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7 Vumoo Alternatives: A Trustworthy Review for Each Movie Site

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

Vumoo is a well-known movie site, and it is also known because of its Ads. For that reason, many users seek a free movie site, yet limited Ads. This article is perfect if you are included in them because we have prepared Vumoo alternatives. Do you want to learn each one of them? If yes, continue reading now!

Vumoo Alternatives
1. Overview of Vumoo 2. Top 7 Alternatives to Vumoo 3. FAQs of Vumoo

1. Overview of Vumoo

What is Vumoo?

Suppose you need a free site to stream movies and TV series, you can consider using Vumoo. It is famous, and you can always see a review about it on the Internet. Again, it offers movies and TV Series you can watch anytime.

Moreover, it provides many pages for movies and TV shows but needs Categories and Genre Sections to choose from. For that reason, the movies and TV series are shuffled. In addition, when you visit its official website, you will not appreciate the ads constantly popping up. Its Ads are distracting and can even redirect you to the Ads window.

The reason why you are experiencing Ads is that Vumoo is free, and there is no subscription needed. Also, to provide you with movies and TV Series, they need to allow Ads on their official website, which is acceptable.

Furthermore, since you are already reading this review, we invite you to continue reading because you will learn more about this movie streaming site. Next, we will talk about the pros and cons of Vumoo. Please look at them now:

It is a free site to stream movies and TV series.
It provides the latest movies.
It also provides the Preview of the latest movies that Vumoo offers.
Its user interface is very plain.
Its movies and TV series are not categorized.
It has an Ad that distracts you while browsing movies and watching movies.
Once you tap anywhere, it redirects you to another window Ad page.

List of the Latest Movie of Vumoo

◆ My So-Called High School Rank

◆ The Laws of the Border

◆ A Tale of Two Christmases

◆ Christmas Full of Grace

◆ A Man of Action

◆ Attack of the Hollywood Cliches

◆ A Family Matters Christmas

◆ Faith Heist: A Christmas Caper

◆ Take You Pills Xanax

◆ The 12 Days of Christmas Eve

◆ Something in the Dirt

◆ Bram Stoker's Van Helsing

◆ A Party to Die For

◆ The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special

◆ The Hip Hop Nutcracker

Above are the latest movies from Vumoo; you can see more upon visiting its official site. Furthermore, you can freely watch movies and TV series as much as you want. However, we just want to remind you that we do not encourage you to download videos from Vumoo. We are only writing this article to review Vumoo and suggest an alternative movie site.

2. Top 7 Alternatives to Vumoo


Vumoo Alternatives SolarMovie
It lets you sort movies and TV series in the Latest, Most Favorite, and Top IMDb.
It also lets you filter movies and TV series in a Film Type, Quality, Genre, Country, and Date Release.
Its user interface is simple and manageable.
A VPN is a must to download a movie on SolarMovie.
A VPN is also a must to watch movies and series.
It has Ads on its official site, and the Ads contain viruses.

An alternative site similar to Vumoo is SolarMovie. Both offer a free movie site. However, the difference between the two is that Vumoo Ads are constantly popping up, while SolarMovies Ads are not. For that reason, SolarMovie still allows you to browse and watch movies and TV series without distractions.

In addition, you will notice on its official page the Suggestion Section, like Hot, Top Views Today, and Top Rating. Moreover, SolarMovie has the fastest way to add your favorite movie into the Favorite section; just click the CTRL and letter D on your computer’s keyboard. After that, the movie will automatically be moved into the Favorite section.


Vumoo Alternatives YesMovies
It has a fantastic user interface.
It provides a Preview of the latest movies and seasons.
Its movies and seasons are categorized into many options.
Vumoo movies and TV shows show the quality of every Thumbnail.
It has an Ad that redirects you to another window panel.
It wastes too much time to play a movie.
To avoid limitations, you need to log in first.

A site like Vumoo that can be considered as an alternative is YesMovies. Unlike Vumoo, YesMovies TV shows and movies are categorized in many options, such as Trending, What’s Popular, Latest Movies, and Latest TV Shows. In addition, you will immediately see the quality of the movie on its Thumbnail, whether it is CAM or HD.

Furthermore, the most frustrating thing you can experience in YesMovies is it always redirects you to another window panel. Every time you click everywhere on its official site, it automatically shows a new window, which causes too much hassle for users. But overall, it is still nice to watch movies on YesMovies.


Vumoo Alternatives Popcornflix
It has an advanced user interface and is manageable.
It has various options that are visible and easy to find.
It offers movies with the latest ones.
It also offers subtitles in different languages.
It is suitable for many mobile devices, like iPhones, iPad, and Macs.
It does not work on Windows.
It has yet to be worked in several countries.
It has Ads that keep on appearing.

Another Vumoo alternative is Popcornflix. It is a popular movie site with an advanced user interface. Yes, you will definitely appreciate its user interface. It has a combination of black and red colors, and the colors are mixed perfectly and produce a catchy interface.

We will not focus on that because we will share another feature of Popcornflix. Aside from an excellent user interface, you will also appreciate all the options, such as Homepage, Movies, Series, Search Bar, and Settings. These options will help you find a movie or TV series you will watch.


Vumoo Alternatives AZMovies
Its user interface is excellent.
It offers the latest movies for free.
It has disturbing Ads that keep on appearing.
It also has inappropriate Ads.
Its movies are not categorized, unlike other movie streaming sites.

Vumoo movies can also be found in AZMovies. This alternative movie site offers the latest movies and TV series for free. However, at some point, you will not appreciate it because of the Ads that keep appearing. Even if you close them, they will appear again after a second. We think that is what AZMovies needs to solve this.

Moreover, AZMovies still provides what is due to the watchers. After getting rid of the Ads, you can search for a movie or TV series. You can see the Search Icon on the upper right of the official site. Since the movies are not categorized, feel free to search for movies and TV shows and wait for accurate results. Furthermore, you can also browse movies if you want to explore and watch new movies.


Vumoo Alternatives Xmovies8
It provides a full description of the movie.
It has a simple user interface.
It offers not only TV shows but also movies for free.
It also offers new and popular movies.
It always redirects you to the Ad panel.
It only provides CAM and HD quality for every movie.
Its movies are limited.

Suppose that Vumoo is not working on your browser, you can try XMovies8. It is a free streaming movie site; you can watch TV shows and movies as much as you like. The part that you will love about XMovies8 is that it shows you the movie descriptions and provides the details, like Title, Trailer, Quality, Date Released, Genre, Cast, Duration, Country, and Production.

In addition, it provides categories where you can find the movies you like, such as Trending, What’s Popular, Latest Movies, and Latest TV Shows. And of course, the one reason you possibly dislike XMovies8 is its Ads because it always leads you to another Ad window.


Vumoo Alternatives JustWatch
It has a fantastic user interface in browsers and even in mobile devices.
It lets you connect to Smart TVs.
It has numerous movies which are categorized.
It provides HD to 1080p quality.
It is working in numerous countries.
It requires you to sign up first before connecting it to Smart TVs.
Its geographical coverage is minimal.
It also has limited channels.

If you visit and it is not working, you can use alternative called JustWatch. Yes, it is another well-known streaming movie site, and the unique thing you can discover from it is that you can connect JustWatch to Smart TVs. Therefore, you can watch movies, TV shows, different channels, live shows, and more using JustWatch.

In addition, you will notice that JustWatch is manageable to use because you will see the visible options, such as New, Home, Popular, Watchlist, Search Bar, Sign In, and Additional Menu. What’s more? You will also notice numerous Genres you can select, like Comedy, Action, Horror, Music, Fantasy, Romance, Sports, and much more.


Vumoo Alternatives Crackle
It has free movies and a good collection of movies which is perfect for children to watch.
It can excellently stream movies.
It offers various Genres and Categories.
It only works in some countries and regions. (Do not miss other Crackle alternatives.)
It has hassle Ads and distracts users while browsing and watching movies.
Its user interface is too dull.
It offers limited movies with a high resolution.

Crackle can be your alternative to Vumoo. We must acknowledge that the movie site offers too many Ads. However, when it comes to streaming movies, you can enjoy watching TV shows and movies on Crackle more than on Vumoo.

Why? The Ads of Vumoo are unbearable. In addition, Crackle has many options sections to offer, like Movies, TV Shows, Home Page and Search Bar. To have an additional idea about Crackle, this movie streaming site offers up to 700 movies and more than 100 TV shows. These movies and TV shows are enough to kill boredom.

3. FAQs of Vumoo Alternatives

Is Vumoo safe?

Vumoo cannot guarantee its safety to all users. It has been taken down many times because of its copyright issues. In addition, as stated above, Ads are continuously appearing, and some Ads contain viruses. The question is, does Vumoo have viruses? And our answer is yes.

Is Vumoo free?

Vumoo is entirely free. You can watch TV series and movies without paying anything. But take note, you must take care of the Ads that contain viruses.

Is Vumoo legal?

Unfortunately, Vumoo is far from a legal movie streaming site. It is not legal because it copies movies illegally. That is why we do not suggest downloading movies from them.


Sadly, we discover that Vumoo is free, yet not safe and legal. Therefore, the top 7 alternatives mentioned above greatly help you watch your favorite movies. You will obtain their pros, cons, and primary features. Your thumbs up are highly appreciated if you have learned from this article. See you again in our next upload!

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