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Top 7 Putlocker Alternatives Sites: Reviewing Each Movie Streaming Site

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

Are you aware of Putlocker? To inform you, it is not a movie streaming site. So, how does it work? Putlocker helps you find the movies you are searching for and provides you with a specific movie streaming site, including the description. However, since Putlocker is down, we provide an alternative to it, much better and safe. If you are interested in the top 7 alternatives to Putlocker, you can continue reading now.

Putlocker Alternatives
1. Overview of Putlocker 2. Top 7 Alternatives to Putlocker 3. FAQs of Putlocker

1. Overview of Putlocker

What is Putlocker?

For today’s review, we will talk about Putlocker. Many are confused about this site because they think that Putlocker is like a website for movies. But it is not. Please allow us to explain it to you even further.

If Putlocker is not a movie streaming site, what is it? That is a great question. Putlocker lets you enter the title of the movie or series in their Search Bar. Upon searching, the results are not movies or series itself. But they are informed about the movie or series.

Another question is, what kind of information? For example, your search for cartoon movies like The Secret Life of Pets. The information that Putlocker provides you is where you can watch the movie you search for.

Therefore, it offers various movie streaming sites, whether the sites are free or not, such as IMDb, Netflix, and more. In addition, it will show you the movie's description and the link to the movie streaming site it offers.

It provides the full title of the movie and series.
It also describes the movie or series.
It offers various streaming sites to watch the movie or series you searched for.
Its user interface is too basic.
It has been shut down.

Is Putlocker down? Or is Putlocker still available? These are the questions of many users who can’t use Putlocker on their browsers. We will answer these questions in this review article. We discover that Putlocker has been shut down. Therefore, the answers to your questions are yes, Putlocker is down, and Putlocker is not available anymore.

Based on our research, they identified that Putlocker is a piracy site. What does it mean? The movies and series that Putlocker provides are uploaded illegally. These are the reasons why Putlocker is down. For that reason, you might need a Putlocker alternatives sites, and we will provide that for you. Please see the alternative movie sites below.

2. Top 7 Alternatives to Putlocker


Putlocker Alternatives 123Movies
It offers movies with Full HD Quality.
It is free to watch movies and TV shows.
It provides new movies.
It has subtitles you can enable in many languages.
It offers inappropriate Ads that are not suitable for children.
You will redirect to another Ad window when you click everywhere on its site.
The only way to get rid of their Ads is by signing up for them.
It does not offer a series.

Sites like Putlocker have an alternative; one of the alternatives is 123Movies. It is known as one of the globally eminent movie streaming sites. Furthermore, it focuses on entertainment and different genres. 123Movies is also known as a movie streaming site with organized movies, and you can see them categorized.

In addition, it lets you search for movies in a more manageable way. You can see the option in the top right side of the site. Moreover, it recommends Latest Movies, Latest TV shows, Requested, and more.


Putlocker Alternatives Fmovies
It has categories that are easy to find.
It offers Fmovies HD movies.
It has a Preview that lets you watch the trailer of the latest movies.
Signing up is not required for them.
It is not considered a 100% safe site.
Ads are everywhere and can even redirect you to another Ad window.

Fmovies is considered one of the most famous movie streaming sites on the Internet. It is also an alternative to other subscription-based movie streaming sites. It has a sleek and modern user interface that is different from its competitors.

If we are going to look at its official site, we will notice the options in the top middle corner, such as Home, Genres, Country, Movies, TV Series, and Top IMDb. After that is its Preview, which shows you the Title and Description of the movie, and if you are interested in watching it, you can easily click the Watch Now button.


Putlocker Alternatives Soapd2Day
It is free to use. Therefore, you can watch movies without paying for them.
It offers a wide variety of movies and has excellent quality.
It does not require you to sign up for them.
Its user interface could be more modern.
It provides inappropriate Ads.
It sometimes glitches for up to five seconds.

You can find Soap2day as an alternative to Putlocker. Even if its user interface is not modern, you can still find it exciting and easily find its options to watch continuously. For example, on the upper left corner of the site, you will see the Home, Movies, TV Series, Sports, FAQ, and Soap2day Official Domains.

In addition, Soap2day has a reminder for every user. Since they do not require users to sign up for them, other fake sites require you to log in; in other words, do not engage in that sites. Furthermore, Soap2day provides official domains and only refers to them.


Putlocker Alternatives YesMovies
It lets you watch TV shows, series, and movies for free.
It does not let you be obliged to sign up for them.
Its movies and episodes are in HD quality.
It has Ads that are not appropriate, especially for kids.
It has a limited category.
It does not support the latest movies.

Another new Putlocker alternative is YesMovies. We cannot deny that YesMovies has an excellent user interface, and the official site's theme is black and fuchsia pink. For that reason, it looks elegant and clean. However, the worst disadvantage of YesMovies is it offers malicious content.

Therefore, this movie-streaming site is not perfect for kids. In addition, it only has minimal categories, like Popular Movies, Trending, and Popular TV Shows. Nonetheless, if you want to see more, you can click the options above, such as Movies, TV Shows, and Genres.


Putlocker Alternatives Vumoo
It has HD quality for each movie.
It is suitable for smartphones, PCs, and tablets.
It has no subscription fee. Therefore, movies are free to watch.
It is difficult to open the official website.
Many third parties are popping up.

Putlocker movies can also be found on Vumoo, a movie streaming site. You can launch it in an online browser, smartphones, PCs, and more. In addition, it provides Genres such as Drama, Film, Horror, Comedy, Anime, and Cartoon for kids.

Moreover, another interesting feature from Vumoo is it allows you to view and share HD content using paid streaming sources using torrents. Plus, you can download movies with a high resolution. Furthermore, it also offers other topics, like Sports, Documentaries, Korean Drama, Chinese and Japanese movies, etc.


Putlocker Alternatives Vudu
It has movies that are high in quality.
It offers popular movies, including their subtitles.
Its free movies are quick to find.
Vudu sells costly movies.
You must sign up and register with them; if not, you cannot buy or rent a movie.

Like the well-known and professional movie streaming sites, Vudu offers almost the same. It has an excellent user interface. Upon seeing the Preview, you will notice that Preview Trailer has excellent quality. You will appreciate the high resolution. For that reason, you will also experience that when you buy or rent a movie. Yes, they are a bit costly, but they are worth watching.

In addition, it offers categories you will surely love: New Releases, Deals of the Week, Top 200 Movies, Independent Cinema, Trending, Top 200 Television, Features TV Seasons, TV Season Sales, Free New Release, and many more. You will surely kill your boredom using Vudu because it is almost complete.

AZ Movies

Putlocker Alternatives AZ Movies
It offers free movies to watch.
It is suitable for your mobile devices.
It offers a series also.
It has a ubiquitous and basic user interface.
It has limited categories.

AZ Movies has a quite common user interface and does not offer unique options on its official website. Nevertheless, you will appreciate all its categories because you can enjoy them for free. You will be able to watch the preferred movies and series without paying any amount.

Furthermore, it offers Top 10 Movies, New Movies, Just Added, and Latest Movies. You can notice that it offers limited categories. But do not worry, you can still find movies when you click the Genres, and you will see these; Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, and more. You will only need to choose what you prefer to watch.

3. FAQs

Is Putlocker safe?

When you open Putlocker, you will automatically notice numerous pop-ups, especially Ads. Upon attempting to click them, you will redirect to another Ad page, which is very frustrating. That is why you might worry about your safety. We can conclude that Putlocker is not 100% safe, but it is still manageable. For that reason, just use an Adblocker to protect your security,

Is Putlocker legal?

Unfortunately, most of the contents of Putlocker are copyrighted. This is also the reason why it has been shut down. It is also not clear who is responsible for copyright. Therefore, you might be accused of watching an unsafe movie from Putlocker. Moreover, it is not guaranteed that Putlocker is legal.

Is an account on Putlocker needed?

Creating or signing up for an account with Putlocker is not a big deal. For that reason, accounts are not required. The good thing is that even if you are not logged on, you can still search and see the results from Putlocker.


Finally, we are done reviewing Putlocker. We have known that Putlocker has been shut down because of copyright issues. In addition, it is not 100% safe to use. This is why we provide an alternative to Putlocker. You have also known each of their descriptions. You can try them now! Overall, alternative movie streaming sites are adequate. So much with that, we will see you in our following article review.

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