1. What is Screen Mirroring on an iPad
2. AnyMP4 Phone Mirror
3. Wondershare MirrorGo
4. Mirroring 360
5. Airserver
6. X-Mirage
7. LonelyScreen
8. Apowersoft iPad/iPhone Recorder
9. FAQs

Top 7 iPad Mirror Apps for Cast the Display (Review)

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Screen Mirror

Watching on your iPad can be a good idea, and so do presents too. As we all know, it is much bigger than a regular iPhone. Thus, it is a great medium, especially for entertainment purposes. However, having a blogger screen is much better than having a TV. For that, mirroring your media from an iPad to a bigger screen like TV is excellent, and it is possible through the help of these mirroring applications.

An iPad device, such as an iPhone or iPad, has numerous beautiful benefits with features. Today, we will show you the top seven iPad mirror apps you can stream your iPad or iPhone display wirelessly. Using your iPhone as a remote implies wirelessly streaming it. You can use your palm to watch whatever is on your iPad on your Apple TV or HD TV. We will try to explain each of the seven uses as clearly and straightforwardly as possible.

Best iPad Screen Mirror App

Table of contents

1. What is Screen Mirroring on an iPad 2. AnyMP4 Phone Mirror 3. Wondershare MirrorGo 4. Mirroring 360 5. Airserver 6. X-Mirage 7. LonelyScreen 8. Apowersoft iPad/iPhone Recorder 9. FAQs about Best iPad Screen Mirror App

1. What is Screen Mirroring on an iPad

Applications for screen mirroring for iPhones and iPads are software applications that must be offered through Apple's App Store. These gadgets aim to push media activities such as music, images, movies, TV shows, and so on to external screens. These external screens could be a phone, television, projector, computer, or other media-display device. With that being said, this application proposes a more immersive experience of seeing our visuals from our iPad.

When you mirror an iPad screen to an iPhone, iPad, or Mac device, you should use AirPlay.

As we continue to talk about it, here is a list of the most incredible applications for screen casting your iPad. It is a list containing seven applications reviewing their description, pros, cons, and more. Kindly proceed reading as you discover more of them below.

2. AnyMP4 Phone Mirror

AnyMP4 Phone Recording Phone Screen While Mirroring

The first on our list is the most incredible AnyMP4 Phone Mirror. This application is continuously becoming the go-to screen share medium for enormous numbers of iPad users. The reason behind it is the feature it offers for all of us. This application allows us to cast an iPad, Phone, or Android screen with audio to a nearby PC for a larger viewing display. In addition, WiFi, QR codes, and PIN codes are all supported.

Free Download

These features enable the porches to use more convenient and complication-free methods. In addition, following the user, AnyMP4 Phone Mirror is the most suitable mirroring app if you are looking for a no-lag process plus excellent-quality playback.

Real-time casting on your iPad with a smooth process.
Prominent display with incredible audio sharing.
It supports wireless and wired casting processes.
It offers extra features like stretching in full-screen, taking screenshots, and more.
The full version comes with subscriptions.

3. Wondershare MirrorGo

Wondershare Mirrorgo for iPad

Wondershare MirrorGo is screen mirroring software that comes in handy at work. Something on the iPad or iPhone can be displayed on a large-screen computer. You may even control the iPad from the computer in reverse. Take screenshots of the gadget and store them in your PC's folders. Handle screenshots on the computer in a flexible manner.

It's straightforward to use.
It enables smartphone reverse control after mirroring to a PC.
MirrorGo's screen mirroring feature is entirely free.
It has good video recording quality.
Paying for reverse control is required.
The iPhone mirroring is only available via Wi-Fi.

4. Mirroring 360

Mirror App Mirroring 360 iPad

Mirroring 360 is a fantastic program that allows you to record your iPad device and share it with any other computer and large screen. You may quickly share your iPad screen with a computer or projector without requiring connections. It offers numerous excellent characteristics for smooth and faultless mirroring. Mirroring 360 is used in schools, colleges, homes, offices, and by anyone, whether a student, teacher, businessman or housewife. Mirroring 360 is widely regarded as the most excellent option for mirroring presentations, sharing and recording class lectures, watching movies, or playing games.

Mirroring360 may mirror up to four devices at the same time.
The gadget is quite responsive.
It will not lag no matter how long you use it.
Each receiving computer needs its license.

5. AirServer

Airserver for iPad

AirServer is a fantastic ipad screen mirroring program that allows you to quickly share your iPhone or iPad screen with your PC by following a few simple steps. AirServer provides numerous new features that will improve our digital environment. Whatever your reason for screen mirroring, AirServer makes you proud to use it. It should be noted that both the iPad and the PC should be connected to the same network. AirServer may transform your PC into a solid and dependable mirroring receiver.

The setup is quick and straightforward.
It is offered for a 7-day free trial.
It allows you to mirror several iOS devices to your PC screen simultaneously.
It necessitates a strong and fast Internet connection.
There is occasionally a freezing issue.

6. X-Mirage

X Mirage for iPad

X-Mirage is an excellent app for mirroring your iPad to a MAC or Windows computer wirelessly. X-Mirage, the most professional Airplay server for MAC and Windows, allows you to wirelessly broadcast content from your iPhone or iPad to any other computer. You can record the screen, video, and audio of any iOS device with a single click using X-Mirage. It allows you to quickly mirror numerous devices to a single computer or MAC and name your computer to recognize it among the Airplay receivers.

It has a simple user interface.
It takes high-quality videos.
To use completed features, you must pay.

7. LonelyScreen

LonelyScreen is a PC and MAC AirPlay receiver. It's a straightforward tool for mirroring and casting your iPhone or iPad to Windows or Mac desktops. This tool improves efficiency during lectures, presentations, and gameplay, among other things. All mirroring and streaming take place either wired or wirelessly. A screen recording can be used to create a lesson or informative video. We only need to install the LonelyScreen application on your PC. Then, ensure that they are both connected to the same home network.

Lonelyscreen Airplay Receiver
It's simple to set up.
It works best while connected to WiFi.
It takes a lot of work to receive an email reply from customer support.
It doesn't provide telephone support.

8. Apowersoft iPad/iPhone Recorder

Apowersoft iPad/iPhone Recorder is a fantastic screen recording program we will introduce. It allows you to record and reflect on the screen of your iPhone or iPad. Screen mirroring requires both devices to be connected to the same network. Except for a launcher to install it, you don't need any Java Applets to use it. Apowersoft is designed to work on both Android and iOS smartphones. It is available for free download from the official website. It has made it easier to mirror your iPhone/iPad to your computer because it has many killing features you would like to use.

aPowersoft iPad iPhone Recorder
It is suitable for both Windows and Mac computers.
The video is high quality.
When you mirror via airplay, it sometimes fails to hear the audio in the video.

9. FAQs about Best iPad Screen Mirror App

Why can’t I find screen mirroring on my iPad?

If the iPad screen mirroring is not working, try the following fixes: Restart Wi-Fi on both devices and ensure they are close to each other. From there, start the devices again. After that, you can also disable and re-enable AirPlay. These are the only effective solutions we can apply if the feature is not working.

Where is screen mirroring on the iPad?

The screen mooring on the iPad is located at the Control Center. Please launch it and select Screen Mirroring. Afterward, kindly choose your Apple TV, AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV, or Mac from the drop-down menu as we begin sharing our screen.

Can I mirror my iPhone iPad to my Samsung TV?

Yes. Mirroring your iPad or iPhone to a Samsung TV is possible using the proper iPad screen mirroring applications. Many users recommend the Airdroid Cast app and AnyMP4 Phone Mirror to make the process possible. These two casting apps are possibly the most incredible features. You can try it now.


After reading this post, we learned about the various programs produced for iPhone and iPad screen mirroring. We can wirelessly stream content from our iPad using these mirror apps. If you are looking for suggestions, using AnyMP4 Phone Mirror to share your screen on an iPad is better. This tool will enable you to mirror your screen without lags and in incredible ways. For more articles like this, please visit this page.

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror

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