1. Password is Required to Enable Touch ID
2. Set Up Touch ID with Password
3. Set Up Touch ID If I Forget Password

Enable Touch ID Without Passcode: 3 Methods to Do It

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Touch ID is a feature of current iPhones that allows you to unlock your phone using your captured finger biometrics. This feature encourages the simplicity of access to your iPhone and the avoidance of getting locked out of your smartphone due to a forgotten passcode. When you restart your iPhone, you may be asked to enter your passcode again to enable Touch ID.

That can be a problem when we do not know exactly our password. This article will present why you need a password to activate your Touch ID. Then, we will give you guidelines to solve the problem. See all of these details below.

Your Password Is Required to Enable Touch ID
Part 1. Why Your Password is Required to Enable Touch ID Part 2. How to Set Up Touch ID with Password Part 3. How to Set Up Touch ID If I Forgot Password Part 4. FAQS about Your Password Is Required to Enable Touch ID

Part 1. Why Your Password is Required to Enable Touch ID

All iOS users out there know that it is required to enter your passcode first before enabling the Touch ID feature of our iPhone security. However, little did we know that this would happen because of some possible situations and reasons. This frequently happens in the following situations.

◆ If your iPhone's passcode has been used for over six days.

◆ If you haven't unlocked your phone using Touch ID in the last 8 hours.

◆ If the device has been locked for more than two days.

For that, let us now talk about the elephant in the room: what if your passcode is required to enable Touch ID, and you forget it? What shall we do? This article will offer solutions to these questions. Continue reading for the solutions.

Part 2. How to Set Up Touch ID with Password

Touch ID needs only a few finger taps to enable a compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


On your iPhone's Home screen, tap the Settings app. Then, please enter your passcode after selecting Touch ID & Passcode. If you haven't already, you must set up a passcode on your iPhone before using Touch ID.


About halfway down the screen, it will ask you to enter the Passcode of your iOS. Then, we must tap Add a Fingerprint in the Fingerprints section to continue the process.


While holding the iPhone, click and lift your finger on the Home button multiple times. The phone will proceed to the next screen once it obtains a clean scan of the middle of your finger.

iOS Add Finger Print

Now, you need to hold the phone as you normally would while unlocking it and use the borders of your finger to hit the Home button rather than the center you scanned. After accepting the scan, the phone returns to the Touch ID & Passcode screen.


Finally, please toggle the switch adjacent to any of the four Touch ID-controlled choices to the On/Green position.

iOS Place Finger Print

That is the proper way of enabling the Touch ID with your phone's passcode. For quick tips, please lightly place the fleshy portion of your finger on the Home button, but don't push it, or your scan will be canceled.

Part 3. How to Set Up Touch ID If I Forgot Password

We all know that not all the time we know the password of our devices. That means, if you are one of the users who wants to know how we can enable touch ID without a passcode, then an incredible iPhone unlocker can help.

Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Is a well-known all-purpose utility for unlocking iOS passcode. This tool is a safe and easy approach to erasing screen passcodes, Apple ID passcodes, MDM passcodes, and Screen Time passcodes. If you find yourself in a situation where your passcode must activate touch ID but have forgotten it, the Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker can help.


Get the software and install it on your computer.

Free Download Free Download

Now, we need to launch the tool and choose Wipe Passcode. This feature will help us ease the passcode requirements for Touch ID. Then, click the Start button to begin. Please use a USB link to connect your computer to the iPhone.

iPhone Unlocker Start Wipe Pascode

Kindly confirm your device details and then click the Start button once again. The application will then download the firmware package required to erase the passcode. In this phase, we simply need to wait a little time.

iPhone Unlocker Start Downloading

Finally, choose to Unlock to Remove your Screen Passcode. Then, to confirm the unlocking by entering 0000.

iPhone Unlocker Confirm Unlock

That's how instant and effective our iPhone unlocker tool makes the process. It is a safe and useful tool for all of us. After that process, we can now set the Touch ID of our iPhone without even asking for the Passcode of it.

Part 4. FAQS about Your Password Is Required to Enable Touch ID

Why is the app store asking for a password instead of a Touch ID?

For numerous reasons, the App Store on your iPhone may request a password instead of Touch ID or Face ID on some devices because of Security Settings, App Purchase Amount, and Authentication Issues.

Is a touch ID safer than a password?

In some cases, Touch ID (or Face ID) can provide greater security than regular passwords. It is often regarded as more secure because it employs unique biometric data that is difficult to copy. It is also more convenient because you do not have to memorize a difficult password.

Why does my Mac sometimes request a password instead of a Touch ID?

For many reasons, your Mac may require a password instead of a Touch ID. Certain tasks or configuration changes may require a password depending on your security settings in System Preferences. In addition, the Authentication Issues. If the Touch ID sensor malfunctions, you may be prompted to input your password instead.

Why can't I enable Touch ID on my iPhone?

You might not enable Touch ID on your iPhone for several reasons. You cannot enable Touch ID if your iPhone lacks a Touch ID sensor or if it is malfunctioning. Also, an Incompatible Model. If you have an earlier iPhone model that does not support Touch, you cannot enable Touch ID.

Where do I find my Touch ID password?

You can see it under the Setting of Touch ID and Passcode. Unlike traditional passwords, Touch ID does not have a distinct password. Instead, it authenticates you using your fingerprint or face recognition. If prompted for a password in a Touch ID scenario, it might refer to your device's passcode or PIN. When Touch ID or Face ID fails or is not configured, your device's passcode is utilized as a backup authentication method.


With this article, we learned how to enable your iOS phone's Touch ID. We can see two significant processes above. The one requires a passcode, and the other one does not require it. We can also see how great Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker manages the situation and gives us a great process even without a passcode requirement.

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