Part 1. You Found a Locked iPhone?
Part 2. How Do I Unlock it
Part 3. FAQs

Can a Lost iPhone be Unlocked? Best 2023 Solutions to Try on iPhone 13/12/11

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It is inevitable to lose a mobile device, but rarely will you find someone’s iPhone. It is locked, and you don’t know what to do with it. Even if you thought of returning it to the rightful owner, it can be a hassle since personal information is kept and secured on the phone. The good thing is you can try these tips to reach the owner. Or, if you decide to keep it, see the following demonstration on how to unlock a found iPhone.

I Found an iPhone How Do I Unlock it
Part 1. What Do You Do if You Find a Locked iPhone? Part 2. I Found an iPhone, and How Do I Unlock it Part 3. FAQs Unlocking a Lost iPhone

Part 1. What Do You Do if You Find a Locked iPhone?

Suppose you are in a club and you found an iPhone. You don’t intend to keep it but return it to the owner. However, the chances are very low even if you turn it into a nearby police station. You can post on your social media, including a short phone description and where you found it. You must not give too much information about the device; instead, ask about any special phone specifications from anyone who replies to your post.

The next thing you will do is to keep the phone charged. It is good if you find it with a full battery percentage, but charge it if it’s critically low. You might need to borrow or buy one if you are not an iPhone user. This is a chance when the Find My iPhone feature will try to relocate the device, and you might receive a phone call from the owner. Wait for a couple of days.

If, by any chance, the phone does not have a passcode, you can check the call log and try to reach the owner. Alternatively, check the closer contacts, such as parents, best friends, company, etc., and try to call them to give the device. Suppose all the strategies mentioned earlier did not work; go to the next part.

Part 2. I Found an iPhone, and How Do I Unlock it?

With no avail of reaching the original owner, you may need to unlock the iPhone to use it. But since Apple has top-tier security, is there a way? Definitely, yes! The following methods will help you unlock the lost iPhone with easy steps.

Unlock an iPhone via iTunes

This solution requires a laptop and the latest version of the iTunes app. Note that restoring the phone will result in data loss. However, it will effectively erase the passcode and unlock the device. Here are the steps to follow:


Make sure to download the latest iTunes program on your computer. Then, launch it and connect the iPhone with a USB cable.


After connecting the device successfully, a new window will appear. Click the device’s name and head to the Summary tab. Click the Restore iPhone button to continue.

Unlock Found iPhone iTunes Restore iPhone

Proceed to unlock the found iPhone by clicking the Restore button. This will allow iTunes to process and erase the current data. Unplug the iPhone from the computer and start setting it up.

Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker– The Best Solution to Unlock an iPhone

The latest and most professional way to unlock an iPhone is through Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker. The program presents various modes to break the device's passcode, which is also user-friendly for broken Face ID or Touch ID sensors. It is also designed to remove different passcodes like 4-digit or 6-digit combinations. Unlike other tools, this unlocker guarantees full access to the phone features, undisturbed by the old Apple ID account. Furthermore, you can set the new passcode and settings as much as you like.

◆ Quickly unlock a lost iPhone without a passcode or Apple ID.

◆ Erase data without a trace to use the unlocked iPhone efficiently.

◆ Support disabling Screen Time passcode, Apple ID, and MDM.

◆ Clear the iTunes backup encryption settings in just one click.


Download and install Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker on your computer to unlock a lost iPhone.

Free Download Free Download

Once launched, click the Wipe Passcode button. Proceed by clicking the Start button. Use a USB cable that is compatible with the iPhone and the computer.

Aiseesoft Wipe Passcode

The program will read the device information. Confirm the device category, type, and model, then click the Start button. It will begin the firmware package download. Wait patiently until it is done.

Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Start

Click the Unlock button to proceed when the firmware package is finally downloaded. With a PIN provided by the program, enter 0000 in the empty field. Confirm by clicking the Unlock button. Keep the device connected during the process. Once it is complete, unplug the iPhone and start using it.

It is easier to use this iPhone unlocker tool to get into the locked iPhone.

Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Unlock 0000

Use the Find My feature to Unlock the Lost iPhone

The main purpose of the Find My feature is to allow the owner to locate the device once lost. But another thing it provides is unlocking an iPhone. This solution is crucial because you will need the device’s Apple ID credentials to unlock it. But if you have all the requirements, you can use the steps below to try:


Use another iPhone or iPad and download the Find My app. Enter the Apple ID credentials of the found device.


When the map screen appears, find the name of the iPhone to proceed. Click the Erase iPhone button to remove all data and passcode. Then, you can access the iPhone after the Find My feature processes it.

However, if your iPhone gets stuck due to the Find My feature, then you can try to turn off Find My on your iPhone, even if you have no password.

Unlock Found iPhone Find My Erase iPhone

Part 3. FAQs Unlocking a Lost iPhone

Can a lost, locked iPhone be unlocked?

Yes. You can unlock a device with the help of iTunes or Find My. However, any of these solutions will inevitably erase all data to protect the owner from possible information theft. As of now, there is no available program that can unlock an iPhone while keeping the data.

How much does it cost to unlock a found iPhone?

Using the built-in functions is free of cost. Unless FInd My and iTunes do not work out, you may need to purchase a third-party tool to unlock the iPhone.

Is it possible to unlock a found iPhone?

Absolutely, yes. You can use the mentioned solution in this post to unlock the device you have found. Just ensure you meet the requirements to erase the passcode.

Can I factory reset a found iPhone?

You have to enter Recovery Mode to unlock the lost iPhone. Also, prepare iTunes or Finder on your computer and connect the iPhone to it. Then, press the Home and Side buttons simultaneously until the Recovery Mode appears. Follow the prompts from iTunes until the device is unlocked.

Can I sell a locked iPhone I found?

You have the option to sell the found device to the market. However, being honest with potential customers is better to avoid conflicts in selling the item. It is best to tell them you don’t have the Apple ID credentials to access the phone.


This tutorial post presented the possible things you can do when you find an iPhone. While you did your best to reach for the owner, you can unlock the lost iPhone with iTunes or Find My to erase the passcode. It is also recommended to try Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker to quickly eradicate the passcode and help you set up a new Apple ID. Download it for free on Windows and Mac.

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