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Aiseesoft AMV Converter Review: The Worthwhile AMV Converting Software

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Nov 24, 2022Video Converter

Ohayo! Chotto matte. Are you a fan of anime, like Weathering with you, Your name, or the infamous Attack on Titans? Honto? Well, admit it! Because we cannot deny the fact that fans of Anime movies and series are rapidly getting massive. That is why a lot of them are creating fan-made anime music videos to support and express their love for their favorite character. In line with that, the demand for AMV converters is getting higher. It allows you to convert your fan-made videos into AMV or Anime music videos. Besides, converting your MP4 videos into AMV is also the best way to save storage. The bottom line here is, this article will introduce you to the best AMV converter called Aiseesoft AMV Converter! To give you an idea about this incredible software, here are the key points you should pay attention to!

Aiseesoft AMV Converter Review

Table of contents

Part 1. What is Aiseesoft AMV Converter? Part 2. Key Features Part 3. Price List Part 4. Best Alternative to Aiseesoft AMV Converter Part 5. FAQs about Aiseesoft AMV Converter

Part 1. How is Aiseesoft AMV Converter?

Aiseesoft AMV Converter Interface

Aiseesoft AMV Converter is a great converter that can give you extensive features! From its speed, functions, settings, and so much more. Furthermore, this AMC converter is highly recommended for all people who are looking for a great converter. Overall, Aiseesoft AMV Converter is winning the throne! To know more about the software, this article's purpose is to give you a thorough review.

Overall Rating

9.3 Overall



Conversion Speed9.3


System Requirements of AMV Converter

Aiseesoft AMV Converter supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. In terms of processor, your devices should have a 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU and above. Furthermore, when it comes to RAM it does not demand so much from you. As long as you have 1GB RAM or more. Overall, it doesn't demand many specs from your devices.

This software is the perfect definition of user-friendly and cost-efficient software.
It converts any video format into AMV including the most popular, MP4, AVI, and FL. This feature is necessary for a video converter to have.
High-speed conversion. Faster than any other AMV video converter.
Smooth and good interface. Its minimal design is a representation of how easy it can be utilized.
Converts to losing the original quality of your AMV video.
Technical support is always available.
Users are open for discourse about the software and there are many communities that you can join.
Multimedia software, and offers you more than what's expected.
Subscription-based video converter.

Part 2. Key Features

Supported Various File Formats

It is important to know what the supported file format of an AMV converter is. This is one of the essential elements of a video converter that needs to be possessed. For that being stated, Aiseesoft AMV Video Converter converts any media file formats to AMV. Including the most popular video formats MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOD, and more.

Batch File Conversion

Aiseesoft AMV Converter Batch Conversion

This feature is the best way to save time, for it alleviates and reduces the steps you need to take. Besides, this is the reason why Aiseesoft AMV converter is bagging the best AMV converter. Imagine converting more than five videos with high size surely takes much time for you! But because of Aiseesoft AMV Converter, your agony is shortened!

Friendly Parameter Settings

Aiseesof AMV Converter Batch Conversion Parameter Setting

Disorganized function settings can be overwhelming or confusing most of the time. In fact, It can distract you from making your work presentable as much as possible. Besides, reality speaking disorganized settings of a tool can cause headaches! In line with that, Aiseesoft AMV converter allows you to adjust the parameter settings including frame rate, and berate with ease. This move can make the process smooth in converting your AMV videos.

Adjust Resolution with Ease

In converting your AMV video, it is essential to be mindful of the resolutions. It defines the quality of your videos. In accordance with that, the Aiseesoft AMV converter will allow you to adjust the resolutions of your converted videos easily and hassle-free.

Fantastic AMV Editing Functions

Aiseesoft AMV Converter Editing Tools

It does not end with converting your AMV videos, because after you convert your AMV video you are allowed to enhance your video using the built-in video editing tool of Aiseesoft AMV converter.

Easy to Use to Converting AMV


Launch the Aiseesoft AMV converter, to see its full functions and smooth interface.


Click Add File at the top left portion of the interface.

Aiseesoft AMV Converter Add File

After that, a new window will appear where you can see the location of the videos that you want to convert. Click the video you want, then select Open.

Aiseesoft MV Converter Window File

You will now see your video added on the interface. Choose file Format to the right side of the video.

Aiseesoft AMV Converter Format

Now, click the Convert button at the right bottom part of the interface to start transforming your video.

Aiseesoft AMV Converter Converter

Then wait for a second to Save your converted video.

Part 3. Price List

Aiseesoft AMV Converter offers different kinds of licenses. You can avail of a license depending on your needs. Besides, the different licenses come with diverse prices and purposes.

For regular licenses, the original price is $25.00 but today it offers 20% which is the reason why you can get this software for only $20.00 a year. a 30-day money-back is guaranteed.

A Lifetime license is also offered for only $31.20/ one license.

While $185.00 for Multiple- User licenses that is good for 8 Devices is now $148.00.

Payment methods can be done via Visa, Visa electron, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, JCB, Wire transfer. Overall, Aiseesoft AMV Converter is cost-efficient converting software for you!

Price Licences
$25 1 License per year.
$31.20 1 License for a lifetime.
$185.00 For up to 8 devices.

Part 4. Best Alternative to Aiseesoft AMV Converter

Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare UniConverter Wondershare Video Converter before is the best alternative to Aiseesoft AMV Converter. This software is compatible with your Windows and Mac! In terms of its key features, it supports various formats including the popular AMV, AVI, and MP4. Besides, it allows you to convert your AMV media files to a new format without losing the quality. Other than that, it comes with built-in editing that is perfect for enhancing after you convert your AMV files. Overall, we can say that Wondershare is the Aiseesoft AMV converter's opponent. However, Wondershare is more expensive and can offer fewer features compared to Aiseesoft AMV converters. You can get this converter for $39.9, one PC per year, or $79.99, one PC for a lifetime. Other plans are offered like Commercial and Business Plan for $337.46 for 5 PCS for a lifetime.

Smooth and clean interface.
High-quality converter.
Easy and fast conversion.
Less supported formats than other converters.
Subscription is very expensive.

Part 5. FAQs about Aiseesoft AMV Converter

Is there an Aiseesoft AMV online converter?

You can use Aiseesoft Free Online Video Converter in converting your AMV videos using your web. This is also a perfect converter for everyone. Besides, it is free and easy to use.

What else can I use in converting my AMV files?

Other than Aiseesoft AMV Converter, Vidmore Video Converter is also a great tool that can also offer almost the same functions as Aiseesoft!

What is the difference between AMV and MAD?

AMV means Anime Music Video. From the word itself, it focuses on animation. This format is commonly created by clipped images from animation with the use of transition tools and background music. MAD is more focused in the world of video games. However, Mad does not necessarily focus on anime.


To sum up, Aiseesoft AMV Converter proved that it deserves the Best AMV Converter. Besides, it makes sure that it can give almost everything you need to make your conversion process as smooth and fast as possible. Although Wondershare UniConverter is also great, it offers fewer features compared to Aiseesoft. For that being said, purchase Aiseesoft AMV Converter now and get the 20% discounts or avail of their free trial.

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