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2. Block Someone on Facebook
3. Check the Blocking List on Facebook
4. Why Can’t I Block Someone
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Full Guide to Block Someone on Facebook to Stop Disturbances

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Oct 30, 2023Social Media

The user experience on Facebook can sometimes be as good as those you see online and vice versa. Users see Facebook as a place to watch videos to relax or escape reality momentarily. As much as you want all the good things in Facebook as part of using it also brings the not-so-good in its users. Sometimes, we see content that is news to someone but triggering to us and could lead to us not feeling well or starting the day in a bad mood. One solution to avoid that is to gatekeeper or filter out the content in your feeds so that those triggering news might appear less in the algorithm.

Blocking someone from Facebook is one way of doing it. Blocking has always been associated with users doing it to their failed relationship partner, but in reality, it is much more than that. Its main use is letting you decide what’s appearing in your feeds and for your safety. In this article, we’ll look at ways to block someone, check your blocking list, and why you can’t block someone on Facebook. This article ensures that this is your novice-friendly guide to stopping online disturbances and maintaining a positive online environment. Continue reading this article to put an end to unwanted interactions on the biggest social media platform that exists.

Block Someone on Facebook

Table of contents

Part 1. What Happens When You Block Someone on Facebook Part 2. How to Block Someone on Facebook Part 3. How to Check the Blocking List on Facebook Part 4. Why Can't I Block Someone on Facebook Part 5. FAQs About How to Block Someone on Facebook

Part 1. What Happens When You Block Someone on Facebook

Interactions between users in the vast digital social media realm may be enjoyable and unsettling. Platforms like Facebook offer chances for interaction but always carry the risk of unwelcome encounters. Facebook has a function that enables users to block people to address this problem. But what precisely occurs when you Facebook block someone? We'll examine the nuances of this action and its repercussions, all listed below.

The Immediate Effects of Blocking:

They Can’t See Your Profile. When you block someone on Facebook, they can't see your profile, posts, or anything else you share. You vanish from their digital world.

They Can’t Send You Messages. Blocking someone on Facebook also blocks them on Messenger. They can't start new conversations, but old ones will stay.

They Can’t Add You as a Friend. Blocking someone on social media hides them from your profile and prevents them from contacting you. They can still see your posts if they have mutual friends.

They Can’t Add You or See Your Public Post. Blocking on Facebook affects followers and friends. Blocked users can't see your public posts or follow you.

You Won’t Appear in Their Search Results. Blocking someone on Facebook means they can't see your profile or contact you.

The aforementioned effects of blocking are the literal way of putting into words what will happen when you block someone. Over time, Facebook’s terms and use might change, and so might how their blockings work. be sure you’ll get updated on those changes to get as much service as you want in keeping yourself free from triggering content.

If you also use other popular social apps like Instagram, twitter, etc., check this post to block someone in Instagram.

Part 2. How to Block Someone on Facebook

How do you Block someone on Facebook? Blocking someone has become normal in today’s time as to what it was before. It becomes a way of keeping your peace and being unbothered by those contents you might perceive as negative and bad for your mental health.


Go to the Profile of the person you want to block.


Click the ellipses right beside the message button.


Click Block, then a pop-up message will appear stating that you can no longer see the user's account.

Facebook How to Block Someone

A safe space free of unwanted interactions has never been this easy. You’re only just 3-steps from achieving total peace in your social media space, so be sure to follow these steps.

Part 3. How to Check the Blocking List on Facebook

In this part of the article, we’ll show you how to find blocked people on Facebook. As time progresses, so does your blocking list. Do you wonder how many bothered you this year, or do you simply want to unblock someone? Then, the steps below might help you in keeping them in check.


Open Facebook on your device


Go to your Facebook Settings and Privacy


Scroll down and click Blocking


In there, you’ll see all the accounts you block and unblock them anytime you feel like doing it.

Facebook Check Blocking List

There are 4-simple steps to keep all your blocked accounts in check. You might want to, and not it’s there for a reason. Be sure to save this or take note of it so that when the time comes when you want to unblock someone, you’ll know what to do.

Part 4. Why Can't I Block Someone on Facebook

Have you ever found it annoying to be unable to ban someone on Facebook? It's not just you. Many Facebook users have experienced this difficulty at some point, and it might be confusing. In this post, we'll look at some typical reasons why you could find it difficult to block someone on Facebook and provide workarounds.

Temporary Restrictions. Facebook has controls in place to stop the block tool from being abused. Restrictions may apply if you recently unblocked someone and are attempting to block them again immediately. There may be a waiting time before you block the same individual again on Facebook.

Solution: Wait for a while, typically around 48 hours, and then try blocking the user again.

Blocking Limitations. Facebook limits how many users you may block in a certain period. You won't be able to block any more people until a certain amount of time has passed if you've hit this cap.

Solution: Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until Facebook removes the block restriction, which typically occurs after a predetermined time.

Technical Glitches. You might occasionally be unable to use certain Facebook platform functions, such as blocking, due to temporary bugs or other difficulties.

Solution: In this case, the issue is usually temporary. Try again after a while, or contact Facebook support for assistance.

App Browser Problems. The device or browser you use to access Facebook may also be causing problems. If you're having trouble blocking someone, there may be an issue with your device's settings or software.

Solution: Try a different device or browser to see if the issue persists. Clearing your browser cache and cookies might also help resolve any technical problems.

Although it might be annoying to be unable to block someone on Facebook, there are typically plausible explanations for the problem. Understanding Facebook's rules and privacy options and any possible restrictions the network may apply. You may frequently overcome these challenges and reclaim control over your Facebook experience by following the above mentioned techniques. Don't hesitate to contact Facebook's help staff if the issue continues or if you need further guidance.

Part 5. FAQs About How to Block Someone on Facebook

If you block someone on Facebook will they know?

No, when you block someone on Facebook, they won't get a message or alert saying that they've been unfriended. They could discover, though, that they can no longer access your profile, postings, or messaging system. It will seem like you are no longer part of their Facebook experience.

How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook?

As Facebook doesn't offer a clear notification, it might be difficult to tell if someone has banned you. There are several indications that you may have been barred, though. Like when you visit their page, and it says, this person isn't available right now, or when you can no longer find their profile while looking for it.

Can I block a deactivated account on Facebook?

On Facebook, you cannot ban a deactivated account. Accounts that have been deactivated are effectively dormant and inaccessible to other platform users. You cannot ban a deactivated account since blocking is only a tool for active accounts.

Can I block someone on Facebook but not on Messenger?

Yes, blocking someone on Facebook while retaining their ability to contact you through Messenger is possible. When you block someone on Facebook, it mostly prevents them from seeing your profile and engaging with you on social media, such as reading your posts or friend-requesting you. If you haven't expressly blocked them on Messenger, they can still send you messages there.


Blocking someone on social media is a very satisfying and fulfilling experience. It can be a way to take control of your online experience and to protect yourself from harmful content. When you block someone, they can no longer see your posts or contact you. This can be a great way to deal with trolls, harassers, or anyone else who makes your online experience unpleasant. It can also be a way to take a break from social media if you need some time away from the constant stream of updates. Blocking someone is a powerful tool you should not be afraid to use. It is your right to control your online experience; blocking someone is a way to do that.

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