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Vysor Review: Control your iOS and Android Devices Using Desktop

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Nov 24, 2022Screen Mirror

Screen mirrors can help you view your devices on your computer. You can make your phone screen bigger and broader when you mirror your device using the software. In this review, we will discuss with you Vysor. It is software that can screen mirror your iOS and Android. In addition, it has a unique feature: you can use your computer's keyboard to type into your device. Amazing, right? To know more, read now!

Vysor Review

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Our Verdict What is Vysor Vysor Review FAQs of Vysor Alternative - Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Our Verdict

It can control your Android device using your computer.
It has a basic user interface.
It offers a free version.
It is easy to download and install.
It does not let you record your screen while mirroring on a free version.
Vysor audio mirroring is not available on a free version.
It is not safe to use.
It does not have good mirroring quality.
It requires you to enable debugging on your phone.
It is not manageable to use.
It is expensive.
It is not perfect for beginner users.
Wireless mirroring is only applicable to Vysor Pro users only.

Overall Ratings

MPlayer is simple and very versatile.

7.6 Overall




What is Vysor

Best for: iOS devices and Android devices. It can control your iOS and Android using your desktop.

Price: $2.50 for a month, $10 for a year, $40 for a lifetime, and $2.00 for Vysor Enterprise.

Platform: Vysor is compatible with Mac, Android, Chromebook, Windows, Linux, and Browser.

Main Features

Vysor is software that can share, view, and mirror your Android and iOS device to a PC. Before using the software, you need to download and install the software on your computer and device. In addition, Vysor requires you to use a USB Data cable since you are not a Vysor Pro user.

But if you are one of the Vysor pro users, you can use the wireless mirroring. Therefore, you will no longer need a USB Data cable. Moreover, the disadvantage that we can say about Vysor is it is not safe and secure to use.

Why did we conclude in that statement? Because before using the Vysor software on your computer and the Vysor application on your devices, you need to set up your device and enable USB Debugging.

So, what will happen if you enable USB debugging? Your device is not protected, and anyone can control your device, and your device will be prone to a privacy leak. Overall, it has nice features that you can use. Please see the below:

◆ It can mirror your iOS and Android device using a USB Data cable.

◆ It can share your device with your computer.

◆ It can view your device.

◆ It lets you customize Vysor using codes.

◆ It also enables you to install a camera plugin.

◆ It can take a screenshot.

◆ It can record your screen even if you are playing games, watching videos, etc.

◆ It can toggle audio.

◆ It can view your device on full screen.

◆ It can rotate your screen.

◆ It allows you to screen on and screen off using the computer.

◆ It can copy Logcat.

◆ It lets you use your keyboard to type on your device.

Vysor Review


Vysor Interface

It is important for every software to have a simple, basic, or easy-to-use interface. Luckily, Vysor has a basic user interface, as you can see on the upper left side of the VYSOR name. Next, you can Minimize, Maximize, and Close on the upper right side.

In the middle part, there are two table boxes, the color green box on the left side is for Android Devices, and the blue color box is for iOS Devices. Both tables show you how to connect your USB Data cable, and Vysor leaves you some tips before continuously proceeding to the next part.

Below, you will also notice the Connect Network or Share Device button and the Settings where you can enable Show Serial Numbers and Share All Devices. Then, you can also see Customize Vysor and Install Camera Plugin.

In the latter part, you will see the About, which shows you your free version and the email you used to log in. Lastly, the Upgrade to Pro and Logout.

Take Screenshot

Vysor Take Screenshot

As you can notice from the provided picture, we use an Android device. While mirroring your Android device, you can take a screenshot using Vysor. Yes, you can use this feature even if you are using it for free.

You can see the Camera icon in the upper middle of the interface. Once you click that, you will automatically know the Screenshot panel. You can choose if you want to Copy it to Clipboard or Save it in your desired folder on your computer, and you can also rename it before saving the screenshot.

Taking screenshots while using Vysor is very easy and convenient; you can immediately see the result in just one tap. In addition, so far, the screenshot result is good in quality.

Using Computer Keyboard to Type on Android Device

Vysor Using Computer Keyboard to Type on Android Device

Supposing that you need to type a long paragraph and do not want to type on the keyboard on your phone, you can use Vysor to type spontaneously on your computer. Yes, that is possible. Vysor lets you control your Android device and use your computer’s keyboard to type on your device.

Using this software, you can use this feature if you want to edit your file on Microsoft Word on your Android device. Not just that, you can use this feature whenever you want; you can type using the computer’s keyboard to your Notes, Text, etc., on your Android device.


Vysor Settings

In this part, we will show you Vysor Settings and what are the parts that you customize and change.

In the Windows Settings, you can input the name you want on the tab Window Title. Then, when your iOS and Android devices are connected, you can Show a Notification and a Preview. You can also enable the Pin Title Bar, Navigation Bar, Always On Top, International Keyboard, and Desktop Notifications.

When you scroll down, you will see the Image Quality, and you can change the following; Bitrate from 500Kbps to 16Mbit; Resolution from 25% to 75%, and the Decoder like WebCodec Hardware Plus Fallback, Native Software, Native Hardware, etc.

You can choose Low, Medium, High, and Max Presets upon scrolling to the bottom. You can also change the Display Power to Normal Display Power, Dim Display, and Turn off Display on the Device Settings. Moreover, you can change the Virtual Camera from Source to Device Screen, Rear Camera, and Front Camera. After adjusting, you can click the OK, Defaults, and Save buttons.

FAQs of Vysor

How to use Vysor wirelessly?

The major disadvantage of Vysor is it can mirror your iOS or Android device wirelessly if you are not a Vysor Pro user. Therefore, you must purchase the Vysor pro to mirror your device wirelessly. However, you can connect your device using a USB Data cable.

What is the difference between Vysor free version and Vysor Pro?

Vysor free version has limitations, unlike the Vysor Pro version. Using the free version, you can only mirror and control your iOS and device using a USB Data cable and take screenshots. On the other hand, the Vysor Pro version can mirror your iOS and Android device wirelessly. In addition, you can access all the features: Take Screenshots, High-Quality Mirroring, Full-Screen Mode, Vysor Share, Access to all Future Features, and Drag and Drop Files.

Is Vysor free and safe?

Vysor offers a free version; you can also download and install it. In addition, if you are asking about the safety of Vysor, we cannot guarantee its security because before using the software, you need to set up your device. It requires you to enable USB debugging on your Android device, which can lead you to leak your privacy, and anyone can control your Android device.

Alternative - Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Alternative

This part will explain why the Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is the best alternative for Vysor. As we reviewed Vysor, we learned that it is not guaranteed as a secure software and application. It is free, yet you are not sure of your safety.

Nonetheless, Aiseesoft Phone Mirror does not offer a free version, and its price starts at $15.96. But why is it the Vysor alternative? First of all, it will guarantee your safety, and it does not have imitations because it can mirror your devices wirelessly and offers many features. Let us see Aiseesoft Phone Mirror features below:

◆ It can mirror your iOS and Android device to your PC.

◆ It can mirror your audio as well.

◆ It can record while screen mirroring.

◆ It can take snapshots.

◆ It has a feature that users can move Windows with Toolbar and without Toolbar.

◆ It provides a Recording History.

Free Download

There is so much more, and you can visit and download Aiseesoft Phone Mirror for free. Try it now!


It is frustrating to know that one software with great features is not 100% secure. However, we are sure that Vysor developer is making a solution about the safety of their software. Furthermore, in this article, we review Vysor honestly. We show you everything you need to know, and we hope you love that! See you again in our next article!

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