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Part 2. Comparison
Part 3. FAQs

Best 7 Picks of spacedesk Alternatives in 2024

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Apr 16, 2024Screen Mirror

spacedesk has been a popular choice for users looking to extend their desktop screen or mirror their displays across different devices. However, some users explained about spacedesk lag when connecting to a personal hotspot, and spacedesk disability over VPN. No matter what reason you want to get rid of spacedesk, you can try the 7 spacedesk alternatives in this post.

Alternative to Spacedesk
Part 1. Best 7 spacedesk Alternatives Part 2. Comparison of Top 7 spacedesk Alternatives Part 3. FAQs

Our Top Picks

Part 1. Best 7 spacedesk Alternatives

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror Interface

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror is a versatile screen mirroring alternative to spacedesk that allows users to cast their phone screens onto larger displays such as PCs. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, it offers smooth and lag-free mirroring. Its user-friendly interface makes the users easily navigate and control their mirrored screens on a PC. With AnyMP4 Phone Mirror, users can enjoy gaming and sharing content with friends and family effortlessly.

Free Download
Support both iOS and Android phone screen casting.
Intuitive interface for easy navigation and control.
Lag-free mirroring for smooth performance.
Limited features compared to some other options.


Vysor Interface

Vysor is a popular choice for screen mirroring as the spacedesk free alternative, especially among Android users. Users can control their Android smartphone straight from their PC or Mac with its simple setup method. Vysor provides high-quality mirroring with minimal latency, making it ideal for tasks like presentations, gaming, and app testing.

Seamless integration with Android devices.
Easy setup process.
High-quality mirroring with low latency.
Limited features in the free version.
Occasional connection issues on certain devices.


LetsView Interface

LetsView is a screen mirroring spacedesk alternative for Mac and PC that supports multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It offers wireless mirroring with no need for cables or additional hardware. LetsView's user-friendly interface and straightforward process are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Cross-platform compatibility.
Wireless mirroring for convenience.
User-friendly interface.
Limited advanced features.
Some users experience occasional lag during mirroring.


Mobizen Review Start Recording Using Mobizen on Your Android

Mobizen is one feature-rich screen mirroring solution of the spacedesk alternatives that cater primarily to Android users. It offers various tools and features, including screen recording, annotation, and remote control. Mobizen's intuitive interface and robust performance gain more reputations for comprehensive screen mirroring capabilities.

Rich feature set, including screen recording and remote control.
Intuitive interface for easy navigation.
Reliable performance with minimal latency.
Some advanced features require a premium subscription.
Occasional compatibility issues with certain devices.


LonelyScreen Share Your Screen on Big Screen

LonelyScreen is a lightweight yet powerful spacedesk alternative screen mirroring tool designed specifically for iOS devices. It allows users to mirror their iPhone or iPad screens to their Windows PC or Mac effortlessly. With LonelyScreen, users can stream videos, play games, and share content with friends and colleagues seamlessly.

Seamless integration with iOS devices.
Lightweight and easy to use.
Stable performance with minimal lag.
Limited compatibility with Android devices.
Lack of advanced features compared to some alternatives.


MirrorOp Review Student Monitor

MirrorOp is a versatile screen mirroring alternative to spacedesk, compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It offers both wired and wireless mirroring options, giving users flexibility in their setup. MirrorOp's reliable performance and comprehensive feature set make it a good choice for both businesses and individuals.

Wide compatibility with various devices.
Both wired and wireless mirroring options are available.
Rich feature set, including annotation and remote control.
Steeper learning curve than that of certain other choices.
Occasional connectivity issues reported by users.

Windows 10/11 Built-in Mirror Feature

Windows 10 11 Mirror Feature

Windows 10/11 comes with a built-in screen mirroring feature as the spacedesk alternative. It allows users to cast their device screens to their PC wirelessly. This feature is convenient for Windows users who want to mirror their smartphones or tablets without installing additional software. While it may not offer as many features as dedicated screen mirroring tools, it provides a basic solution for users looking for simple mirroring capabilities.

Built-in feature in Windows 10/11 for convenience.
No need to install additional software.
Simple setup process.
Limited features compared to dedicated screen mirroring tools.
May experience compatibility issues with certain devices.

Part 2. Comparison of Top 7 spacedesk Alternatives

Platform Availability Connection Method Display Quality Latency Compatibility Ease of Use Additional Features Cost Popularity Support Security Updates Customization Options
Windows USB, Wi-Fi High Low Various Devices Easy Screen Recording Screenshot Capture Paid High Email, Live Chat Secure Regular Limited
Android USB High Low Android Easy Remote Control Wireless ADB Free High Email, Forum Secure Regular Limited
Windows WiFi High Low Various Easy Screen Sharing Remote Control Free Moderate Email, Chat Secure Regular Limited
Android USB, Wi-Fi High Low Various Easy Screen Recording, Whiteboard Free High Email, FAQ Secure Regular Limited
Windows Wi-Fi High Low iOS, AirPlay Easy Screen Recording Audio Mirroring Free Trial Moderate Email, FAQ Secure Regular Limited
Windows Wi-Fi High Low Various Moderate Remote Control File Transfer Paid Low Email, FAQ Secure Regular Limited
Windows Wi-Fi High Low Various Easy Screen Recording File Transfer Free Email, Forum High Secure Regular Limited

Part 3. FAQs

Is the spacedesk app free?

Yes, spacedesk offers a free version of its app. This version provides basic functionality, allowing users to extend their computer desktop to one additional device, such as a tablet, smartphone, or another computer.

What is spacedesk used for?

spacedesk is a software solution that enables users to extend their computer desktop screen to other devices such as tablets, smartphones, or other computers, effectively turning those devices into additional monitors. It allows for a multi-monitor setup without requiring physical cables or additional hardware.

Does spacedesk work well?

The performance of spacedesk can vary depending on factors such as the hardware configuration of the host computer and the devices being used as additional monitors, as well as network conditions if connecting over Wi-Fi.


In conclusion, while spacedesk remains a popular choice for extending your desktop across multiple screens, there are seven alternatives to spacedesk available that provide distinctive characteristics and capabilities to accommodate a range of tastes and requirements. Which one tool is your best choice to start a screen mirroring? Do not hesitate to share this article if you think it is helpful.

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