Part 1. Why Camtasia Not Recording
Part 2. Solutions
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Why Is Your Camtasia Audio Not Recording? Explore Causes & Solutions

Jordan ScottJordan ScottUpdated on Dec 18, 2023Audio Recorder

Nowadays, recording has made our lives so much easier. Recording software lets us quickly capture our spontaneous ideas and essential information. One of the outstanding programs is Camtasia, which enables users to record their microphone and system audio and provides various editing features. This is particularly useful for education and inspiration. For example, you can record and edit dubbing homework or audio-only social media posts. But sometimes, you may find that your Camtasia audio is not recording for some reason. Why might this be? In this guide, we’ll look at the causes and offer some solutions.

Camtasia Audio Not Recording
Part 1. Why Camtasia Audio Isn’t Recording Part 2. Solutions to the Problem Part 3. FAQs about Camtasia Audio Recording Part 4. Alternative to Camtasia: AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Part 1. Why Camtasia Audio Isn’t Recording

If your Camtasia audio isn’t recording, don’t worry; this is a common problem that can occur with any recording software. There are typically two reasons for this problem: Your devices or system settings may be incorrect.

First, you may not connect your devices correctly to your computer. For example, if you’re using headphones, they may not be appropriately plugged in or connected via Bluetooth. If the devices are connected, they may not be listed in the Camtasia Sound List. If so, Camtasia may not accept your device, so consider switching. If you are trying to record the system sound instead of the external sound, you may turn off the system sound. Sometimes, it is due to incorrectly operating your keyboard.

After completing the device check, check your system or Camtasia software settings. First, your system’s audio setting may not be enabled, so it is not working for Camtasia. Moreover, your audio driver has not been updated for optimal performance; in other cases, Camtasia may be muted in your volume mixer. See Part 2 for information on how to deal with these situations. As for the Camtasia software, you may configure microphone settings incorrectly. Alternatively, Camtasia may have become overloaded while recording.

Part 2. Solutions to the Problem

Suppose you’re still not sure what’s causing the audio recording problem in Camtasia. Try the following solutions in order to fix the problem.

Method 1. Check Recording Devices

Navigate to Windows Settings and click Sound. Scroll down to the Input section to see if your recording devices are listed. If not, click Add device and connect your device via Bluetooth or other means. Checking your recording devices is the first step to ensuring a smooth audio recording.

Input Device

Method 2. Check Camtasia Audio Settings

Click New Recording and view the pop-up window. Check that the microphone or system audio is turned on. If not, tick the box below.

Audio Settings

Method 3. Check Volume Mixer

Navigate to Windows Settings and find Sound again. Locate the Volume Mixer section. Here, you can do volume adjustments for any application, including Camtasia. For better recording, you can maximize the volume for Camtasia or mute the other applications.

Volume Mixer

Method 4. Update Audio Driver

Another cause of Camtasia audio not recording is that you have not updated your audio driver. Follow the steps below to do it:


Navigate to Windows Settings, scroll to the bottom and select Windows Update.

Windows Update

Click Advanced options. Then, under Additional options, select Optional updates.

Optional Update

Check for Driver updates and select the ones you want to update from the list.

Driver Update

Click the Download & install button.


Follow the on-screen instructions to carry out the remaining actions.

Part 3. FAQs about Camtasia Audio Recording

Can I record audio only with Camtasia?

Yes, you can record audio only with Camtasia. All you need to do is check Capture on the Recording interface. Be sure to turn off the Record screen and Record camera options. Then, you can choose to record your microphone or system audio. You can also record audio from devices included in the Camtasia Sound List.

Can I edit audio recordings in Camtasia?

Sure, you can edit from the main interface. After importing audio from a local file, you can edit it using features in the Audio Effects section. You can compress, emphasize, fade in and fade out the recording. Also, you can clip the speed or remove the noise from the audio according to your needs.

How can I improve the quality of audio recording in Camtasia?

If your audio recording sounds terrible, follow these steps to improve it:
1. Open Windows Settings and select Sound in the right pane.
2. Scroll down until you see More sound settings under Advanced, and click on it.
3. Select the Recording tab.
4. Right-click on the device that you use to record within Camtasia and select Properties.
5. Click on the Advanced tab and uncheck the box next to Enable audio enhancements.

Part 4. Alternative to Camtasia: AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder Interface

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a handy and versatile screen recording software for Windows and Mac that lets you record anything on your PC screen. It has exactly the same audio recording capacity as Camtasia and one even better feature: scheduled recording. Yes, you can schedule an audio-only recording with AnyMP4. For example, if you have an online class every Monday, you can set the audio recording to start and stop at a specific time weekly. Suppose you want to use multiple windows while learning, for example, searching for information or taking notes in the memo. You can select and lock the window for classes in the background. You don't have to worry about multiple windows overlapping because AnyMP4 lets you pin a window to your desktop. In this way, the recording process won’t be interrupted or end abruptly. If these features appeal to you, feel free to download AnyMP4 from its official website.

Free Download Free Download


We hope you discover why Camtasia audio is not recording and learn the four solutions to fix the problem. In addition to the solutions, we’ve also provided a practical alternative: AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. If you need help using Camtasia or other software, see our website for more information.

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