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2. AirPlay from Mac to Smart TV without Apple TV
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Airplay Mac to TV (with or without Apple TV)- Procedures and Fix Issues

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Have you ever wanted to use your Mac to play games, display photos, or watch movies on your enormous TV? You only need to look at AirPlay! No complex setup is required. You can wirelessly show your Mac's screen on your TV. You can do this thanks to this built-in Apple feature. Do you own a stylish Apple TV or another kind of TV? This tutorial will teach you how to AirPlay from Mac to TV. It covers the easy steps to enable AirPlay. Also, we offer troubleshooting advice. It will smooth out kinks and ensure a delightful big-screen experience. So prepare to experience the power of AirPlay on your Mac!

How to AirPlay from Mac to TV
Part 1. How to AirPlay from Mac to Apple TV Part 2. How to AirPlay from Mac to Smart TV without Apple TV Part 3. AirPlay Mac to TV not Working- Solutions Part 4. FAQs about AirPlay from Mac to TV

Part 1. How to AirPlay from Mac to Apple TV

Hi there! Do you want to know how to AirPlay from Mac to Apple TV? You're in luck, though, as it's very simple! With AirPlay, you can wirelessly broadcast anything from your Mac screen, whether it's a movie, presentation, or just your favorite videos, right to your large, gorgeous TV screen through your Apple TV. Here’s how to do it.


On your Mac, look for the AirPlay icon. Usually, it is located in the menu bar in the upper-right corner of your display. If you click on that, a list of AirPlay-compatible devices will appear.

Click on Airplay Icon

When you select your Apple TV from the list, you may choose to play audio only or mirror the screen of your Mac. Select the mirror screen option.

Mirror Mac to TV

And that's it! Your Mac screen will now appear on your TV screen. To end mirroring, simply click the AirPlay button once more after you're finished. Simple as that!

Part 2. How to AirPlay from Mac to Smart TV without Apple TV

Have you ever thought to show your most treasured pictures or watch your most anticipated film on a large screen, but you need an Apple TV? Not a problem! You can easily stream media from your Mac to your smart TV, and here are the methods to try: AirPlay, HDMI, and Third-Party apps. Let's get started on how to AirPlay Mac to TV without Apple TV using AirPlay.

Option 1. AirPlay

Have you ever wanted to mirror Mac to the TV and stream media files wirelessly and without the need for cables? That's exactly what AirPlay allows you to accomplish! Your Mac's screen may be wirelessly mirrored onto your TV via AirPlay, making it simple to watch your preferred films, pictures, and presentations on a larger screen. Let's investigate the process of AirPlay Macbook to TV using AirPlay.


Make sure your Samsung TV supports AirPlay. Both your Mac and smart TV need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. On your Mac, click the Apple logo, then select System Preferences. Once done, Click the Display button.


Look for the AirPlay Display option. Then, choose your list of available AirPlay devices and Click to connect.

Select Airplay Device

Your Mac screen should appear on your Samsung TV. It is so easy and fast to AirPlay Mac to Samsung TV.

Option 2. HDMI cable

Do you want to watch Mac material on a larger screen but need an Apple TV? You're fortunate! Simple instructions and an HDMI connection are all you need to AirPlay trouble-free content from your Mac to your TV. Now, let's get started on how to AirPlay from Mac to Apple TV using HDMI.


Connect the HDMI cable to the Mac port on your Samsung TV. Once your Mac is connected to an HDMI port, turn your TV on to the input channel that matches.


Navigate to System Preferences, then select Displays on your Mac. Verify that your TV is identified, and if necessary, change the display settings. If you want to mirror your Mac's screen to the TV, select the Mirror Displays option.


There you have it! You can now mirror your Mac to a Samsung TV without an Apple TV.

Option 3. AirBeamTV

Without an Apple TV, are you trying to AirPlay from your Mac to your TV? Let's introduce AirBeamTV! A simple way to wirelessly mirror your Mac's screen to a variety of smart TVs is with AirBeamTV. Let us investigate how to AirPlay Macbook to Samsung TV using AirBeamTV. You may improve your entertainment experience with it!


Download the AirBeamTV app first from the App Store and install it on your Mac. The app will detect compatible TVs available for AirPlay.


Select your Smart TV. Make sure your TV is turned on and ready to receive the AirPlay signal. Click the Start Mirroring button in the AirBeamTV app.


It will mirror your Macbook to your TV.

Part 3. AirPlay Mac to TV not Working- Solutions

Network difficulties: Occasionally, network connectivity issues may prevent AirPlay from functioning. Make sure your Mac and TV are linked to the same wireless network.

Solution: Reset the router, check Wi-Fi connections, and connect devices to the same network again.

Software updates: If your Mac, TV, or other AirPlay-capable devices have outdated software, it may need to be fixed with AirPlay.

Solution: Install the most recent software updates on your Mac, smart TV, and other devices that support AirPlay.

Firewall or security software: On occasion, AirPlay connections may be blocked by your Mac's firewall settings or security software.

Solution: Try AirPlay once more after briefly turning off your Mac's firewall or security software. If AirPlay functions, change your firewall's or security program's settings to permit AirPlay connections.

AirPlay settings: Incorrect AirPlay configurations on your Mac or TV may result in improper AirPlay functionality.

Solution: Verify that your Mac and TV's AirPlay settings are set up properly. Verify that both devices have AirPlay turned on, then attempt to reconnect.

Interference: The AirPlay connection may be hampered by nearby electronics, wireless signals, or physical obstructions.

Solution: Relocate your TV and Mac closer to one another, away from other electronics, and clear the area of any objects that could be in the way of the wireless signal.

Hardware difficulties: Other possible causes of AirPlay troubles include broken cables, adapters, or hardware parts.

Solution: Inspect the cords and adapters that link your Mac and TV for flaws or damage. To see if the problem still exists, try utilizing various cables or adapters.

After knowing these typical causes and trying the recommended fixes, you should be able to fix the problem and resume flawless AirPlay streaming from your Mac to your TV.

Part 4. FAQs about AirPlay from Mac to TV

Does AirPlay from my Mac to a TV require an Apple TV?

Although seamless AirPlay integration is available on Apple TV, it's optional. While certain Smart TVs already have AirPlay built-in, you can still AirPlay from your Mac to a TV that doesn't have Apple TV by using compatible streaming devices or third-party apps.

Why is my TV not listed when I try to stream media from my Mac?

When trying to AirPlay from your Mac, there are a few possible reasons why you might not see your TV listed: network problems, incompatible devices, or misconfigured settings. Make sure your TV has AirPlay enabled and that your Mac and TV are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

Can I AirPlay any TV to my Mac?

In order to use AirPlay from a Mac to a TV, the TV must either support AirPlay or be linked to another device that supports AirPlay, such as an Apple TV or a compatible streaming device. It is imperative to verify the TV's requirements or speak with the manufacturer, as not all TVs are AirPlay compatible.


You can use AirPlay Mac to TV for many streaming options. It works with Apple TV and other devices, as well as third-party apps that work with AirPlay. You can fix issues like compatibility or connectivity problems by checking networks, updating software, or troubleshooting hardware. AirPlay improves the viewing experience by smoothly moving media from a Mac to a TV. It gives consumers ease and customization.

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