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7 Best MP4 to MOV Converter Online and Desktop Software: A Detailed Review

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Mar 17, 2022Video Converter

We all know that MP4 has a great compatibility option that has a smaller file size. In fact, MP4 video files are also capable of providing you an amazing versatile way to use and view your video files. However, despite all of that there is still a need to convert MP4 to MOV. It is also a multimedia container file format such as media data. This file format is suitable for saving your movie and other video files that will be loved by a lot of media enthusiasts. Tons of people love movies, don't you? Therefore, to make the conversion process possible, we give you the 7 best MP4 to MOV converter, namely the AnyMP4 Free Online Video Converter, Vidmore Video Converter, aTube Catcher,, Leawo Video Converter Ultimate, FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate, and Iorgsoft Video Converter. In this post, we will get to know them deeper in terms of functions and features.

Best MP4 To MOV Converter
Part 1: Best 7 MP4 to MOV Converter Part 2: FAQs of MP4 to MOV Converter

Part 1: Best 7 MP4 to MOV Converter

AnyMP4 Free Online Video Converter

Overall Rating:

Platforms: All platforms with Web Browsers

Price: Free

AnyMP4 Free Online Video Converter is first on the list of being the best free MP4 to MOV Converter online Mac or Windows. As an overview, you need to know it's very minimalist web interface. It is a perfect combination of white and light green that brings an easy conversion speed for all of us. From that parameter settings, you may now easily adjust and modify the video settings and audio settings instantly. Furthermore, despite the fact that it is a free and online tool, it still does not fail to support a wide variety of video file formats. Overall, the best thing about it, the process can be done in just three easy steps; add files, select format, then convert. No wonder, it truly deserves the label as the best converter known nowadays.

Freeware converting tool.
Smooth conversion process.
Safe and clean to utilize.
No extra features.

Vidmore Video Converter

Vidmore Video MP4 To MOV Converter
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, and XP

Price: $19.95

Next on the list being the best converter is the infamous Vidmore Video Converter. It is all in one software for everyone that offers multiple features and functions. These offers will surely be beneficial for us. The biggest flex about this converter is its ability to convert any video files like MP4 to MOV. A converter that is capable of converting professional-grade movies instantly. In addition, converting your video through Vidmore Video Converter will be beneficials for any devices. Therefore, compatibility is something that we do not need to worry about.

Free Download Free Download
Most flexible converting software.
Packed with features and functions.
Accelerated GPU for fast speed of conversion.
Inexpensive software.
Subscription-based converter.

aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher Mp4 To MOV
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Windows 7, 8, and 10

Price: Free

In addition, with the free MP4 to MOV converter, we gladly introduce you to aTube Catcher. An amazing video converter that you can freely use with converting a MP4 video into MOV files. As an overview. It offers numerous features aside from converting files smoothly, it can also be used with burning DVDs without even using a third-party app. In addition, there is also the availability of MP4 to MOV Converter app, therefore you can easily use it with your tablets and Android phones.

Simple to use interface.
Packed with extended features.
Fast to process.
It demands a lot with system requirements.
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Web Browsers

Price: Free is another free online video converter MP4 to MOV. Therefore, converting your video files can now be done instantly without installing any high file size that will surely waste your storage. All you need to do is access their official website to start converting. From there, you may notice its very light and clean website. Everything you will need is placed and organized in the proper portion. That means, confusion in using it has no place with

Online tool for free.
Supports various media files.
Smooth converting process.
It requires connectivity.

Leawo Video Converter Ultimate

Leawo Converter
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Windows 7, 8, and 10

Price: Free

Leawo Video Converter Ultimate offers their features and functions for free. This converter can convert your MP4 video to MOV and make the output playable with any Apple devices and Android phones. It is equipped with an amazing toolkit, that is why it is called a professional media converting software. Not to mention its extra features such as the media DVD pack, burn DVD, and the ripping tools.

Affordable and accessible software.
Easy to download.
Convert with a blink of an eye.
Overwhelming information from websites.

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate

FonePaw Video Converter
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, and Mac OS X

Price: $34.95

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate was added on the list and is known as one of the worth to try video converters because of its minimalist features and attributes. It is also called multifunctional converting software that will enable you to convert any file format such as MP4 to MOV. Aside from that, editing functions and preview features are also available with Fonepaw Video Converter Ultimate. Therefore, it is something we should try!

Minimalist interface.
High technology converter.
High quality output.
Full featured is a bit expensive.

Iorgsoft Video Converter

Iorgsoft Video Converter
Overall Rating:

Platforms: Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac OS X

Price: Free

Seventh on the list is also a free converting tool which is called Iorgsoft Video Converter. It has an ability to convert more than 200 file formats without experiencing any problem and with lossless output too. All of these can also be done with super-fast speed. Therefore, converting MP4 to MOV can now be done instantly here. Aside from that, personalizing your video is possible with the use of trimmer, watermark, bir rate adjuster, ratio aspects and more.

User friendly converter.
Fast speed.
Quality output.
Incompatible videos with few devices.

Part 2 FAQs of MP4 to MOV Converter

What are the recommended converters suitable for batch conversion?

In terms of batch conversion features, we highly recommend using AnyMP4 Free Online Video Converter or Vidmore Video Converter. Either of the two can give you a super-efficient converting journey using the batch conversion features.

What file is MOV?

MOV file format was developed by Apple. It is a binary format that is categorized under video files. It is commonly used for files that contain different media elements like effects and subtitles. Commonly used for movie clips.

Is MOV better than MP4 video?

These two are better with different aspects, MP4 is great when it comes to compatibility with almost every device. MOV files are amazing, containing elements that enhanced the quality of your video files. Therefore, we cannot compare these two for they served both essences.


Knowing seven of the amazing MP4 to MOV converters in accordance with their features, price, and supported platforms. This review may serve as a guide for those people who are looking for a great video converter out there. Therefore, if you know someone too, share this post with them now.

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