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7 Trusted PDF to ePub Converters to Use Online and Offline for Windows and Mac

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PDF and ePub are the formats that are usually used by people who need to access a book or document online. However, PDFs are usually fixed and it is not editable. PDFs are also not adjusting their layout based on the screen sizes of devices. That is why converting PDF files to an ePubformat is one of the solutions to this. In line with that, we are going to talk about the seven (7) best-performing PDF to ePub converter software that you can use to change your PDF files to ePub.

Best PDF To ePub Converter
Part 1. PDF vs ePub Part 2. PDF to ePub Converter Online Part 3. PDF to ePub Converter Software Part 4. FAQs about PDF to ePub

Part 1. PDF vs ePub

Reading eBooks is pretty popular now. Besides the ease of its access, it is also helpful when it comes to writers who can’t produce a physical book. Come with that is the format that you will read it into. We have two (2) formats which are the PDF and ePub formats. Portable Document Format or PDF is a format that is fixed and it somehow looks like an image. It also has two (2) types which are the Native and Scanned. Native is editable and searchable while ePub is like an image. ePub or Electronic Publication is a free-flow format. It is also accessible to any device like smartphones, tablets, computers, and e-readers. These two (2) formats are usually used to view eBooks. Ebooks are books that you can find online. These formats have differences when it comes to their own performances. The table below will show you the ability of each format.

Portable Document Format (PDF) Electronic publication (ePub)

● The texts are not adjusting to fit in the screen of your device.

● It is usually fit for printing.

● It is engaging.

● It is large in size.

● It is also used for presentations.

● It is professional looking.

● It is smaller in size.

● It is interactive.

● It allows you to add hyperlinks, slideshows, animation, and make buttons to have charge of the slideshow.

● It is not good for printing because the layout is usually changing because the format is flowable.

● It has DRM protection.

After knowing the difference between PDF and ePub, you might be thinking that converting PDF files to ePub is a good idea because it comes with better performance. That is why we are going to introduce you to seven (7) software to utilize when converting PDF files to ePub.

Part 2. PDF to ePub Converter Online


Online Convert Com

Online-convert is an online tool that is accessible on the Internet. It can help you when it comes to converting PDF files to ePub. Moreover, this online converter can acquire different input formats that are convenient for the users. It can also operate up to five (5) documents in one conversion. This software also allows you to control the conversion settings like the size of the file, codecs, rate of the frame, and more. It can also come up with information that is very important which is about the formats, characteristics, and compatibility. Moreover, this software can also export files from Local, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Lastly, you can utilize this software in any version of Windows and Mac.

No account is needed.
It is easy to use.
It converts to all formats.
All in one converter.
The software is not working sometimes.
The files sometimes can’t be found.
The conversion has a limit.
The instructions are not clear.


Toepub Com is an online PDF to ePub converter. It is very easy to use which is good for beginners. It also allows up to 20 conversions of files at once. This software also lets you convert PDF files into various ePub formats so you don’t have to worry about any limitations. It also has a lot of languages to choose from to avoid linguistic barriers. Moreover, this software is accessible to any version of Windows and Mac.

It is beginner-friendly.
It can convert up to 20 documents.
It allows batch conversion.
It can download converted documents.
It can download converted documents.

3. CleverPDF

Clever PDF

CleverPDF is a flexible online tool that you can use when converting PDF files to ePub. You’ll also get 29 features that you can choose to personalize your files and make them better. In that 29 features, you are able to combine, split, encrypt, unlock, rotate, add watermark, add page numbers, and more. It even gives you a choice to choose the format such as Office, ePub formats and images, and iWork. Moreover, this online tool is compatible with any version of Windows, Web App, and Mac.

It offers a lot of tools and features.
It maintains formatting.
It is exceedingly fast.
The software works in both Windows and Mac.
It has both desktop and online versions.
The Owner Password feature is not safe.


Foxy Utils Com is an online program or software that helps you convert PDF files to ePub. This software offers 12 features that allow you to compress, merge, split, unlock PDF, and more. You can also try their Chrome Add-ons if you want to. These Chrome Add-ons will make your task become direct. It also supports multiple languages so you can work with any languages you speak with ease. It also has great security to protect your files even though it’s online. Once your output is done, they make sure to delete your files to avoid someone using or stealing it. Lastly, you can utilize this software on desktop platforms like Web app and Windows.

You don’t have to sign up.
It has great security.
It supports a lot of languages.
It also secures conversions.
It has a lot of tools.
It can’t continue the process offline.

Part 3. PDF to ePub Converter Software

Aiseesoft PDF Converter

Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate is a reliable software that has a lot of functions and one of them is the PDF to ePub conversion. It also supports batch conversion. You are also free to customize your files by changing the original text, changing the layout, or putting tables. It also gives you the freedom to choose the image format and adjust the resolution of the image that is in your file.

Free Download Free Download

This software also offers a simple and clean interface so you don’t have to worry when it comes to handling PDF files. You can also view your PDF pages before converting them into ePub to make sure that everything is ready for conversion. Lastly, this software is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Mac.

It is affordable.
It is user-friendly.
You can control the output settings.
It offers batch conversion.
It is fast when it comes to conversion.
It converts PDF to ePub in high quality.
It supports both Windows and Mac.
It does not support dragging and dropping files.

2. PDFelement (Windows, Mac)

PDF Element

This software helps users to convert their PDF files to ePub. It also allows you to manage your files by editing, annotating, filling, signing, and sharing them. It can also add text boxes, shapes, and even your own drawings. PDFelement also allows you to combine PDFs. Moreover, it also assures you that your files are safe because you have the choice of putting passwords in each of your files. Lastly, this software is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and macOS 11, 10, 15, and 10.14.

It has an affordable price.
It separates text and images well.
It can resize a document for email.
The interface is simple and it is easy to use.
It is easy to learn.
Cropping files is not easy.
The batch processing is slow.
It sometimes crashes.

3. Calibre


Calibre is online software that you can use to convert your PDF files to ePub. It also gives you the freedom to edit, display, create, and organize your files. You can also change the font of the document, font size, metadata, and add or remove margins. Moreover, it also protects your files by allowing you to put passwords in each one of your files. Lastly, you can use this software in any Windows version, Linux, and macOS.

It can manage multiple formats.
It has a fixed reader.
It has great file support.
It has tutorials.
It’s lacking in customization.
The interface is outdated.

Part 4. FAQs about PDF to ePub

Can you read an ePub book on a mobile phone?

Reading an ePub on a mobile phone is allowed. It is a format that everyone can use to access and utilize their eBooks on any device.

Is it safe to use online PDF to ePub converters?

We can’t make sure that they are safe to use but some of the converters assure you that they are securing and deleting your files afterward like and CleverPDF for example.

How can I convert PDF files to ePub easily using Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate?

This feature of Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate is so easy to use and you can also easily convert your files in just a minute. You just need to click the Add files button then select the files that you want to convert. After that, you will have a chance to choose the ePub format that you want to convert your file into. Then just click the Start button after choosing a format and it will start the conversion of your files.

Is there a way to convert PDFs to ePub without losing the original formatting?

There are much software that can convert PDFs to ePub files without losing its formats. And one of them is Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate.

Can Acrobat convert PDF to ePub?

Can Acrobat convert PDF to ePub?


To sum it all up, ePub is easier to use when it comes to accessing your eBooks. That is why converters that let us convert our PDF files to ePub are very helpful. That is why we highly recommend you to try these 7 tools out and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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