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UkeySoft iOS Unlocker Review: A Fast, Safe, and User-Friendly Unlocker Software

Taylor ThompsonTaylor ThompsonUpdated on Aug 25, 2022Phone Unlock

Setting up a passcode for your Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch can protect your privacy effectively! However, what will happen to your Apple devices when you forget your passcode? Your device will be disabled. So, to use it again, you need to use software to unlock your forgotten password. Please make time to read this review about UkeySoft iOS Unlocker, and it can help you not just with your password but with many more! Read now!

UkeySoft iOS Unlocker Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is UkeySoft iOS Unlocker 3. UkeySoft iOS Unlocker Review 4. FAQs of UkeySoft iOS Unlocker 5. Alternative - Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker

1. Our Verdict

It has a super plain user interface.
It is secure and safe to use.
It offers a support service for every customer.
It has a free software update for consumers.
It has no technical requirements.
It is affordable.
It requires you to sign in your Apple ID first.
The refund is available for seven days only.

Overall Ratings

8.5 Overall




2. What is UkeySoft iOS Unlocker

Best for: Users looking for locked iPhone or iPad unlocker software that is secure and safe to use.

Price: Lifetime License: $59.95

Platform: Mac and Windows

Main Features

UkeySoft iOS Unlocker is for personal use only, and you cannot use it for commercials. In addition, we can say that UkeySoft iOS is affordable. It has one available subscription and a Lifetime License, and the great thing is you can use it for unlimited iOS devices.

Furthermore, in this part, you will see the features of UkeySoft iOS Unlocker. Please continue reading to see them now:

1. It can remove your iPhone and iPad screen passcode.

2. It can also remove your forgotten Apple ID and password.

3. It allows you to unlock a disabled or locked iPhone or iPad.

4. It also allows you to unlock your iPhone with a broken screen, Apple logo screen, etc.

5. It can remove your 4-digit and 6-digit passcode, including Touch ID and Face ID.

6. It can unlock your Apple ID with no data loss.

3. UkeySoft iOS Unlocker Review


UkeySoft iOS Unlocker Interface

UkeySoft iOS Unlocker did not disappoint you with its super simple interface. The icons it has only three colors, light gray, white, and light blue. In addition, what makes it more simple is that you can see the available option upon lanching it.

You will notice the two options like Unlock Apple ID and Unlock Screen Passcode. Then, you will see the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the interface. You will see the other Options, Home, Product Page, Buy Now, Register, Online Help, and About, when you click it.

Overall, UkeySoft iOS Unlocker is perfect for beginner users, especially those not techy people, when unlocking Apple devices.

Unlock your Apple ID using UkeySoft iOS Unlocker

The reason why Apple locks your Apple ID is when you type a wrong passcode many times. What’s more? Apple will also lock your Apple ID for security reasons, or maybe your Apple ID is disabled.

Unlocking your Apple ID using UkeySoft iOS Unlocker is not impossible because this software is an expert on doing that. However, you need to take notice of these reminders; please ensure that you connect only one Apple device to your computer before proceeding to the next part.

Next, you need to ensure also that your iOS device is unlocked that can be controlled. In addition, you need to use a fine working USB cable to connect your iOS device to your computer.

Supposing that there are problems upon connecting your iOS device to your computer, UkeySoft iOS Unlocker prepared some tips for every user. First, reconnect your iOS device, use another or different USB cable, and restart your iOS device. Take note; restarting will require you a password.

Unlock your Screen Passcode using UkeySoft iOS Unlocker

UkeySoft iOS Unlocker Unlock your Screen Passcode

We tend to forget the screen passcode of our Apple device, and you tried several passcodes, but it turns to disabled your device, or sometimes the screen of our iOS device is broken. The good thing, UkeySoft iOS Unlocker also allows you to unlock your screen passcode.

Do not overthink too much because it will be quick and easy. But before that, there are other reminders for this function. You need to enter the Recovery Mode just in case your device is unresponsive. Also, use a USB cable that works perfectly to avoid disconnection.

Other Options of UkeySoft iOS Unlocker

UkeySoft iOS Unlocker Other Options

This part is all about the other Options of UkeySoft iOS Unlocker, such as General and Language. Under the General, you can delete the downloaded firmware package. You have an opinion to click the Delete button or the Delete All.

Next, on the Langauge part, you can choose between two languages available. Then, tick the small box to allow the program to create the log files and save them to the Downloads folder.

4. FAQs of UkeySoft iOS Unlocker

I can unlock my iPhone using UkeySoft iOS Unlocker without losing all my data?

Unfortunately, no. When unlocking a locked iPhone, UkeySoft iOS Unlocker will remind you that all your data will be removed or deleted when you go through unlocking.
The best thing you can do is back up your files first before proceeding with the unlocking process.

Why can UkeySoft iOS Unlocker not detect my iPad?

If that happens, check if your iPhone is on recovery mode. After that, you also need to check your iTunes to see if it can detect your iPad successfully. If it still cannot detect your iPad, change the USB cable.

Why did I fail to unlock my iPhone using UkeySoft iOS Unlocker?

If there are some errors in unlocking your iPhone, you need to check if your iTunes, Apple Sofware Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, etc., are updated. Please update your device first before proceeding with the unlocking process.

5. Alternative - Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker

Alternative - Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker

One of the disadvantages of UkeySoft iOS Unlocker is it will require you to log in on your Apple ID first, and you cannot use it unless you log in to your email first. In addition, it only has one available subscription.

This is the reason we see why Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker is the best alternative for UkeySoft iOS Unlocker. In addition, it has an aesthetic user interface, and it is very manageable to use. Moreover, the important thing is that Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker can effectively unlock your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

What’s more? It can remove your 4-digit and 6-digit passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID. There’s more you can do using Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker. Just visit their official website and try it for free, and it will not fail you!

Free Download Free Download


We now have an idea about UkeySotf iOS Unlocker, and we hope you learn with all that we provide, such as pros, cons, and overall ratings, especially with its main features. Moreover, we want to read your feedback after reading this review, do not forget to share them too! We will see you in the following article!

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