Part 1. Record Gameplay on Xbox One - Software
Part 2. Record Gameplay on Xbox One- Built-in Tool
Part 3. FAQ

Practical Ways on How to Record Gameplay on Xbox One for Instant Sharing of Experience

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The entertainment industry is getting massive and continuously improving. We can see the evolution nowadays from the traditional aspect as we embrace modern times. In the elements of video games, in the late 2000s, video games were still mainstream with 2D animation and simple background music. In modern times, this kind of entertainment is different than before. As we can see, we can now play with 3D animation, fascinating background effects, and an experience as if you are precisely at the venue of your gameplay. One great thing about this modern technology is that you may now capture your gameplay and save it for future and sharing purposes. Following that, we shall now know how to make it possible. This article will present two of the most effective methods that we can follow on how to record gameplay on Xbox One. We will give you a great screen recording tool and a built-in tool that is useful and effective. These actions may be an exciting grind for you; that is why let us start the recording process on your Xbox.

Record Gameplay On Xbox One
Part 1. Record Gameplay on Xbox One using a Software Part 2. Record Gameplay on Xbox One using the Built-in Tool Part 3. FAQ about Recording Gameplay on Xbox One

Part 1. Record Gameplay on Xbox One using a Software

Recording your wonderful and immense gameplay experience with your Xbox is now possible. That is because there are many existing screen recording tools that we can use to make it possible. Many recording tools possess different functions and abilities that they can offer. However, because of that fact, choosing the best screen recorder is a must by analyzing what is most suitable for you. In line with that, we can say that Aisesoft Screen Recorder possesses the elements and functions we are looking for to help us with our grinds. This screen recording tool provides a simple process full of substances in terms of features. That is why many new users are constantly choosing this for their recording tasks. Indeed, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a flexible tool to record different events like gameplay from Xbox One. Here are the steps we can use as a guide to make it possible.

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First, it is essential to know that you must connect your Xbox with the PC you are using. You may use a specific chord like the High-Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI cable, and Graphic Array. These cables allow the Xbox to illuminate the animation on your monitor.

Connect Xbox One To Monitor

Get the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder on your computer. Launch it to see its full features. You will see different icon features from its interface that you may utilize with your grind.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Main Interface

As we start recording our screen, we need to click the Game Recorder icon, which we can see on the third icon box in the interface.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Game Recording Icon

The last step will allow us to customize the settings of our recording. It includes the mode of recording. In addition, from the same tab, you can adjust and set up your webcam, microphone, and sound system. As we all know, these elements are one of the essential things that our gameplay recording outputs must possess.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Game Recording Set Up

After setting up the settings for your recording, we may start the recording by clicking the Rec button in the right corner of the tab. After it, a three-second countdown will appear that symbolizes your recording is about to start.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Game Recording Rec Button

The next thing you need to do after setting up your video recording tools is now the time that you need to start your gameplay while the recording is already running. Open a game from your Xbox One, and play while letting the recorder run.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Xbox Game

After the playing experience, click the Stop button, and a new tab will appear where you can trim your video. In addition, at the same tab, you can save your outputs. From this tab, click the Export button, which we can see at the bottom of the right corner of the interface.

Aiseesoft Screen recorder Recording Xbox One Game Play

Lastly, you may customize your video outputs' settings like title and other metadata elements. Click the Complete button at the lower part of the interface to end the process.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Saving Process

Part 2. Record Gameplay on Xbox One using the Built-in Tool

The following method is also a great way to record your gameplay with your Xbox. It is by using the built-in screen recorder of Xbox One. As we all know, Xbox is one of the technologies that possess flexible tools for all users. It includes different functions that might be beneficial to our gameplay experiences. This section will present you with the steps to record your gameplay experience using the built-in screen recorder of Xbox One. Kindly look at every detail and information you might need to make the recording process successful.


You must click the Xbox button, which you can locate at the top middle of the controller. This button will lead you to open the guide. You will now see different choices and functions, such as the menu capturing and sharing your gameplay on your screen. You may use these in capturing and recording your experience.


As we set up the length of your recording output, locate the Capture settings under the Capture and share menu. Adjust the recording time up to 1 minute. You can record up to 10 minutes of gameplay depending on your gameplay's resolution and with your Hard drive.

Xbox Capture And Share Adjust Time

Please go to the Capture and share tab of your Xbox on your screen. Then, after doing it, you need to click the Record of what happened first on the list. Let the recording tool run while you are enjoying your gameplay. The recording will stop automatically depending on the time you set on the Capture Settings.

Xbox Capture And Share

Proceeding to its exporting process, kindly press the Xbox Button to bring you to the guide. You must scroll to the right to see the Capture and Share menu again. You can see the Recent Captures option to view your gameplay recording outputs on this menu.

Xbox Recent Captures

Please select a specific recording then it will allow you to remove, save, or share it on Twitter and OneDrive accounts.

Xbox Export Recording

Part 3. FAQ about Recording Gameplay on Xbox One

Is it possible to record longer than 10 minutes on Xbox?

Yes. Recording longer than 10 minutes is possible with Xbox– it is either the built-in tool or using the software. However, we need to remember a few things in order to make it possible. It is essential to follow the steps in recording the Xbox and be aware of the pre-preparation we need before the recording process. First, we need to remember that external storage devices are essential. As we all know, internal storage will only allow you to record with standard conditions. Secondly, you can adjust the maximum recording length by going to your Windows Settings. You may customize it up to 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and 4 hours.

What is the best Xbox that can give us immense gameplay for an excellent recording output?

There are a few disadvantages to using an Xbox One. However, many users suggest using Xbox Series X. It is one of Microsoft's great consoles that possesses powerful hardware. For that, it can give us a great gameplay experience and a super high-quality recording output.

Is recording gameplay with Xbox better than with PlayStation?

Yes. Recording gameplay with Xbox is more impressive than recording with PlayStation. It is because Xbox beats PlayStation in terms of compatibility. Hence, we need compatibility, especially if we plan to record our experience for sharing purposes.


We are now about to end this article with a spark. We can see how simple it is to record gameplay with your Xbox using a great screen recording tool and built-in process. We hope this write-up helps you in making it possible. In addition, you can also help a friend who is in the same potion as you by sharing this article with them. On the other hand, this website offers numerous articles to help you in many grind aspects. Please visit our page to discover more about it.

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