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Best PDF to Flash Converter with High Conversion Speed: Online and Desktop Software

Skylar ReidSkylar ReidUpdated on Mar 31, 2022PDF ConverterVideo Converter

FLV file extension is frequently used for transmitting videos and audios through Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Air on the net. For a long time now, this file format has been recognized as one of the standard video formats used by all the uploaded videos on the web. As we know, FLV is the abbreviation for Flash Video. However, Adobe Flash Professional has already been renamed. Nowadays, it is now known as Animate Video.

In instance, there are professionals who want to convert their PDF to FLV files for compatibility. In line with that, if you are one of those professionals and you are probably looking for a great PDF to Flash converter. Thus, this article is perfect for you. We gathered seven of the most prominent PDF to Flash software so that you may choose the suitable converter for you.

Best PDF To SWF Flash Converter

Table of contents

Top 1. aXmag PDF to Flash Converter Top 2. Aiseesoft PDF to SWF Converter Top 3. Flip Builder Top 4. PDFMate PDF to SWF Converter Top 5. Top 6. Zamzar FLV Converter Top 7. FAQs about aXmag PDF to Flash Converter

Top 1. aXmag PDF to Flash Converter

aXmag To Flash Converter

Overall Rating: 4.0

aXmag PDF to Flash Converter is one of the best PDF to Flash converters that offers online services. This supports embedded videos like MP4, AVI, and even FLV that will be atomically preserved in existing eBook. That means, converting your PDF to FLV is possible using aXmag PDF to Flash Converter. Other than offering an online service, this software also offers a desktop software version to experience some of the features that are lacking on the online version. One of the biggest flexes of this converter is that it has the ability to give you a clear and high quality vector for your FLV file. Not to mention its ability to give you a 3D page flipping style experience. Furthermore, publishing your works on the web can also be done here. For that being said, there is no doubt why aXmag PDF to Flash Converter is called one of the best PDF to Flash converting tools.

Flexible software
Offers various features.
Website is overwhelming.
The desktop software is expensive.
Online version is limited.

Top 2. Aiseesoft PDF to SWF Converter

Aiseesoft PDF To SWF Converter

Overall Rating: 4.7

Aiseesoft PDF to SWF Converter is a flexible PDF files to SWF converting software that can offer you with many customization tools. The amazing thing about it is that it also allows you to convert your PDF files to Flash Auto Play format, Simpleviewer Format, and Rfxview Format with ease and hassle-free. In terms of its biggest flex, this PDF to SWF converting tool possesses the latest acceleration technology that can convert your documents at a super-fast speed without buffering. Furthermore, Aiseesoft PDF to SWF Converter became a more efficient converter because of its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It also lets you choose the output resolution and set the playback speed as you like.

Overall, this leading PDF to SWF software can offer you more than the features mentioned above. You may try it, and we guarantee you that it was not a regret after all.

Adaptable PDF converter.
User friendly.
Cost efficient.
Convert selected pages.
Adjust playback speed.
You need to install it.
Subscription based.

Top 3. FlipBuilder

Flip Builder

Overall Rating: 4.2

Third on the list of being the best PDF document to Flash files is Flip Builder. This is an improved digital publishing platform that will enable you to produce FLV files from your PDF documents. This is a best choice if you are looking for a tool that can make your file look professional. To dig deep, this desktop application PDF converter will let you fully animate elements of your flipbook, add multimedia such as images, albums, audio, videos, flash, and more elements that can make your flipbook interesting. This can also be the best PDF to Flash magazine converter. Moreover, something that is unique about FlipBuilder is that it is mobile-friendly. Overall, this software may offer just the basics features, yet we cannot underestimate the importance of those features.

Free to download.
Basic features offered.
Easy to utilize.
Limited features.

Top 4. PDFMate PDF to SWF Converter

PDFMate PDF To SWF Converter

Overall Rating: 4.0

PDFMate PDF to SWF Converter is fourth on our list. This fantastic free PDF converter can offer you a lot of features that you may utilize in converting your PDF documents. One of them is the tool where you can convert your PDFs into SWF, as we know. Flash files can also be in the form of SWF file extension. Furthermore, through this software you can also convert scanned files to editable documents using its OCR. In addition, you may also add a password on your converted SWF files to protect your data.

Protected files.
Free to download.
Offers various features.
Unstable performance sometimes.
Premium version is expensive.

Top 5.


Overall Rating: 4.1

Aconvert has the ability to convert and process all types of file formats, that includes video, audio, images, and document. That means, this software will truly help you in converting your PDFs turning it to a flash format instantly. It does not require registration, therefore you may proceed converting your file quickly without any hindrances. In terms of its ability in converting, this allows you to transform multiple files concurrently with fast conversion speed. In addition, the services offered are compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox, therefore converting your PDFs to FLV format from your Google Drive is possible.

Offers batch conversion.
Can convert online files.
Supports multiple input and output formats.
Lacks of conversion settings.

Top 6. Zamzar FLV Converter

Zamzar FLV Converter

Overall Rating: 4.2

Zamzar FLV Converter is one of the most easy to use online PDF to FLV converters. That is why, there is no doubt why it is included in one of the best PDF converters. This online converting tool uses 128-bit SSL in encrypting the data you have sent. Zamzar converts PDF files in any platform, therefore you may surely utilize this on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or any device that has a web browser installed. For that being said, converting your PDF documents to FLV file format can now be done here with ease and hassle-free. For it allows you to convert in just there easy step: Add files, choose your output format, and then convert. In simple words, Zamzar FLV Converter is really an effective and efficient tool for you. With its accessibility and ability, we are sure that this is not a regret if you included this on your list.

Accessible for everyone.
Free online PDF to flash converter.
Limited functions offered.
Speed depends on your internet.

Top 7.

FreeFile Convert

Overall Rating: 3.9 is also one of the great PDF to FLV files converters. This is just a simple, yet effective PDF converter. Yes, it will enable you to convert your PDFs to FLV file format with ease. This is a free software that means it is suitable for the broke people out there. However, as you go to their official website, it says the website is not secure, and the information is a bit disarranged. Despite that, it has the potential to offer great features in converting our files.

Simple converter.
Free to download.
Website is problematic.

FAQs about PDF to Flash Converter

What can be the effect if I used a not secure online PDF converter?

The effect may be severe, depending on the reason why the website is not secure. Some of the threats that you may experience is that, there is a possibility that your device will be entered by malwares that can cause severe implication with your device.

Is it secure to use Zamzar FLV Converter online?

Yes, Zamzar FLV Converter is one of the trusted PDF to flash converters that is proven and tested by the user. It offers security for everyone.

How can I utilize the batch conversion with Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate?

This amazing feature of Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate is just a few clicks to use. Just click the Add files button, from there a tab will appear where your PDFs are placed. Just select multiple files by pressing the Ctrl on your keyboard. Then click open, and start converting.


Therefore, we conclude that converting your PDF documents into Flash can now be done instantly using a PDF converter that can offer you great functions. However, you still have a decision to make. What will you choose? You may ask for help from an expert about it. Share it with them, now.

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