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How to Make Money on TikTok Videos: Paid Entertainment

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Oct 07, 2023Social Media

As we all know, TikTok can present an opportunity to make real money for anyone with an entrepreneurial drive and a talent for creating catchy short-form videos. After all, a sizable audience is on this booming social media platform, hungry to be amused and perhaps even to make a purchase.

Furthermore, with over three billion downloads and 50 million daily active users as of 2023, TikTok is the sixth most popular social media app globally. It's a large market. Therefore, it should be no surprise that many people have discovered how to make money on TikTok; some even view it as a full-time career. The good thing about it is you can be one of them, and your quest to becoming a TikTok business genius needs to begin with some research, regardless of whether you want to go all-in or explore a new side hustle. And you're in the right spot.

How to Make Money on TikTok
Part 1. 10 Ideas to Make Money on TikTok Part 2. FAQs about How to Make Money on TikTok

Part 1. 10 Ideas to Make Money on TikTok

Sell Products via TikTok Shop

The introduction of TikTok shopping in 2021 completely changed how people shop. The platform makes purchasing goods directly from TikTok possible, making product purchases simpler for users. The number of users on the site is in the millions and increasing daily. Brands are now willing to offer their goods through TikTok as a result.

TikTok Sell Products

Upload Videos on TikTok

Uploading entertaining and incredible videos on TikTok is one of the most effective ways to earn money on TIkTok. We need to get the viewers’ attention by uploading an incredible video. In that case, we recommend AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate for you. It is a great tool to help you provide incredible videos and upload them on TikToK.

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The main purpose of AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is to convert videos. It can convert videos between different file types, making it compatible with various platforms and gadgets like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc. This function is essential for making videos since it lets you prepare your source material in the necessary format. This tool has advanced MV-making features like dedicated MV-making software or video editors. We can make your vision possible with AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate.

Live Stream on TikTok

The software includes a live streaming option that you can use to broadcast yourself and earn money for each viewer. Every time someone watches your stream, they can send you donations in the form of coins, which you can later convert for real money. In that case, how many people watch your stream determines how much money you can make; the more viewers, the more money you can make! Remember, though, that it is against TikTok's rules to make overt requests for money or gifts.

TikTok Live Stream

TikTok Creator Fund

Joining the TikTok Creator Fund is among the best methods to earn money on the app! TikTok created this fund to compensate content producers who upload unique works that adhere to the platform's best practices and community standards.

You must be at least 18 years old, have 10,000 followers, and have 100,000 views on your TikTok video during the previous 30 days to be eligible for the money. That's a fantastic method to get paid extra for your efforts!

TikTok Creator Fund

Brand Deals and Sponsorship

Brands constantly search for influencers to collaborate with, and TikTok is no exception. You can use your substantial platform following to negotiate brand arrangements. These offers could be anything from money to free goods. Establishing a strong relationship with the brands is the first step in obtaining brand deals to earn money.

TikTok Sponsorship

TikTok Affiliate Revenue

Affiliate marketing is one of the most well-liked ways to monetize your TikTok account. There are numerous ways to make money as an affiliate, some of which are more profitable than others. Putting product and service recommendations in your videos is the first strategy.

TikTok Affiliated Revenue

Launch Patreon

Your supporters can give you monthly donations using the Patreon platform. You can charge anything you like, depending on the kind of content you produce and the number of subscribers you have. You can encourage people to donate more by giving special benefits to those who pledge at various levels.

For instance, if you make content for TikTok, you might reward higher-pledgers with behind-the-scenes videos of your productions, live conversations with fans, or even one-on-one time with you. Your supporters will appreciate the extra effort and are more likely to stick by you in the future.

TikTok Start Patreon

Sell Products To Your Fans/Viewers

Selling products to your fans on TikTok is a fantastic additional option to earn money. You may easily benefit from selling these goods: hats, phone covers, bespoke t-shirts with your username or business, or anything else. Additionally, since these things are typically inexpensive, the profit margins are substantial!

You may earn a comfortable living from selling goods on TikTok with a little imagination and effort. It's a great way to engage with your audience and profit from your work.

Account Selling

Additionally, you can create and market TikTok accounts. This is a fantastic option for you to monetize the platform. Building accounts with substantial followers, likes, and views is the key to success. For instance, if you have a sizable following on TikTok, you might charge other influencers to access your profile.

They will be able to increase their audience and brand recognition. Some businesses are also prepared to pay for these accounts. They do this to expand their audience and increase their visibility on the site.

Live Selling on TikTok

If you have a significant and active following, live selling on TikTok can be a successful way to make money. Here's how it functions and can assist you in earning money to make money on TikTok live.

TikTok Live Selling

Promoting a Product Directly

You can immediately present and advertise products to your audience during a live stream. This can range from apparel and cosmetics to technology or handcrafted things.

Real-Time Participation

You can interact with your audience in real-time by using live selling. A more engaging shopping experience can be created by promptly responding to queries, demonstrating products, and providing further information.

Short-Term Deals

In sales, creating a sense of urgency can be successful. You can only provide limited-time discounts or special offers during your live sessions to entice viewers to act quickly.

Part 2. FAQs about How to Make Money on TikTok

Can you make money on TikTok?

Yes, you can make money on TikTok. TikTok offers several ways for users to earn money: Brand Partnerships and Sponsorships TikTok Creator Fund. Live Gifts, Virtual Items, and more. You can comprehensively read about them in this article.

How many followers on TikTok to make money?

You don't necessarily need a certain number of followers to generate money on TikTok. It depends on several variables, such as your specialty, interaction level, and the material you provide. Typically, once a creative has a few thousand followers, they look into monetization opportunities. However, substantial money frequently arrives with 100,000 or even a million followers. For instance, 20 million views on tiktok will give you more money.

Does it cost money to send gifts on TikTok?

Yes. TikTok virtual coins, which are needed to send presents, can be bought with money. During live streams, users can offer virtual presents to their favorite producers by purchasing coins in-app.

Does TikTok Cost Money?

It costs nothing to download and use TikTok. You do not need to pay anything to make an account, watch videos, or communicate with other users. Although TikTok allows in-app purchases, such as virtual coins for presents, some users may be charged data fees if they are not using Wi-Fi, depending on their mobile data plan.

Does sending roses on TikTok cost money?

Yes. On TikTok, sending roses costs virtual coins, which may be bought with actual money. Users can send creators during live streaming roses as a virtual gift to express their gratitude.

Is TikTok trivia real money?

TikTok trivia, where users can take quizzes or play games to earn prizes, frequently offers in-app products or virtual prizes. Although these bonuses are not cash, they can be spent in the TikTok app in many ways. They can't be changed into real money.


Amazingly, earning money on TikTok is possible with different tactics. However, creating videos and uploading them is one of the best and easiest ways to make them. Ensure you have AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate to help you ease the process.

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