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Review of Top 7 Alternatives to Crackle You Should Not Miss

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

You are lucky enough if Crackle is working in your Region or Country because it only works in some countries. This article will review some parts of Crackle, including its pros, cons, features, and more. Again, if it is not working in your Country, you can try the 7 alternatives we prepared for you. Feel free to read them now and visit them after reading this article.

Crackle Alternatives
1. Overview of Crackle 2. Top 5 Alternatives to Crackle 3. FAQs of Crackle

1. Overview of Crackle

What is Crackle?

Crackle or Crackle TV is a free movie streaming site in the Web world. Upon reviewing it, we discover that it offers more than 700 movies and up to 100 TV shows. Do you agree that it is impossible if the movie you want to watch is not available on Crackle? You can leave a comment after this article review if your answer is yes.

Furthermore, Crackle provides a Movie Library. What is the essence of the Movie Library? Since the movies are missing once another season is out, Movie Library can help you save the movie you want. Therefore, whenever you want to watch it again, you will no longer need to find it; it can save time.

Now, let us tackle the advantages and disadvantages of Crackle. We must admit that we must consider these points before using this movie streaming site. Please see them now and read them carefully.

It offers a good collection of movies, which is suitable even for children.
It has an excellent streaming movie performance.
It is only working in some regions or countries.
It offers too many distracting Ads.
It has a dull user interface on the Web and mobile devices.
The movies that are of high quality are very minimal.

Crackle Interface

Crackle Alternatives Crackle User Interface

In this part, let us talk about the user interface of Crackle. Of course, we will start with the color of the interface of Crackle. It has a combination of colors of Orange, White and Black, and the dominant among the three colors is black.

Furthermore, you will see the Profile Icon in the upper right corner, and when you click it, you will proceed to your Profile Settings. For that reason, you can update the Personal Information you input, change the Notifications, and turn ON-OFF the Parental Controls and Captions.

After that, you will see other options, such as Home Page, Movies, TV, and Search Bar. Using Search Bar, you can search Titles, Genres, and the Name of the Actors. It is convenient it works well. Overall, it is advisable for new users.

Latest Movies on Crackle

◆ Clancy Once Again

◆ God of Wonders

◆ A Rainy Day in New York

◆ Better Watch Out

◆ The Jakes are Missing

◆ A Star is Born

◆ The Sea of Trees

◆ Take Me Home

◆ The Children Act

◆ Till The Clouds Roll By

◆ Into The Forest

◆ Christmas with Felicity

◆ The Good Doctor

◆ Miss Me this Christmas

◆ The Maldonado Miracle

2. Top 5 Alternatives to Crackle


Crackle Alternatives IMBd TV
It is a well-known streaming site for movies.
It has various free TV shows and movies you can always watch.
It lets you watch the Preview and the Trailer before watching the entire movie.
It does not have inappropriate Ads.
It offers several languages for every user.
Its user interface is fantastic.
You must sign up for them to stream movies continually.

Aside from Crackle's free movies online, you can also enjoy free movies using IMDb TV, the well-known movie streaming site . To use this completely, you must sign up first using your email account. You will notice that signing up with them will cause a hassle; however, once you are done, you will enjoy the entire website by watching without limitations. Take note, IMDb TV has few Ads. So, watch until you can.

In addition, one more exciting thing about IMDb TV is it offers Preview. So what can you watch with the features? IMDb TV allows you to watch the Trailer of the latest movie before watching the entire movie. What can you benefit from? With the help of the Preview, you can conclude whether you will continue watching the movie because you are obtaining an idea with the Trailer Preview.


Crackle Alternatives Yidio
It provides many filtering options.
It has free TV shows and movies you can browse and watch from the site.
It lets you watch movies for free. Also, for purchasing or renting them.
It has automatic features that sort the movies immediately.
It has a movie that is streamed on another site.
The quality of the movies could be better than others.
The incorrect movies are paid for free.

Crackle online free movies and horror movies can also be watched on Yidio. It is another famous streaming movie site on the Internet. It has an attractive user interface that anyone will appreciate. Aside from horror movies, you can also enjoy different movie Genres, such as Action, Comedy, Drama, Family Movies, Fantasy, and many more.

Moreover, you need to know that it is not 100% free. What does it mean? There are movies and TV shows you can watch for free and movies you must purchase or rent to watch. For that reason, Yidio keeps you safe because it does not let you watch copyrighted movies.


Crackle Alternatives Tubi
It has movies that are high in quality.
It also has famous movies.
It provides subtitles which you can enable anytime.
It has a category specifically for kids only.
TV shows and movies are not separated by category.

Crackle movies and TV shows can also be found on the Tubi movie site. Nevertheless, what is the reason why you are switching to a streaming site? Aside from the user interface, Tubi offers several movies which are safer than Crackle.

In addition, feel free to enjoy the Genres it offers, like Comedy, Action, Horror, Family Movies, Romance, and more. What else? Using its Search Bar, you can type the Title, Genre, and Name of the Actor. Then, it will show the movie you are looking for immediately.

Pluto TV

Crackle Alternatives Pluto TV
Its user interface is professional, yet it is free to stream movies.
It offers several varieties of categories, content, genres, content, and more.
It also offers both live streaming and on-demand
It does not obliged you to have an account and login to it.
It works on numerous streaming and mobile devices.
It is limited to traditional cable channels.
It has too many Ads, and there is no way you can remove them.
It has bare-bone features.
It does not provide high-quality movies.

Have you heard about Pluto TV? Of course, it is another movie streaming site where you can watch movies freely. However, the distracting Ads will not leave you, and that is for sure. The bad thing is that you cannot remove them, like you cannot pay for them to remove them. Well, we must accept that a site that offers free TV shows and movies has Ads.

Now let us talk about the astonishing thing about Pluto TV. If we have not yet mentioned it, you can connect Pluto TV to many Smart TVs. For that reason, you can watch TV shows, movies, and even live sports and news using Pluto TV. What else? You can choose or search movies from its Search Bar, and yes, you can search using your Smart TV. Check the details here to use Pluto TV.


Crackle Alternatives SolarMovie
Its user interface is user-friendly and excellent.
It provides a lot of TV series and movies.
Its official site is manageable, especially for finding movies.
It allows you to download and stream movies in HD quality.
It does not let you download movies without using a VPN.
It also does not let you watch movies if you did not download a VPN.
It has very inappropriate Ads.
It has Ads that contain viruses when you click them.
Its safety is not 100% guaranteed.

Of course, you have read above that SolarMovie has a user-friendly user interface. Have you ever wondered why we said that? Well, if you visit the official site of SolarMovie, you will appreciate its user interface. It is perfect for amateur users and is easy to find movies you love and TV series.

In addition, if you want to take a break from watching movies, you can watch the series by tapping the Series button. You can see that besides the Movie button. Furthermore, the unique feature that part will notice in SolarMovie is it provides a movie or series Thumbnail with complete details, such as Ratings and Episodes. Overall, you will not regret using SolarMovie and SolarMovies alternatives to replace Crackle.

3. FAQs of Crackle

Is Crackle free?

You misread it. Yes, Crackle is a free site to watch TV shows and movies. In addition, it allows you to have an entire library of movies and add new movies and iconic hits from Crackle. The next question is, is there a requirement? Well, the requirement is simple: just create an account and sign up for free. Then, you will access all the categories, genres, etc., for free. However, expect numerous Ads.

Is Crackle safe?

We can say that the Crackle official site itself is safe. Nevertheless, since it has numerous Ads that cannot get removed, we cannot guarantee that Crackle is perfectly safe. Therefore, the distracting Ads that keep appearing on the official site of Crackle will put you at risk. For that reason, you must become aware of the several Ads.

Can I download Crackle movies?

Crackle has movies that can be downloadable. Nonetheless, it would help if you used third-party software because you cannot use Crackle itself to download the movies you like. In addition, we want to remind you that you must only download safe movies from Crackle, and we do not encourage you to download copyrighted movies. Overall, Crackle lets you download movies from them.


At last, we are done reviewing Crackle. Again, it is a free site for watching movies. In addition, since you are aware of Crackle's advantages, disadvantages, main features, latest movies, etc., you can visit it now. If you are unsatisfied with Crackle, why don't you try the top 5 alternatives we have prepared above, such as IMDb TV, Yidio, Tubi, Pluto TV, and SolarMovie? If you want more articles like this, watch out for our next upload, and we will see you there!

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