1. Delete a Personal FB Page
2. Delete FB Business Page
3. Delete a FB Page Someone Else Created
4. Delete Business Page on FB without Deleting Personal Account
5. Cancel Deleting FB Page
6. FAQs

How to Remove a Facebook Page: Most Detailed Guidelines

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Aug 15, 2023Social Media

Deleting a Facebook Page is a significant decision that individuals and businesses may need to make for various reasons. Understanding the process and implications of deleting a Facebook Page is crucial, whether due to a change in business direction, rebranding, or simply the desire to discontinue a Page.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through deleting a Facebook Page step-by-step. We will cover the considerations you should consider before taking this action and how to back up your Page's data to preserve any valuable content. Additionally, we will address common questions and misconceptions surrounding Facebook Page deletion, including the possibility of recovering a deleted Page.

How to Delete a Facebook Page

Table of contents

Part 1. How to Delete a Personal Facebook Page Part 2. How to Delete Facebook Business Page Part 3. How to Delete a Facebook Page Someone Else Created Part 4. How to Delete Business Page on Facebook without Deleting Personal Account Part 5. How to Cancel Deleting Facebook Page Part 6. FAQs about How to Delete a Facebook Page

Part 1. How to Delete a Personal Facebook Page

If you're certain you want to deactivate your Facebook page permanently, follow these steps:


Ascertain that you are the administrator of the page you wish to remove. After tha, navigate to your Facebook feed and select Pages from the left menu.


From there, please select the page to be deleted. Then we should continue by clicking Settings at the bottom left of your dashboard.

FB Delete Personal Account

Next, let us go to the General tab and select Remove Page. Finally, please click OK after selecting Delete [Your Page Name].

That's all. Your Facebook page will be available for the next 14 days, after which it will be permanently erased. If you wish to cancel deletion, you have 14 days to do so. If you are concerned about the exposure of your page, or if you want it removed from the public view right now, unpublish it before removing it (read down to discover how).

Part 2. How to Delete Facebook Business Page

The usual way to deactivate your Facebook Business Page is by using a desktop computer and entering Facebook with your account. Please, follow these simple steps:


First, ensure you're an admin of the Page you're attempting to remove. Users frequently ask, Why can't I delete my Facebook business Page? only to discover that they are not Page's administrators.


If you are not an admin, you cannot remove a Facebook Business Page. Note: If it's a duplicate Page that you don't have access to, you may need to claim the Facebook business Page first.


Go to your Page and select Settings in the upper right corner. This will take you to your Settings' General tab. Scroll to the bottom and select the Remove Page option. If you remove the Page after clicking remove, you will have 14 days to restore it if you change your mind.

How to Delete Facebook Business Page

That is the simplest step we can take to remove our business Facebook page. Note that it will not be gone right away. That means you can still cancel the princess within 14 days.

Part 3. How to Delete a Facebook Page Someone Else Created

Method 1: Requesting Facebook Access

Deleting a Facebook Page that someone else created requires you to have administrative access and the necessary permissions to manage the Page. We must have access to the Facebook page before we can delete it. That is why, if you are not the admin of the page, the best thing we can do is Request Administrative Access.

If you are not already an admin of the Page, reach out to the person who created the Page and request administrative access. They can grant you the necessary permissions by adding you as an admin.

Request FB Access

Method 2: Reporting Facebook Page

In addition, we can also report the Facebook Page we want to delete as long as we have enough reasons why we are doing it. We only need to navigate to the page you wish to Report on. Then, click the dropdown menu located beneath the Page's cover. At last, please, choose Report Page

Report FB Page

Those are the two only methods we can make to make the process possible. Remember that privacy is important, that is why we need to make it properly so that we will not have any hassle.

Part 4. How to Delete Business Page on Facebook without Deleting Personal Account

Facebook Business Manager is a one-stop shop for managing advertising accounts, Pages, and business-level analytics and reporting. It is appropriate for larger agencies that manage many users, workers, clients, and ad accounts.

To deactivate your Page from Facebook Business Manager, follow these steps FBM so that it can also help us maintain our account.


Enter your Facebook Business Manager credentials. Click on Business Settings at the upper right of your home page.


Look for Accounts, then see Pages on the left side of Business Settings. Choose the Page you want to delete from Facebook Business Manager.


Now, the page information will be displayed on the right. The option to Remove the Page from FBM is above the Page information.

Delete Business FB page Without Deleting Personal Account

Selecting this option will remove your Facebook Business Page from FBM. This means you can remove the Page in the typical manner described above.

Part 5. How to Cancel Deleting Facebook Page

If you regret deleting your Facebook page, you can try to recover it within 14 days after the deletion. This is possible because your Facebook page is not instantly removed but enters deletion mode. To avoid deletion, follow these steps:


Go to the page scheduled to be removed. This must be done within 14 days of initiating the process.


Now, click Page Settings in the lower left corner.


After that, we can Cancel Deletion at the top of your page. Then, lastly, please select Confirm and press O.

How to Cancel Deleting Facebook Page

The 14-day time is a great feature that Facebook offers. It allows us to think at least if we relay want to delete the pages we have.

Part 6. FAQs about How to Delete a Facebook Page

Can You Delete a Facebook Page?

Yes, as an admin with the necessary permissions, you can delete a Facebook Page you manage. In this question, you can take the step-by-step procedure above this article and see how we can make it properly.

Can I Recover a Deleted Facebook Page?

Once a Facebook Page is permanently deleted, it cannot be restored. However, Facebook provides a 14-day grace period during which you can cancel the deletion request and recover the Page.

Does Deleting the Facebook Business Manager Delete the Page?

No, deleting the Facebook Business Manager does not automatically delete the associated Pages. The Pages will remain accessible as long as they have other admins with administrative access.

Can I Delete My Personal Facebook and Keep My Business Page?

Yes, it is possible to keep a Facebook Business Page without a personal profile attached. As long as the Page has other admins, it can continue to function independently.

What Happens if the Admin Leaves a Facebook Business Page?

If the sole admin leaves a Facebook Business Page without assigning a new admin, it may lead to complications and potential loss of control over the Page. It is essential to ensure there are multiple admins to avoid accidental Page deletion.


In conclusion, deleting a Facebook Page requires thoughtfulness, caution, and adherence to Facebook's guidelines. By following the step-by-step instructions and best practices outlined in this guide, you can confidently navigate the deletion process. With that, this article helps us in so many ways, especially with the proper steps in doing the process with your personal and business Facebook page.

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