you annotate, highlight, and crop the screenshot.

9.1 Overall



Service support9.1

Platform support9.1

Now, check out the reviews of Greenshot.

1. Various screenshot modes.
2. Support scrolling screen capture.
3. Edit screenshots easily.
4. Support Greeshot plug-ins.
1. The interface is not user-friendly.
2. Editing features are simple.

Overview of Snagit

What is Snagit?

Snagit Screenshot

Snagit is an all-in-one screen capture and recording program on Windows and Mac. It captures your screen in various modes, and offers further image editing features to refine the screenshots. Working with Microsoft Office, it can quickly share the screenshots with Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, and more.

9.3 Overall



Service support9.2

Platform support9.2

Now, check out the reviews of Greenshot.

1. Horizontal and vertical panoramic scrolling capture.
2. Grab text from the screenshot.
3. Record video and audio.
4. Powerful screenshot editor.
1. It is not free to use.
2. Occasional crash when taking screenshots.

Part 2. Comparison Greenshot and Snagit

Capture Screen: Greenshot VS Snagit

As a screenshot tool, both Greenshot and Snagit can capture a wide range of screens on your desktop and website.

Check the differences between them:

Features Greenshot Snagit
Capture screen Region, last region, window, full-screen, Internet Explorer tab Panoramic capture, a region, a window, full-screen

Summary: They both have unique features to take screenshots. The better one is based on your needs.

Image Editor: Greenshot VS Snagit

After taking a screenshot, an image editor is helpful to refine your screenshots.

Snagit VS Greenshot Image Editor

Let’s check the differences between those 2 screenshot tools in an image editor.

Image editor Greenshot Snagit
Draw Rectangle, ellipse, line, freehand Arrow, shape, line, freehand,
Add Text, speech buddle, counter Text, callout
Effects Border, drop shadow, torn edge, grayscale, invert, obfuscate Borer, edge, page curl, shadow, filters, page curl, perspective, corlor adjustment, spotlight&maginify
Basic editing Crop, rotate, Crop, cut out, rotate
Unique features Stamp, magnify, selection, fill, move

Summary: Besides exploring more editing features in Snagit Editor, you can also customize the tool properties like font size, font style, color, outline size, and more.

In this round, Snagit is the winner.

Unique Features: Greenshot VS Snagit

Every screenshot software is unique, and there are unique features that others miss.

Greenshot: While installing Greenshot, there is coming with a handy plugin called external command plugin, which allows Greenshot to output files to a large number of other programs like Adobe Photoshop, etc., for further editing.

Snagit: Apart from the screenshot function, Snagit has many unique features that Greenshot does not possess. Snagit can extract the text from a screenshot and paste it into other documents. Besides, this screen capture software can record video, audio, and webcam to output a video file. Its screenshots can be arranged into a GIF or video production with its ready-made templates and your customization.

Summary: Snagit is a screenshot with more utilities that you can use to create and refine your video productions, while Greenshot is a simple tool that captures the screen. Snagit does a better job than Greenshot here.

Price: Greenshot VS Snagit

Price is also the consideration to choose a better screenshot program.

Greenshot is an open-source screen capture tool for Windows, but you need to pay $1.99 to download the Mac version from App Store.

Returning to Snagit, this software has several versions and licenses, and the price varies.

Uses Snagit 2021 pricing
Individual $49.99
Business $49.99
Education $29.99
Government & Non-profit $49.99

Summary: If the price is the most important reason for you to choose a screenshot tool with all the basic features, then Greenshot will be your best choice.

Part 3. Verdict: Greenshot or Snagit

No matter which screenshot software you choose, do not forget what your purpose is. If you are looking for a screenshot with simple functions, and do not pay for more, then Greenshot is undoubtedly your best choice. However, once you need an image screenshot program with powerful editing features for enterprise uses, Snagit will be a good choice.

Which screenshot software is the winner?

Give your answer by leaving your comments below.

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