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Top 7 AirDroid Alternatives: Enhance Remote Phone Use

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AirDroid is a popular application that allows users to manage their Android devices from their computers or other devices wirelessly. It enables users to transfer files, send messages, view notifications, and access various aspects of their Android device's functionality without having to interact with the device itself physically. However, if you want to get rid of the AirDroid limits of file size or cost, you should not miss the best 7 alternatives to AirDroid in this post. Keep reading to get the full list.

AirDroid Alternative
Part 1. Best 7 AirDroid Alternatives Part 2. Comparison of Top 7 AirDroid Alternatives Part 3. FAQs

Our Top Picks

User-friendly interface and reliable performance: AnyMP4 Phone Mirror

Seamless screen mirroring for iOS and Android devices to your computer and control your phone from PC.

Best Cross-platform screen mirroring: AirServer

Support mirroring from various platforms such as iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Chrome OS as the alternative to AirDroid.

Seamless integration with Samsung devices and Smart TVs: AllShare Cast

Samsung's proprietary screen mirroring solution to Samsung users who are looking for a native, reliable, and feature-rich mirroring experience within the Samsung ecosystem.

Part 1. Best 7 AirDroid Alternatives

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror Interface

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror is a versatile screen mirroring tool for iPhone and Android users, allowing seamless projection of their device screens onto a larger display, such as a computer or TV. It supports both USB and wireless connections, providing flexibility in mirroring options. The interface is user-friendly, making it easy for users to navigate and initiate screen mirroring. Compared with AirDroid, it is more suitable for those beginners with its user-friendly interface. Moreover, it lets you control your phone from PC to make some operations that you are not convenient to do on the phone directly.

Free Download
Supports both wired and wireless mirroring.
User-friendly interface.
Offers high-quality screen mirroring.
Requires installation of additional software on the receiving device.
Limited features compared to some competitors.
Some users report occasional connectivity issues.


Air Server Review Use Airserver Recording on Your iOS Screen

AirServer is a popular screen mirroring solution known for its reliability and robust features. This AirDroid alternative works seamlessly with various devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs, allowing users to mirror their screens effortlessly. AirServer supports multiple mirroring protocols, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and platforms.

Wide compatibility with different devices and platforms.
Supports multiple mirroring protocols.
Offers advanced features like recording and live streaming.
Relatively high price compared to other alternatives.
Occasional performance issues reported by some users.
Requires installation on the receiving device.


LonelyScreen Share Your Screen on Big Screen

LonelyScreen is a lightweight yet powerful screen mirroring tool like AirDroid designed specifically for iOS devices. It allows users to mirror their iPhone screens to a Windows or Mac computer effortlessly. Because of its easy setup and user-friendly controls, this software is appropriate for users of all skill levels.

Simple setup and user-friendly interface.
Lightweight and resource-efficient.
Free to use with optional premium features.
Limited features compared to some competitors.
Occasional lag or latency during mirroring.
May not be as polished as some premium solutions.


Video TV Cast

AirBeamTV specializes in screen mirroring solutions for various devices, including iPhones and iPads. Compared with AirDroid, It offers a range of apps tailored to different platforms, allowing users to mirror their iOS screens to smart TVs, Macs, or PCs. AirBeamTV prides itself on simplicity and reliability, providing a seamless mirroring experience.

Dedicated apps for different platforms.
Seamless and reliable screen mirroring.
Regular updates and improvements.
Some features may require in-app purchases.
Limited compatibility with certain TV models.
Occasional connectivity issues reported.

Video & TV Cast

Video TV Cast

Video & TV Cast is a versatile screen mirroring app similar to AirDroid that supports various devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. As its name tells, this TV cast app enables users to stream media content like movies, music, and images from their mobile devices to media players, smart TVs, and game consoles. The app offers a simple interface and easy-to-use controls for seamless mirroring.

Compatible with a large number of platforms and devices.
Allows streaming of multimedia content in addition to screen mirroring.
Intuitive interface and user-friendly controls.
Free version may have limitations or ads.
Some users report occasional playback issues.
Limited customization options.

AnyView Cast App

AnyView Cast App is a screen mirroring tool as AirDroid alternative for iPhone, allowing users to mirror their iPhone screens to smart TVs and other compatible devices. It offers straightforward setup and seamless connectivity, and makes it easy for you to mirror your screens and share content with others.

Simple setup and easy-to-use interface.
Supports mirroring to a variety of devices.
Provides reliable connectivity.
Limited features compared to premium solutions.
May not be compatible with all TV models.
Occasional performance issues reported.

AllShare Cast

AllShare Cast Screencasting for Bigger Screen

AllShare Cast is a screen mirroring solution developed by Samsung, primarily for its smart TVs and mobile devices. When AirDroid works on Android phones, it allows users to mirror their iPhone screens to compatible Samsung smart TVs wirelessly. AllShare Cast offers seamless connectivity and reliable performance, and makes you share the content with your families and friends effortlessly.

Seamless integration with Samsung smart TVs.
Easy setup and user-friendly interface.
Reliable performance.
Limited compatibility with non-Samsung devices.
Additional hardware for some TV models needed.
Some users report occasional connectivity issues.

Part 2. Comparison of Top 7 AirDroid Alternatives

Basic information Service ratings Functionalities
AirDroid Alternative Platform Price Customer Support Ease of Use Interface Features Security Remote Control Screen Mirroring Best For
Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Windows Paid (Free Trial Available) Email, FAQ Easy Intuitive Screen Mirroring, PC Control, Recording, Annotation Secure Professional Use, Recording
AirServer Windows, macOS Paid (Free Trial Available) Email, FAQ Moderate Clean Miracast, AirPlay, Google Cast, Chromecast Secure Multi-platform compatibility
LonelyScreen Windows, macOS Paid (Free Trial Available) Email, FAQ Easy Simple AirPlay, Google Cast, Chromecast Secure Budget-conscious users
AirBeamTV macOS Paid (Free Trial Available) Email, FAQ Moderate Clean Mirroring, Recording Secure macOS users
Video & TV Cast iOS, Android, macOS, Windows Paid (Free Trial Available) Email, FAQ Easy Modern Screen Mirroring, Casting Secure Casting from mobile devices
Anyview Cast App Android Free Email Easy Simple Screen Mirroring, Media Streaming Secure Android users
AllShare Cast Android Free Email Moderate Simple Screen Mirroring Secure Samsung device users

Part 3. FAQs

Is AirDroid completely free?

AirDroid offers both free and premium versions of its service. The free version provides basic functionality for managing Android devices wirelessly, including file transfer, SMS management, notification mirroring, etc. The premium version of AirDroid, known as AirDroid Premium, offers additional features and enhancements

Can these alternatives work wirelessly?

Yes, most of these alternatives support wireless connectivity, enabling convenient usage.

Do these alternatives require additional hardware?

For basic functionality like screen mirroring, no additional hardware is required. However, for some advanced features, additional accessories may be necessary.

Are these alternatives compatible with Windows and Mac?

Yes, the majority of these alternatives are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.


While AirDroid remains a popular choice for Android users, iPhone or computer users have a plethora of alternatives available to fulfill their connectivity needs. Whether it's mirroring screens, transferring files, or managing notifications, the 7 AriDroid alternatives listed above offer diverse features catering to various preferences. By exploring the alternatives, you can enhance your device connectivity and streamline your digital experience.

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Mirror iPhone and Android to PC, and record and control Android phone on computer.

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