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Turn Passcode Off Greyed Out on iPhone and iPad (Easy Fix)

Taylor ThompsonTaylor ThompsonUpdated on Nov 29, 2023Phone Unlock

When using an iPhone, you may see a Greyed-out Turn Passcode Off option, preventing you from removing the passcode. It might happen due to unique settings or setups on your device. This is a huge problem for users who forget their password and cannot unlock their iPhones. Please don't worry; you're not alone in dealing with this problem. Many iPhone users have encountered this issue, which has left them perplexed and looking for answers. In this post, we'll look at the causes of this problem and offer quick and easy 3 solutions to remedy it.

Turn Passcode Off Greyed Out on iPhone
Part 1. Why is Turn Off Passcode Greyed Out on iPhone Part 2. How to Fix Turn Passcode Off Greyed Out on iPhone Part 3. FAQs about urn Passcode Greyed Out on iPhone

Part 1. Why is Turn Off Passcode Greyed Out on iPhone

Before we go into methods of fixing the issue, let's examine why this problem happens. The Turn Passcode Off Greyed Out issue is usually caused by certain device settings or setups. It might be tied to corporate email accounts, remote management profiles, or an MDM lock on iOS devices. Turning off the passcode gets more difficult when these items are present. We've developed a list of ways to assist you in dealing with this, including a great tool to ease it..

Part 2. How to Fix Turn Passcode Off Greyed Out on iPhone

Method 1. Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker

We go with the most recommended tool if you forget your passcode and find yourself locked out of your iPhone; Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker can help. You may use this software to wipe the screen passcode without entering a password. This incredible tool performs the unlocking easily without having greyed out our issue. See how easy it is to use,


Take advantage of the software by installing it for free on their website.

Free Download Free Download

Start iPhone Unlocker and choose Wipe Passcode. Then, select the Start button to begin the passcode-wiping operation. The feature will ease your problem with grey-out iOS. B. But before we proceed to the next step, use a USB cord to allow your computer access to the iPhone.

iPhone Unlocker Start Wipe Passcode

Now, validate your device information and click the Start button again. The program will then start downloading the firmware package to remove the passcode. We only need to wait for a while in this step.

iPhone Unlocker Start Downloading

Select Unlock after downloading the firmware to erase your screen passcode. Then, type 0000 to confirm the unlocking.

iPhone Unlocker Confirm Unlock

That's how simple and effective the procedure is using our iPhone unlocker tool. It is a secure and recommendable tool for all of us. We can now use our iPhones without having a forgotten passcode.

Method 2. Erase Corporate E-mail Account

A business e-mail account may occasionally prohibit passcode changes. That is possible because an E-mail can hold a specific element that prevents us from changing our passcode. For that, let us now delete the E-mail behind the issue. To remedy this, use the following steps:


Go to Settings on your iPhone and then see the Mails.


Now, please tap Accounts and then access Exchange to proceed.


We are now about to select Delete Account and Confirm deletion. Then, check whether the passcode option is no longer greyed out after restarting your iPhone.

Erase Corporate Email Account

There you have it, a simple method to fix the issue. However, please be reminded that this is not always the answer, especially when the cause of the problem is connected with internal things.

Method 3. Alleviate Remote Management

If your organization or school controls or manages your iPhone, it may have a configuration profile loaded. One of the restrictions it can impose is the inability to change or remove the passcode, resulting in the Turn Passcode Off Greyed Out issue on your iPhone. You must delete this configuration profile to reclaim control of your passcode settings. Let's go over the steps to do this as we ease the remote management of your iPhone.


On your iPhone, go to Settings and then to General. From there, please locate and touch on VPN & Device Management or Profiles & Device Management, depending on your iOS version, in the General settings.


You will see a list of Setup Profiles on your device. Locate the one causing the Passcode constraints.

VPN Device Management

Once you've located the configuration profile, touch on it to see the option to Remove Profile. To proceed, please select it to begin the removal process.


You will be requested to input your MDM lock passcode to confirm the uninstallation. To proceed with the removal, then enter the Passcode. After uninstalling the configuration profile, Restart your iPhone to implement the changes.

iOS Remove Profile

After easing the remote management in your iPhone, you can now try again to turn off the passcode of your iOS and see if it works.

Surely, if you MDM is set, but you forgot your password, you have to get an MDM bypass tool to remove MDM.

Part 3. FAQs about urn Passcode Greyed Out on iPhone

Can the passcode be turned off?

You may disable the passcode on your iPhone, but doing so is not recommended for security reasons. To accomplish this, navigate to the Settings app. Now. scroll to the bottom and touch Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode for earlier devices. Then, Enter your most recent passcode. Scroll down to Turn Passcode Off or Change Passcode and then Passcode Options to pick Don't Use Passcode for earlier devices. Then, finally, Confirm your choice.

Why are my iPhone lock screen settings greyed out?

If your lock screen settings are greyed out, it might be due to limits or settings imposed by a Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile if an enterprise manages your device, or it could be due to features such as Screen Time restrictions. You may need to contact your organization's IT department or alter your Screen Time settings to reclaim control of these settings.

How do I stop the iPhone from asking for a passcode?

To prevent your iPhone from requesting a passcode, either lengthen the duration until it automatically locks or eliminates the passcode. We need to go to Settings and then see Display & Brightness. From there, Auto-Lock must be selected, and select a longer duration or Never if you like. To disable the passcode, follow the procedures in the first question's response.

How do I turn off the passcode enabled?

To prevent your iPhone from requesting a passcode, either lengthen the duration until it automatically locks or eliminates the passcode. Please go to Settings, see the Display & Brightness, and the Lock. Finally, select a longer duration or Never if you like.

Can you not use a passcode on an iPhone?

On an iPhone, you can opt not to use a passcode, but it is strongly advised that you set up some type of protection for your device. Passcodes, Face IDs, and Touch IDs are critical security safeguards for protecting your data and privacy. Your smartphone will be less secure and more prone to illegal access if you do not use a passcode.


Dealing with a greyed-out Turn Passcode Off option on your iPhone can aggravate, but there are workable ways. You may remedy the issue and reclaim control of your passcode settings by eliminating remote management, deactivating corporate e-mail accounts, resetting settings, or circumventing the MDM lock. Indeed, these methods above are helpful, especially the incredible Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker. You can try it now to see how great the features it can offer.

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