1. Overview of SolarMovie
2 . Top 7 Alternatives
3. FAQs

SolarMovie Alternatives: Learn Each Pros, Cons, and Main Feature

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

SolarMovie offers free movies and series online, with many categories and genres. However, we discover that SolarMovie is not safe due to the Ads that contain viruses. For that reason, what movie streaming site can be an alternative to SolarMovie? Read more because we have prepared the top 7 movie streaming site alternatives! Start reading now!

Solar Movie Alternative
1. Overview of SolarMovie 2. Top 7 Alternatives to SolarMovie 3. FAQs for SolarMovie

1. Overview of SolarMovie

What is SolarMovie?

In today's review, we will discuss SolarMovie and SolarMovie alternatives. But before proceeding to the alternative sites, we will first discuss SolarMovie. It is a movie streaming site where you can watch movies for free.

Moreover, it has an excellent user interface and is user-friendly. How can we say that? Based on its official site, you will first go to its Home section once you open it. You will automatically see the Search Bar. Therefore, searching for the movie, TV show, or series you want is more effortless.

Nevertheless, it is also possible if you want to browse a movie and want to avoid searching for a specific one. Just click the Movies button beside the Home button. Then, you will see all the movies in categorized form.

Now, if you do not want to watch movies, you can also click the Series button beside the Movie button. Of course, you will also see the series that SolarMovie offers. In addition, every Thumbnail of each series provides the Ratings and Episodes. Overall, SolarMovie can be considered a great movie streaming site for providing every user with accessible, high-quality movies, series, and more.

It provides a user-friendly and excellent user interface.
It provides numerous movies and TV series.
It is manageable to find movies you like.
It lets you stream and download movies in HD.
You must download the VPN first to watch the movie or TV series. If not, you cannot watch the movie or TV series.
It provides inappropriate Ads.
It has viruses once you click one of its Ads.
It is not 100% safe to watch movies.

Latest Movies of SolarMovie

◆ The Last Manhunt

◆ Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend

◆ Blue's Big City Adventure

◆ The People We Have at the Wedding

◆ A Christmas Story Christmas

◆ Tom and Jerry: Snowman's Land

◆ A Country Christmas Harmony

◆ The Friendship Game

◆ My Perfect Wedding

◆ The Secret of Bella Vista

◆ To Her, with Love

◆ Both Sides of the Blade

◆ Prancer: A Christmas Tale

◆ The Friendship Game

◆ Lost Bullet 2: Back for More

2. Top 7 Alternatives to SolarMovie


Solarmovie Alternatives Tubi
It has several categories for TV shows and movies.
It provides high-quality, especially for popular movies.
It offers subtitles you can enable whenever you want to watch a movie.
It also offers a section for kids or children.
It needs to be clarified because it has no separation between TV shows and movies.

One of SolarMovie's similar sites is Tubi. Upon visiting the official site of Tubi, you will notice that almost all the movies it offers are free. Therefore, you can watch movies anytime and any day you like. In addition, you will also see its user interface, and you will notice that it has an excellent user interface.

How can we conclude that statement? It is because Tubi gives you an easy feeling whenever you are browsing movies. And yes, Tubi TV shows and movies are confusing because they are merged. However, search in its Search Bar to find a movie. Moreover, you can also enjoy all its categories, such as Action, Comedy, Family Movies, Horror, Romance, and more.


Solarmovie Alternatives Plex
It lets you watch movies for free whenever you want.
It does not oblige every user to create or log in to an account.
It is suitable for all devices, and it works in many countries.
It offers subtitles, and you can enable that in all movies.
Some of the genres it offers are not interesting or inappropriate.
It has contents that are suitable for young watchers.
It has Ads beside every movie. For that reason, Ads are distracting watchers.

What you would like about Plex is that it is suitable for all devices. For example, Plex is compatible with AmazonFireTV, Android, Apple, Chromecast, LG, Roku, and Samsung. This advantage is also why it is an alternative to SolarMovie.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that Plex does not require you to create an account or log in using your account. Nevertheless, once you sign up for them, you can access many features, like Features for All, Free Movies and TV, Features for Plex Pros, Plex Pro Downloads, and Get the App.


Solar Movie Alternative Vumoo
It offers many categories you can enjoy watching.
It also offers numerous genres.
It has the latest movies, and you can easily see them on the official site.
It has distracting pop-up Ads, and even if you close them, they will pop up again.
It does not guarantee your safety.
You will redirect to the Ads window if you click everywhere on its official website.

Did you know why Vumoo is one of the alternative movie sites to SolarMovie? If you have yet to learn, it is time. Yes, we all know that Vumoo is a movie streaming site. What makes it stand out is its numerous Categories and Genres, like Action, Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Music, New, and more.

In addition, all of its Options are visible. These are; Home, TopIMDb, Movies, TV shows, Trending, What's Popular, Latest Movies, and Latest TV Shows. For that reason, you can save time because you do not need to find them. What's more? You can also use the Search Bar of Vumoo to search for the movies you want to watch.

AZ Movies

Solarmovie Alternatives AZmovies
It lets you watch movies using your mobile devices.
It offers free movies.
It has a series that you can also watch for free.
It has a very basic user interface.
Its categories also need to be more minimal.

What makes you think why AZ Movies is considered an alternative to SolarMovie? Do you have an idea? If you still need to, allow us to share with you why. To begin with, maybe we are familiar that AZ Movies has a too basic user interface and has limited categories. However, AZ Movies are not just ending there.

Despite those disadvantages, we cannot deny that it offers free movies you can spend your time with, and you do not need to pay anything for them! In addition, it provides Top 10 Movies, Just Added, New Movies, and Latest Movies.


Solar Movie Alternative Sopa2day
It has high-quality movies, and watches them for free.
It offers a wide range of movies and series.
Signing up is not a must.
It has a user interface that could be more catchy.
It has Ads that are not adequate, especially for young children.
It glitches, and sometimes it takes up to five seconds.

Indeed, Soap2day does not have an excellent user interface, but how can it be an alternative to SolarMovie? We want you to know that the user interface is not a big deal. Yes, it can catch the users or watchers. However, we must remember that the movie streaming site must produce a high-quality movie, not just with an excellent user interface.

For that reason, Soap2day is included because it is user-friendly and it offers movies that are high in quality. In addition, you can choose one of its Options, such as Home, Movies, TV Series, Sports, Recommendation, Popular, New Releases, and more.


Solar Movie Alternative Yidio
Yidio lets you filter movies with many options.
It also lets you find free movies and TV shows on a Web browser.
It offers a movie that allows you to buy and rent each one.
It has a feature that automatically sorts movies that depend on popularity and Date Added.
Some movies are streaming on another website.
It has the wrong movie labels that are paid for free.
It has movie quality that is the same as DVD quality.

Yidio has an exciting user interface that lets you easily browse movies, series, and TV shows. In addition, it has a feature that Yidio has, its categories. For example, it allows you to filter and sort movies based on what you like.

Moreover, it would help if you noted that Yidio offers free movies, but not all movies are free. What does it mean? There are still movies that you need to pay for or rent. But overall, it is perfect to be an alternative to SolarMovie.


Solar Movie Alternative Put locker
Its user interface is excellent and clean.
It has categories that are visible and accessible.
It has a Preview of the latest movies.
It redirects you to another Ad window once you click anywhere on its official site.
It is a must to sign in using an email account.

What makes Putlocker great is its user interface. Aside from that, it has many to offer, such as Genres, Movies, TV Shows, and more. What else? You will also appreciate its Search Bar because it will redirect you to the exact result when you start searching. Plus, the unique about Putlocker is it shows you the exact quality of the movie, like CAM, SD, and HD.

3. FAQs for SolarMovie

Is SolarMovie down?

Since we reviewed SolarMovie in this article, we can say it is still up. We can still access the new SolarMovie. In addition, you can still visit the old SolarMovie. Therefore, you can still search and watch movies and series.

Is SolarMovie safe and legit?

Based on our review, SolarMovie is legit since you can still watch movies and series on their official site. Also, as we said a while ago, you can search using SolarMovie. Nonetheless, we cannot be sure of its safety because it provides malicious Ads that contain viruses. Therefore, it is not safe, especially for children.

Is SolarMovie illegal?

Somehow, SolarMovie is illegal because of copyright issues. It offers malicious ads because the movies are from illegal sites. Therefore, you must not download them from SolarMovie.


We have discussed SolarMovie and learned that it is not 100% safe and legal. For that reason, the top 7 alternatives to SolarMovie are mentioned. We hope you can try them each and see if they are worth it as an alternative movie streaming site. Do you want an article review similar to this topic? We have more; see you on our next upload!

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